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NHANES 1999-2000 Examination Data

Data File NameDoc FileData FileDate Published
Audiometry AUX1 Doc AUX1 Data [XPT, 1.7 MB] Updated February, 2005
Audiometry - Acoustic Reflex AUXAR Doc AUXAR Data [XPT, 4.7 MB] January, 2015
Audiometry - Tympanometry AUXTYM Doc AUXTYM Data [XPT, 2.4 MB] February, 2006
Balance BAX Doc BAX Data [XPT, 611.4 KB] Updated June, 2005
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIX Doc BIX Data [XPT, 4.7 MB] Updated December, 2009
Blood Pressure BPX Doc BPX Data [XPT, 2.1 MB] June, 2002
Body Measures BMX Doc BMX Data [XPT, 2.7 MB] June, 2002
Cardiovascular Fitness CVX Doc CVX Data [XPT, 2.3 MB] June, 2004
Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry - Whole Body All Years Doc All Years Data Updated February, 2013
Lower Extremity Disease - Ankle Brachial Blood Pressure Index LEXABPI Doc LEXABPI Data [XPT, 362.3 KB] June, 2002
Lower Extremity Disease - Peripheral Neuropathy LEXPN Doc LEXPN Data [XPT, 972.5 KB] June, 2002
Muscle Strength MSX Doc MSX Data [XPT, 289.5 KB] June, 2002
Oral Health - Dentition OHXDENT Doc OHXDENT Data [XPT, 8.9 MB] Updated June, 2006
Oral Health - Periodontal OHXPERIO Doc OHXPERIO Data [XPT, 9 MB] January, 2004
Oral Health - Recommendation of Care OHXREF Doc OHXREF Data [XPT, 1.4 MB] Updated May, 2006
Shared Exclusion Questions SEQ Doc SEQ Data [XPT, 692.1 KB] June, 2002
Tuberculosis TB Doc TB Data [XPT, 623 KB] Updated January, 2008
Vision VIX Doc VIX Data [XPT, 2.9 MB] Updated February, 2005