Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Colorado
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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12/15/1996 1996CO029 CO 24-year-old farm laborer dies when the aluminum irrigation pipe he is handling contacts a high voltage line.
12/1/1996 1996CO080 CO Landscaper died of injuries incurred when he was catapulted from the operator's seat of a truck-mounted boom.
5/6/1996 1995CO094 CO Landscape laborer dies when the tractor he is driving overturns.
3/30/1996 1995CO082 CO A Colorado farmhand is killed when a tractor rolls over him.
3/1/1996 1995CO054 CO A car wash employee is electrocuted while working on equipment.
11/30/1995 1995CO032 CO Colorado equipment maintenance laborer dies when crushed in small skid steer loader.
11/15/1995 1995CO033 CO Maintenance worker dies when he falls from roof of apartment building.
2/1/1995 1994CO040 CO Two workers were injured (one died and one was hospitalized with burns) when the truck-mounted conveyor they were using was raised and contacted a 7,620-volt overhead power line.
1/19/1995 1994CO035 CO A 35-year-old painter was electrocuted when the aluminum ladder he was moving contacted a 7,620-volt power line.
1/2/1995 1994CO031 CO A 35-year-old owner of a construction company died as a result of a fall from an unguarded floor opening.
12/29/1994 1994CO029 CO A 38-year-old recycle technician died as a result of injuries sustained when he fell into a cardboard compactor.
8/3/1994 1994CO006 CO 17-year-old worker at a plastic products manufacturing plant died as a result of an overexposure to tetrachloroethylene (also known as perchloroethylene).
8/1/1994 1994CO007 CO Welder killed as result of a spinal cord injury that occurred when the 12,600 gallon capacity sheet metal crude oil tank on which he was working collapsed.
7/28/1994 1994CO004 CO Sign installer fatally injured in 47 foot fall from billboard.
7/25/1994 1994CO003 CO Foreman on electrical line crew is electrocuted when an energized line contacts a guy wire.
1/13/1994 1992CO056 CO Warehouse worker dies from fall Inside an elevator shaft in Colorado.
12/1/1993 1993CO068 CO Maintenance worker dies when he falls into a railroad tank car in Colorado.
12/1/1992 1992CO001 CO Two workers die when a structural steel beam collapses in Colorado.
12/1/1992 1992CO039 CO Maintenance electrician dies from burns received when electrical panel is shorted.
12/1/1992 1992CO049 CO Carpenter dies when the trusses on a home under construction collapse in Colorado.
12/1/1992 1992CO065 CO Construction company owner dies when he falls from roof of home under construction in Colorado.
10/28/1992 1992CO025 CO A farm owner/operator in Colorado died of suffocation when his clothing became entangled in the machinery he was attempting to adjust.
12/1/1991 1991CO074 CO Sanitation worker dies when rescuing co-worker from underground sewer vault.
12/1/1991 1991CO079 CO Tree trimmer dies after falling 12 feet when exiting the personnel bucket on an aerial bucket truck.
10/25/1991 1991CO024 CO A golf course greenskeeper is killed when a tractor rolled over him.
10/9/1991 1991CO020 CO University employee is fatally injured in 120-foot fall from roof.
9/16/1991 1991CO084 CO Truck driver electrocuted when the discharge chute of a hay grinder contacts 7200 volt power line.
9/12/1991 1991CO017 CO Crane operator dies after falling 14 feet from icy embankment.
7/18/1991 1991CO004 CO Self-employed wood cutter dies when tree falls on him.
7/11/1991 1991CO002 CO Mason dies after falling 18 feet from scaffolding.
6/22/1991 1990CO063 CO Carbon monoxide kills 65 year-old rancher in Colorado.
6/11/1991 1990CO062 CO A 79 year-old Colorado farmer dies after falling five feet from a haystack.
5/11/1991 1990CO058 CO A Colorado farm wife was killed in a tractor run-over incident.
5/7/1991 1990CO057 CO Garbage collector dies after falling from back of moving garbage truck.
2/9/1991 1990CO042 CO Dairy farmer electrocuted when the grain auger he was relocating contacts 7200 volt power line in Colorado.
12/30/1990 1990CO045 CO An asphalt plant loader/operator died when crushed in the machinery he was attempting to clean.
12/26/1990 1990CO033 CO Antenna technician dies after falling 310 feet from a television tower to the ground.
12/14/1990 1990CO032 CO Spray painter dies after falling 30 feet to the ground from roof.
11/14/1990 1990CO029 CO Wheat farm employee electrocuted when the aluminum irrigation pipe contacted a 7200 volt power line.
11/5/1990 1990CO027 CO Part-time cable vision camera operator dies from injuries received in fall from scaffolding.
10/30/1990 1990CO024 CO Wife of a sheep rancher was fatally injured while attempting to round up a flock of sheep.
9/13/1990 1990CO018 CO Farm worker dies from burns received while fighting range fire.
8/20/1990 1990CO007 CO Cattle ranch employee was fatally injured while moving a one ton bale of hay with a tractor mounted front end loader.
8/18/1990 1990CO006 CO Owner of commercial sign painting firm died because of injuries that occurred when he fell 9 feet at a job site.
5/7/1990 1989CO029 CO Mechanic in a construction firm died after becoming entrapped in a roofing tar tank truck.
5/3/1990 1989CO027 CO Cattle ranch foreman was fatally injured while unloading portable corral.
3/15/1990 1989CO020 CO Oil field worker killed when pressure relief valve broke off from pump and struck victim in the back of the head.
1/31/1989 1989CO006 CO Automobile repair business owner killed when auto he was working on slipped off the supporting hydraulic jacks.

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