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Individual Study

The Nutrition Detectives Program

Individual Study Details:The Nutrition Detectives Program
Individual Study Source:Healthy Communities Institute

Action Areas

  • Health Behaviors


Nutrition Detectives (ND) is created for elementary school children meant to educate the students about nutrition and make a positive impact on their health with minimal burden to the normal school curriculum. The education program teaches students how to understand food labels based on “5 clues,” detect marketing deception and how to select the healthier food option. Nutrition Detectives is a low cost intervention that affects the community/demographic factors of the Birch model. This program is a primary intervention devised by Dr. David Katz to teach elementary school children (ages 5 through 11) and their parents how to read nutrition labels, differentiate between marketing and reality and how to select healthier food options. ND is a colorful and attractive curriculum that can be implemented at any public school because it uses minimal resources like time and person-power and is therefore less invasive to the school’s mandatory curriculum. The program can be downloaded online and is available in different platforms: 1) a DVD of Katz giving the lessons or 2) a power point slideshow for a school-based facilitator. Each lesson is followed by activities (also downloadable online) for students to apply their knowledge. These activities are designed to be child-friendly by using colorful graphics, animal characters and condensing of nutrition knowledge into absorbable sound bites. There are a total of 5 mini lessons with each teachable in 40-60 minutes and they are all available free of charge provided the instructor gives due credit to Katz.