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NORA wholesale and retail trade sector and malignant mesothelioma: Most frequently recorded industries and occupations on death certificate, U.S. residents age 15 and over, selected states, 1999


NORA - National Occupational Research Agenda    CIC - Census Industry Code    COC - Census Occupation Code    n.e.c. - not elsewhere classified
* The total number of malignant mesothelioma deaths was 541 in these same selected states and year, and the comparable number of malignant mesothelioma deaths in the entire United States for this same time period was 2,484.

Note: Percentages may not total to 100% due to rounding. See selected limitations for general cautions regarding inferences based on small numbers of deaths, and see appendices for source description, methods, ICD codes, industry and occupation codes, industrial sector groupings, and list of selected states and years.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics multiple cause-of-death data.

Reference Number: 2008-281

Date Posted: June 2008