Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Iowa
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Pub. Date Report No. State
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12/5/2014 2008IA074 IA Farm worker electrocuted while pressure-washing interior of swine barn.
8/4/2014 2005IA024 IA Farmer and his employee died after collapse and attempted rescue in manure storage pit.
3/4/2013 2012IA041 IA Diesel mechanic died in motor vehicle crash caused by distracted driving.
2/20/2013 2011IA013 IA Law enforcement officer killed in line of duty.
10/22/2012 2011IA043 IA Farmer dies from injuries after being attacked by bull.
10/10/2012 2010IA005 IA Special-needs sanitation route helper caught in tailgate of waste collection truck.
10/10/2012 2010IA017 IA Fatal burn injury while bulldozing and burning brush.
10/10/2012 2010IA054 IA Construction laborer fell from ladder.
10/10/2012 2009IA037 IA Farmer caught in compression rollers of hay baler.
10/10/2012 2008IA081 IA Farmer crushed by corn head when disengaging it from combine.
10/10/2012 2011IA035 IA Convenience store cook died from smoke inhalation.
9/18/2012 2011IA075 IA Truck driver died of thermal injuries after his tractor-trailer crashed into concrete median on the interstate and burst into flames.
9/11/2012 2012IA009 IA Bathtub refinishing technician died from inhalation of paint stripper vapors.
9/11/2012 2012IA001 IA Farmer engulfed in soybeans while operating grain vacuum in steel bin.
6/28/2011 2009IA012 IA Farmer engulfed then asphyxiated by corn in grain bin.
7/22/2010 2005IA086 IA Truck driver entangled in drive train while freeing seized brakes.
6/30/2010 2005IA015 IA 84-year-old farmer died when tractor overturned while feeding cattle on hillside.
7/9/2009 2007IA081 IA Farmer killed when large round bale tumbled from forks in loader bucket.
7/6/2009 2003IA022 IA Tractor with cable hitched to tow brush overturned rearward on farmer.
12/30/2008 2005IA020 IA Farmer engulfed and suffocated in soybeans during unloading of steel grain bin.
12/29/2008 2004IA051 IA Driver pinned under haul truck that went off quarry road and tipped over.
12/23/2008 2004IA058 IA Farmer asphyxiated when entangled in drives of box-type manure spreader.
7/3/2008 2005IA019 IA Exit pit worker entangled in horizontal directional drill back reamer.
6/5/2008 2004IA005 IA Hispanic laborer entangled in auger at pork processing plant.
8/28/2007 2006IA007 IA Farmer attacked and killed by dairy bull.
8/17/2007 2005IA013 IA Tractor moving large round bale on loader forks overturned onto farmer.
6/22/2007 2004IA021 IA Farmer run over by tractor and rotary cutter.
6/19/2007 2005IA042 IA Handyman plumber asphyxiated in entry into water service manhole vault.
5/1/2007 2002IA031 IA Two sewer pipe relining workers killed by toxic sewer gas.
5/1/2007 2003IA060 IA Farmer crushed in machine shed doorway while using skid-steer loader (revised).
3/7/2007 2005IA075 IA Farmer fatally injured in tractor posthole auger entanglement.
8/31/2006 2005IA027 IA Farmer killed when raised front-end loader bucket attachment falls.
8/29/2006 2005IA002 IA Farmer pitched from cart that tipped while being unloaded by grain vacuum.
8/18/2006 2005IA022 IA Man, 29, died when tractor with front-end loader full of rocks overturned.
8/1/2006 2004IA014 IA Farmer crushed under falling dump trailer box while repairing lift cylinder.
6/15/2006 2005IA034 IA Farmer crushed against tractor tire by gravity flow wagon box while unhitching.
9/23/2005 2005IA004 IA Part-time metal salvager died when crushed in tractor overturn with loader.
7/22/2005 2004IA019 IA Farm boy dies in ATV rollover while helping father chop silage.
6/24/2005 2003IA058 IA Hog farmer dies from asphyxiation after manure pit agitation.
6/24/2005 2003IA027 IA Anhydrous ammonia nurse tank rupture kills agricultural cooperative worker.
6/22/2005 2004IA006 IA Farmer dies when entangled in old flight elevator PTO shaft.
6/19/2005 2004IA017 IA 12-year-old farm boy dies while hitching up hay wagon.
6/17/2005 2003IA072 IA Overturn of a tractor with ROPS folded down kills operator.
6/10/2005 2004IA036 IA Metalworking shop owner crushed between skid steer and forklift attachment.
6/8/2005 2004IA059 IA 45-year-old cattle farmer entangled in exposed rotating conveyor shaft.
6/8/2005 2004IA060 IA 53-year-old cattle farmer entangled in exposed rotating conveyor shaft.
6/1/2005 2004IA011 IA Mechanic dies when tractor overturns while removing tree stump in cemetery.
8/31/2004 2002IA030 IA Front hopper gate operator run over by chip spreader during street resurfacing.
8/30/2004 2003IA056 IA Farmer killed in tractor rollover while setting a fence post.
8/25/2004 2003IA021 IA Welder falls from boom forklift platform when boom shifts laterally.
8/24/2004 2003IA057 IA Warehouse forklift operator crushed against rack beam.
8/8/2004 2003IA043 IA Worker falls to his death in a telescoping boom forklift overturn.
8/8/2004 2003IA055 IA Construction worker electrocuted when boom forklift contacted power lines.
8/4/2004 2003IA045 IA Auto mechanic dies from explosion while welding a barrel in his shop.
8/2/2004 2003IA036 IA Satellite TV company manager dies while preparing pickup truck for transport.
3/17/2004 2003IA054 IA Farmer crushed under bucket of a skid-steer loader.
3/9/2004 2003IA035 IA Tractor operator run over and killed while making repairs.
3/8/2004 2002IA050 IA Young farmer crushed under rolling silage wagon.
10/10/2003 2003IA020 IA Teenager dies in tractor overturn when home-made rollbar fails.
8/29/2003 2002IA057 IA Man crushed between skid-steer loader and dump truck.
7/24/2003 2001IA021 IA Two railroad repair workers asphyxiated in damaged tank car.
7/22/2003 2002IA061 IA Swine confinement worker dies from carbon monoxide poisoning.
3/21/2003 2002IA056 IA Farmer killed when tricycle tractor with front-end loader overturns.
12/21/2002 2002IA051 IA Farmer falls to his death from grain bin ladder.
11/1/2002 2002IA024 IA Tanker truck driver killed by unshielded PTO shaft.
9/1/2002 2000IA048 IA Worker crushed in rubber tire assembly machine.
8/1/2002 2002IA003 IA Construction worker killed when cement forms fell from crane.
6/21/2002 2001IA042 IA Excavator killed using skid-steer loader and tree shear attachment.
3/21/2002 2001IA001 IA Extra rider on garbage truck is killed when he falls under truck.
2/1/2002 2001IA038 IA Operator of skid-steer loader killed when thrown out of seat.
12/21/2001 2001IA017 IA Farmer suffocates in grain bin while unloading corn.
12/1/2001 2000IA064 IA Tree trimmer falls to his death as boom truck lift arm collapses in Iowa.
12/1/2001 2001IA020 IA City street worker was struck and killed by a speeding car.
10/1/2001 2001IA005 IA Farmer caught and killed by input shaft of roller mill.
8/1/2001 2001IA004 IA Farmer was killed when pinned by old skid-steer loader.
7/1/2001 2001IA002 IA Towman crushed to death while hooking up disabled propane truck.
4/9/2001 2000IA055 IA Two farmers/brothers killed by young bull.
1/1/2001 2000IA003 IA Operator of horizontal boring machine is crushed to death.
1/1/2001 2000IA031 IA Worker dies when tower crane and water tower crash to the ground.
9/1/2000 2000IA082 IA Farmer fatally injured by rotary mower when tractor seat falls off.
6/1/2000 2000IA005 IA Sanitation assistant crushed between garbage truck and compactor.
4/1/2000 1999IA085 IA Construction worker crushed between falling dump box and truck frame.
3/24/2000 1999IA038 IA Sewer maintenance worker killed by nozzle tip on jet/vac hose.
12/30/1999 1998IA071 IA Two mechanics crushed to death when tow truck falls from jack stand.
11/1/1999 1999IA011 IA Farmer crushed to death under broken corn planter.
11/1/1999 1999IA093 IA Operator crushed by backhoe boom while doing maintenance.
10/1/1999 1999IA010 IA Operator of three-wheeled agricultural sprayer was killed when machine overturned.
9/1/1999 1998IA073 IA Farmer is run over by a tractor while starting it when not In the operator's seat.
9/1/1999 1999IA007 IA Farmer was pinned by a skid-steer loader lift arm as he leaned out to close a gate.
7/1/1999 1999IA003 IA Youth farm worker is killed when he becomes entangled in PTO driveline of an old grinder-mixer.
7/1/1999 1999IA005 IA Tractor operator was killed in an overturn while moving a sandblasting trailer.
6/30/1999 1998IA075 IA Sawmill worker killed while unplugging wood chips from a chipper duct.
4/20/1999 1998IA074 IA Female machine operator killed when working on a punch press.
4/6/1999 1998IA003 IA Paper mill employee killed as winder safety plate pins him against a beam.
4/1/1999 1998IA067 IA Farmwife was killed as a gravity flow wagon filled with beans tipped over on her.
4/1/1999 1998IA072 IA Farmer slips off tractor step into path of a grain semi truck.
3/21/1999 1998IA058 IA Tractor operator backs into tree branch and is crushed against steering wheel.
2/18/1999 1998IA048 IA Farmer falls to his death from a combine during maintenance.
1/20/1999 1998IA053 IA Electrician falls to his death from an old wooden transformer platform.
12/21/1998 1998IA043 IA Farm worker suffocates in flowing grain while clearing a blocked grain auger.
11/22/1998 1998IA045 IA Arc welder dies in explosion while using an old barrel as a worktable.
11/1/1998 1998IA035 IA Farmer suffocates under grain while using a grain vacuum.
11/1/1998 1998IA056 IA Farmer crushed underneath rotary mower while changing blades.
9/1/1998 1998IA017 IA Salesman killed while lifting portable elevator that had tipped over in street.
1/2/1998 1997IA052 IA Mobile tower crane falls 180 feet to the ground killing the crane operator.
11/1/1997 1997IA031 IA Farmer crushed under a skid-steer loader bucket.
5/1/1997 1996IA067 IA Sheet metal roofer slips and falls through joint in ceiling - Iowa.
3/21/1997 1996IA061 IA Wife is pinned between tractor loader bucket and foundation wall while helping husband build new home - Iowa.
3/21/1997 1996IA065 IA Construction worker falls head first into 16-foot concrete pit - Iowa.
2/1/1997 1996IA015 IA Farmer is killed by skid-steer loader when it rolls into creekbed - Iowa.
2/1/1997 1996IA041 IA Farmer crushed under corn planter while changing flat tire - Iowa.
2/1/1997 1996IA055 IA Asphalt machine runs over and kills worker.
12/21/1996 1996IA042 IA Tractor avoids oncoming car but rolls in a ditch killing the operator.
12/1/1996 1996IA033 IA Gravel pit worker dies while cleaning off a stalled conveyor belt - Iowa.
9/21/1996 1996IA008 IA Construction worker killed by hydraulic excavator while working in trench.
8/26/1996 1996IA003 IA Iron worker falls 19 stories after welding lead melts steel cage cable - Iowa.
7/2/1996 1995IA047 IA Man dies after getting his leg caught in a grain auger.
5/13/1996 1995IA042 IA Farmer slips while climbing into tractor and is run over and killed.
5/1/1996 1995IA040 IA Farmer crushed to death while changing u-joint on older farm truck.
4/1/1996 1995IA035 IA Farmer dies after getting caught in auger of a combine header.
3/1/1996 1995IA033 IA Auto salvage yard worker crushed while working under car - Iowa.
2/26/1996 1995IA029 IA Farmer killed from tractor rollover while loading hay on hillside.
2/1/1996 1995IA027 IA Metal conveyor belt slides down incline crushing supervisor - Iowa.
1/20/1996 1995IA019 IA Loading dock worker crushed between forklift and flatbed truck - Iowa.
1/2/1996 1995IA024 IA Boom truck arm breaks causing tree trimmer to fall to his death - Iowa.
12/5/1995 1995IA017 IA Farmer dies when a tree falls on him from a front end loader.
12/1/1995 1995IA021 IA Youth falls from ladder and dies while changing light bulb - Iowa.
11/30/1995 1995IA009 IA 12 Year old boy dies from a tractor rollover in a roadside ditch.
11/13/1995 1995IA007 IA Construction worker falls to his death while repairing elevator - Iowa.
11/12/1995 1995IA006 IA Retired farmer dies in barnyard from tractor rollover.
10/27/1995 1995IA005 IA Silo maintenance worker dies after getting caught in unloading auger.
10/11/1995 1995IA001 IA Farmer dies while cleaning foot pedals of skid-steer loader.
10/19/1993 1993IA014 IA Iowa farm worker suffocates after becoming trapped in a storage bin filled with an unstable grain product.
10/19/1993 1993IA015 IA Lineman electrocuted after contacting 7,200 volt transmission line while installing new pole.

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