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NHANES 2007-2008 Questionnaire Data

Data File NameDoc FileData FileDate Published
Acculturation ACQ_E Doc ACQ_E Data [XPT, 281.6 KB] September, 2009
Air Quality AQQ_E Doc AQQ_E Data [XPT, 718.7 KB] November, 2010
Alcohol Use ALQ_E Doc ALQ_E Data [XPT, 403.3 KB] September, 2009
Audiometry AUQ_E Doc AUQ_E Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] January, 2010
Blood Pressure & Cholesterol BPQ_E Doc BPQ_E Data [XPT, 975.1 KB] September, 2009
Bowel Health BHQ_E Doc BHQ_E Data [XPT, 313.8 KB] September, 2009
Cardiovascular Health CDQ_E Doc CDQ_E Data [XPT, 537.7 KB] September, 2009
Consumer Behavior CBQ_E Doc CBQ_E Data [XPT, 1.4 MB] May, 2010
Consumer Behavior Phone Follow-up Module - Adult CBQPFA_E Doc CBQPFA_E Data [XPT, 2.7 MB] April, 2012
Consumer Behavior Phone Follow-up Module - Child CBQPFC_E Doc CBQPFC_E Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] April, 2012
Current Health Status HSQ_E Doc HSQ_E Data [XPT, 1020.6 KB] September, 2009
Diabetes DIQ_E Doc DIQ_E Data [XPT, 2.7 MB] Updated April, 2011
Diet Behavior & Nutrition DBQ_E Doc DBQ_E Data [XPT, 4.2 MB] May, 2010
Drug Use DUQ_E Doc DUQ_E Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] January, 2010
Early Childhood ECQ_E Doc ECQ_E Data [XPT, 396.8 KB] September, 2009
Food Security FSQ_E Doc FSQ_E Data [XPT, 3.4 MB] July, 2010
Health Insurance HIQ_E Doc HIQ_E Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] September, 2009
Hepatitis C Follow Up HCQ_E Doc HCQ_E Data [XPT, 40.4 KB] July, 2010
Hospital Utilization & Access to Care HUQ_E Doc HUQ_E Data [XPT, 795 KB] September, 2009
Housing Characteristics HOQ_E Doc HOQ_E Data [XPT, 556.8 KB] September, 2009
Immunization IMQ_E Doc IMQ_E Data [XPT, 397.9 KB] September, 2009
Income INQ_E Doc INQ_E Data [XPT, 1.2 MB] June, 2010
Kidney Conditions - Urology KIQ_U_E Doc KIQ_U_E Data [XPT, 744.8 KB] September, 2009
Medical Conditions MCQ_E Doc MCQ_E Data [XPT, 6.8 MB] September, 2009
Mental Health - Depression Screener DPQ_E Doc DPQ_E Data [XPT, 517.5 KB] October, 2009
Occupation OCQ_E Doc OCQ_E Data [XPT, 1.2 MB] Updated August, 2013
Oral Health OHQ_E Doc OHQ_E Data [XPT, 439.9 KB] September, 2009
Osteoporosis OSQ_E Doc OSQ_E Data [XPT, 4.8 MB] October, 2009
Pesticide Use PUQMEC_E Doc PUQMEC_E Data [XPT, 191.8 KB] September, 2009
Physical Activity PAQ_E Doc PAQ_E Data [XPT, 1.5 MB] September, 2009
Physical Functioning PFQ_E Doc PFQ_E Data [XPT, 4.1 MB] September, 2009
Prescription Medications RXQ_RX_E Doc RXQ_RX_E Data [XPT, 3.1 MB] April, 2010
Prescription Medications - Drug Information RXQ_DRUG Doc RXQ_DRUG Data [XPT, 2.6 KB] Updated July, 2014
Prostate Conditions KIQ_P_E Doc KIQ_P_E Data [XPT, 403.3 KB] September, 2009
Reproductive Health RHQ_E Doc RHQ_E Data [XPT, 1.6 MB] May, 2010
Respiratory Health RDQ_E Doc RDQ_E Data [XPT, 1.1 MB] January, 2010
Sexual Behavior SXQ_E Doc SXQ_E Data [XPT, 1 MB] September, 2009
Sleep Disorders SLQ_E Doc SLQ_E Data [XPT, 1.4 MB] October, 2009
Smoking - Cigarette Use SMQ_E Doc SMQ_E Data [XPT, 2.3 MB] Updated May, 2015
Smoking - Household Smokers SMQFAM_E Doc SMQFAM_E Data [XPT, 397.9 KB] September, 2009
Smoking - Recent Tobacco Use SMQRTU_E Doc SMQRTU_E Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] September, 2009
Social Support SSQ_E Doc SSQ_E Data [XPT, 664 KB] September, 2009
Vision VIQ_E Doc VIQ_E Data [XPT, 1012 KB] September, 2009
Weight History WHQ_E Doc WHQ_E Data [XPT, 2.9 MB] September, 2009
Weight History - Youth WHQMEC_E Doc WHQMEC_E Data [XPT, 282.9 KB] September, 2009