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Question Evaluation Standards

QUEST Background

The QUEST (QUestionnaire Evaluation STandards) network was established in 1997. Participants of the QUEST group are those currently involved in survey question and instrument evaluation. The core of the group consists of members from federal statistical agencies and research organizations in across the Unites States, Europe and other countries. New methodology is presented and discussed at each QUEST workshop which is held every 18 months. The general aim of the QUEST workshops is to discuss questionnaire evaluation theory and practices to identify effective and efficient methods for evaluating new or existing surveys. The workshop is intended for active practitioners of questionnaire evaluation research. The most important aspect of the workshop is to share experiences with fellow researchers.

Upcoming Meeting

The next QUEST workshop will take place from April 28th to 30th at the Statistics Finland in Helsinki, Finland. The invitation to register and all other relevant information will be sent out to members.