Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Kentucky
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Pub. Date Report No. State
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2/15/2024 2023KY127 KY Teen truck driver dies in single vehicle semi-truck rollover.
1/26/2024 2022KY070 KY Farm services driver killed in highway crash - Kentucky.
12/12/2023 2023KY005 KY Roofer in boom lift electrocuted by overhead electrical line - Kentucky.
11/3/2023 2023KY096 KY Carpenter dies after fall from 6-foot ladder - Kentucky.
6/13/2023 2022KY011 KY Roofing worker dies from fall - Kentucky.
6/7/2023 2022KY046 KY Demolition laborer dies in fall through skylight.
5/1/2023 2022KY097 KY Highway construction flagger dies after being struck by vehicle.
4/18/2023 2023KY00901 KY Project manager dies after falling through skylight.
3/28/2023 2022KY083 KY Equipment operator crushed by skid-steer attachment - Kentucky.
2/2/2023 2022KY096 KY Roofing contractor dies after falling through skylight.
8/1/2022 2022KY00601 KY Delivery driver crushed by granite slab - Kentucky.
7/14/2021 2020KY075 KY Manufacturing worker dies by suicide.
11/24/2020 2020KY030 KY Dump truck driver dies in multi-vehicle collision after truck overturns.
8/17/2020 2020KY010 KY Semi-truck driver dies in single vehicle collision after truck overturns.
6/9/2020 2020KY006 KY Farmworker dies in grain bin engulfment.
3/23/2020 2019KY050 KY Construction worker dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
2/3/2020 2019KY047 KY Commercial driver dies after overturning on two-lane state highway.
12/11/2019 2019KY045 KY Dump truck driver dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
11/13/2019 2019KY034 KY Gutter installer dies after falling from roof.
8/1/2019 2019KY013 KY IT consultant dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
1/16/2019 2018KY054 KY Teen roofer electrocuted when ladder contacts high voltage power line.
11/12/2018 2018KY024 KY Dump truck operator electrocuted after truck bed contacts high voltage line.
11/5/2018 2018KY007 KY Police officer drives into flood waters and drowns.
6/29/2018 2017KY034 KY Dump truck driver loses control and flips truck resulting in fire.
5/21/2018 2017KY007 KY Dry wall supervisor falls from unsecured plank - Kentucky.
3/21/2018 2016KY039 KY Mechanic struck and killed by over-pressurized suspension air spring on tractor trailer - Kentucky.
11/14/2017 2015KY069 KY Paramedic is struck and killed while responding to a call.
10/6/2017 2016KY014 KY School custodian struck and killed by pick-up truck on school grounds while performing crossing guard duty.
6/19/2017 2015KY078 KY Commercial roofer falls 30 feet through a skylight while installing roof insulation.
5/24/2017 2016KY013 KY Tree trimmer electrocuted and dies while trimming tree away from power liness - Kentucky.
5/17/2017 2016KY052 KY Tow truck driver struck and killed by passenger vehicle while securing disabled vehicle onto flatbed tow truck - Kentucky.
5/17/2017 2016KY055 KY Tow truck driver struck and killed by van while entering his tow truck - Kentucky.
2/28/2017 2015KY063 KY Semi-truck owner-operator crushed by 7.6 ton steel coil while securing load to flatbed trailer.
8/8/2016 2015KY041 KY Seasonal lawn mower operator crushed and dies after lawn mower rolls over on a 30 degree slope.
6/29/2016 2015KY067 KY Teen laborer rides on side of forklift, falls while jumping, and is run over by rear tire.
5/31/2016 2015KY031 KY 19-year-old construction laborer crushed in trench collapse while laying sewage pipe.
4/25/2016 2015KY032 KY Construction siding subcontractor installer killed when oversized scaffolding platform destabilized and telescopic forklift overturned.
3/21/2016 2015KY030 KY Driver exits burning semi-truck and falls to his death.
2/29/2016 2015KY009 KY City police officer dies after his vehicle is struck by a civilian motorist in a federal highway intersection.
2/15/2016 2015KY011 KY Maintenance technician is struck by crane, falls 10 feet to conveyor and dies.
2/3/2016 2015KY001 KY Semi-truck driver fatally struck by falling flatbed cage door, Kentucky.
1/27/2016 2014KY033 KY Pedestrian tow truck operator struck and killed by drunk driver while rendering assistance on highway roadside, Kentucky.
1/17/2016 2016KY017 KY Construction laborer killed in trench collapse while taking grade measurements.
12/15/2015 2015KY019 KY Apprentice distiller fatally burned by overpressurized pot still.
10/6/2015 2015KY020 KY Granite installation company owner struck by falling granite slab.
9/28/2015 2014KY039 KY Temporary electrician helper steps into unguarded elevator shaft and dies.
9/2/2015 2014KY064 KY Semi-truck team driver pinned and killed while adjusting tandems - Kentucky.
8/24/2015 2014KY048 KY Production supervisor falls 19.5 feet through a metal roof and dies, Kentucky.
8/17/2015 2014KY032 KY Cell tower technician dies after antenna array falls and decapitates him.
4/7/2015 2013KY041 KY Heavy equipment mechanic dies when an elevated dump truck tag axle pins him to the concrete floor.
3/9/2015 2014KY030 KY Hispanic roofer's fall protection failed causing him to fall 29.91 feet to his death, Kentucky.
3/5/2015 2014KY036 KY Scrap processor struck by wrench and dies after makeshift torque system fails, Kentucky.
2/11/2015 2014KY022 KY Foreman falls into running auger after stepping on door panel with broken door interlocks.
2/11/2015 2013KY010 KY Two masons electrocuted after contact with an overhead power line, Kentucky.
2/2/2015 2014KY021 KY Truck driver falls from tanker truck to his death.
2/2/2015 2014KY049 KY Firefighter is electrocuted after contacting overhead power line, Kentucky.
1/9/2015 2013KY038 KY Tree trimmer is struck and killed by falling tree limb.
12/8/2014 2013KY066 KY Flagger struck by motorist and killed.
12/1/2014 2013KY059 KY Roofer dies after gust of wind knocks him and co-worker off roof.
11/11/2014 2013KY061 KY Laborer falls 55 to 75 feet to the ground while spray painting grain bins.
10/17/2014 2014KY031 KY Factory manager bypasses lockout/tag-out and is electrocuted.
8/6/2014 2014KY012 KY Hispanic laborer is crushed by gantry roller press while retrieving a dropped hammer.
6/30/2014 2014KY001 KY Auto technician mistakes handicapped-accessible accelerator pedal for brake pedal and fatally pins co-worker.
5/23/2014 2014KY002 KY Construction flagger struck and killed in two-lane highway work zone.
5/12/2014 2014KY007 KY Tanker truck involved in deadly crash on interstate.
4/25/2014 2014KY008 KY Hispanic laborer killed when struck by falling plywood on a commercial construction site.
3/28/2014 2013KY046 KY Grain truck driver killed at train crossing.
2/10/2014 2013KY042 KY A metal fabrication and finishing foreman dies after 25 foot fall at a commercial building site.
1/1/2014 2012KY035 KY Owner of towing company dies when struck by driver of a box truck.
11/20/2013 2013KY039 KY Truck driver dies when tractor-trailer leaves the road and plunges into a creek-bed.
6/30/2013 2012KY037 KY Factory laborer dies when a car driven by coworker crashes into him in parking lot.
6/1/2013 2012KY026 KY Day care monitor dies after crash of 15-passenger van.
5/14/2013 2012KY011 KY Truck driver dies when tractor-trailer overturns after leaving road.
1/31/2013 2011KY031 KY Two semis collide - fire ensues; both drivers perish.
1/16/2013 2011KY001 KY Semi-truck driver dies after being struck by flatbed driver in crossover collision.
8/13/2012 2011KY072 KY Owner/operator hauling asphalt flux dies after driving into a ravine and striking trees.
6/27/2012 2011KY006 KY Roadside responder is struck by a box truck and dies.
3/30/2012 2010KY043 KY Steel worker falls from highway bridge and dies (revised).
3/30/2012 2010KY008 KY Semi tractor-trailer driver dies in median crossover crash; 10 others die.
10/27/2011 2010KY009 KY Two tree trimmers die when struck by errant semi tractor-trailer.
9/8/2011 2008KY065 KY Out-of-state electrician electrocuted while restoring service at a personal residence.
4/20/2011 2011KY009 KY Semi truck driver falls asleep while driving, crashes and dies.
2/13/2011 2008KY010 KY Coal truck driver fatally injured in collision with another coal tractor-trailer.
1/11/2011 2009KY079 KY Land surveyor struck and killed by passenger vehicle.
1/11/2011 2010KY006 KY Municipal solid waste collector dies after falling from solid waste vehicle hopper area.
9/30/2010 2009KY078 KY Service technician working alone dies after being assaulted.
8/3/2010 2009KY071 KY Foreign-born semi driver dies after driving over embankment.
5/27/2010 2009KY081 KY Semi team driver dies after being ejected from sleeper berth.
2/19/2010 2009KY059 KY Arborist dies after fall from tree.
2/17/2010 2007KY091 KY Team semi driver dies after rig is struck by impaired driver.
11/24/2009 2009KY034 KY Immigrant granite installer killed after falling with homemade construction box.
8/28/2009 2008KY074 KY Solid waste driver dies after single vehicle rollover.
5/29/2009 2008KY029 KY Driver of a semi-tractor pulling twin trailers fatally injured in single vehicle crash.
5/12/2009 2006KY100 KY Coal truck driver dies in rollover after tire on trailer fails.
2/13/2009 2008KY025 KY Semi-truck driver dies after striking a bridge abutment.
10/31/2008 2008KY007 KY Roofing foreman dies from telescopic boom lift fall.
9/5/2008 2007KY071 KY A 53-year-old male iron foreman dies after fall from steel decking.
3/26/2008 2007KY070 KY Semi-tractor trailer driver hauling chicken dies after striking a rock wall.
3/19/2008 2005KY075 KY Semi owner-operator dies in rollover after speeding through a curve.
2/15/2008 2005KY008 KY Male semi-truck driver killed in rollover crash on county road.
1/22/2008 2006KY079 KY Dump truck driver dies after being entangled in power-take-off drive shaft.
1/22/2008 2007KY008 KY Hispanic carpenter dies after falling from homemade platform.
9/28/2007 2006KY057 KY Dump truck driver dies after his vehicle was struck by a train.
8/3/2007 2005KY001 KY Emergency roadside technician dies when struck by a single-unit truck on an interstate shoulder.
5/2/2007 2005KY074 KY Long haul trucker dies after striking an embankment at the end of an interstate highway off-ramp.
5/1/2006 2005KY089 KY Passenger dies when semi-truck trailer hits cow in roadway.
2/21/2006 2005KY015 KY Worker crushed to death by falling steel coil.
12/13/2005 2005KY036 KY Dump truck driver dies after unintentional release of asphalt.
5/10/2005 2003KY028 KY Traffic technician dies from fall while changing traffic signal bulb.
5/9/2005 2004KY060 KY Horse farm owner dies when pinned under golf cart.
3/22/2005 2003KY134 KY Equine farm manager dies from accidental overdose of xylazine.
12/1/2004 2003KY124 KY Metal fabrication shop owner dies when crushed by falling steel plate.
11/5/2004 2003KY087 KY Laborer dies when caught in arms of a skidsteer loader.
11/5/2004 2003KY107 KY 38 Year-old construction laborer dies when trench walls collapse.
10/22/2004 2003KY115 KY Licensed electrician dies when electrocuted by 480 volts.
5/27/2004 2003KY072 KY Master plumber dies when trench collapses.
5/27/2004 2003KY097 KY Roofing laborer dies after 60-foot fall.
3/4/2004 2003KY053 KY Construction laborer dies from heat stroke at end of workday.
3/3/2004 2003KY056 KY 28-year-old sound technician dies after falling from lift.
10/21/2003 2003KY017 KY Hispanic laborer dies from fall off roof.
9/30/2003 2003KY073 KY Bulldozer owner/operator drowns while trying to repair a pond.
9/18/2003 2003KY049 KY Bulldozer owner/operator dies when thrown off bulldozer track.
8/14/2003 2002KY131 KY Chinese immigrant restaurant owner electrocuted.
6/17/2003 2002KY106 KY 21 Year-old male dies when struck in the head with a track hoe bucket.
6/17/2003 2002KY127 KY 41 Year-old male dies after being struck in the head with an auger.
6/3/2003 2002KY099 KY Hispanic worker dies in tractor rollover.
3/11/2003 2002KY108 KY Hispanic worker dies due to trench cave-in.
3/11/2003 2002KY041 KY Two laborers die from a scaffolding fall inside a water tank.
3/4/2003 2003KY030 KY Highway construction worker dies when struck by semi-tractor trailer.
12/17/2002 2002KY025 KY Backhoe operator dies after backhoe tips over.
12/17/2002 2002KY085 KY Migrant worker dies in tractor rollover.
10/22/2002 2002KY074 KY Asphalt compactor operator dies when machine slides and falls 17 feet.
6/27/2002 2000KY119 KY 15-year-old dies in utility golf cart overturn.
6/26/2002 2001KY046 KY Brick mason dies from fall through scaffolding.
5/22/2002 2000KY096 KY Construction worker dies after being struck by a falling excavator bucket.
5/22/2002 2001KY062 KY Youth riding as passenger on tractor killed by overturn.
12/6/2000 2000KY051 KY Logger fatally injured by falling tree.
8/9/1999 1998KY115 KY Lumber company employee falls 48" from storage rack to his death.
5/11/1999 1998KY103 KY Log rolls off truck at sawmill killing employee.
4/12/1999 1998KY077 KY Tractor driver killed in overturn while mowing.
3/12/1999 1998KY099 KY Knotted log rolls off truck and kills logger at sawmill.
2/4/1999 1998KY116 KY Road construction worker killed in tractor overturn.
2/3/1999 1998KY106 KY Log rolls off truck at sawmill killing the truck driver.
1/20/1999 1998KY072 KY Farmer killed when tractor punctures gas line causing an explosion.
1/17/1999 1998KY031 KY Factory worker caught in overhead conveyor while hanging transformers.
1/9/1999 1998KY044 KY Factory worker entangled in conveyor belt rollers.
12/4/1998 1998KY046 KY Tractor operator killed by rotary mower while mowing highway right-of-way.
11/1/1998 1998KY024 KY Farmer run over by tractor.
10/15/1998 1998KY049 KY 53-year-old dies in tricycle tractor overturn while transporting round bale.
10/6/1998 1998KY063 KY Logger fatally injured by falling limb.
9/29/1998 1998KY056 KY 66-year-old male dies in tractor overturn while mowing.
8/27/1998 1998KY014 KY Electrician dies in 6-foot fall from ladder.
6/8/1998 1998KY018 KY Farmer dies when caught beneath overturned tractor.
5/24/1998 1997KY022 KY Migrant worker killed in 22-foot fall inside building.
1/16/1998 1997KY111 KY Construction worker dies in 7-foot fall.
12/22/1997 1997KY093 KY Farmer killed in tractor rollover.
12/11/1997 1997KY110 KY Skidder operator thrown from vehicle during rollover.
12/10/1997 1997KY122 KY Dislodged tree strikes logger.
11/20/1997 1997KY073 KY Logger crushed during repair work on skidder.
11/6/1997 1997KY071 KY Professional roofer dies in fall.
10/31/1997 1997KY082 KY Farmer crushed when run over by tractor and disc.
9/29/1997 1997KY080 KY Farmer run over by rotary mower.
8/25/1997 1996KY125 KY Pug mill operator killed after entanglement.
7/31/1997 1997KY029 KY Rear tractor rollover kills farmer.
7/1/1997 1997KY031 KY Logger killed when struck by tree limb during hauling.
6/26/1997 1997KY028 KY Farmer killed when tractor slides over embankment while mowing.
6/26/1997 1997KY044 KY Tractor/baler operator killed in entanglement.
5/22/1997 1997KY032 KY Bulldozer operator killed in rollover.
5/9/1997 1997KY019 KY Farmer killed when tractor overturns on embankment.
5/1/1997 1996KY122 KY Sawmill worker killed by circular saw.
5/1/1997 1997KY016 KY Farmer killed when tractor turns over.
4/16/1997 1997KY018 KY Logger killed during tree felling.
3/11/1997 1997KY008 KY Farmer killed on tractor during logging operations.
1/9/1997 1996KY071 KY Farmer killed when caught in hay baler.
12/6/1996 1996KY050 KY Front end loader overturns on seed/fertilizer store owner.
12/5/1996 1996KY085 KY Retired farmer thrown from and run over by tractor in Kentucky.
12/3/1996 1996KY102 KY Logger killed when struck by tree.
11/19/1996 1996KY049 KY Maintenance worker killed in 25-foot fall from I-beam.
10/19/1996 1996KY028 KY Welder is crushed by rock chipper.
10/3/1996 1996KY089 KY Logger killed by falling snag.
9/20/1996 1996KY077 KY Mill owner dies in tractor rollover.
9/19/1996 1996KY088 KY Farmer killed in tractor rollover.
9/12/1996 1996KY018 KY Worker killed in fall from oil tank.
8/28/1996 1996KY073 KY Farmer killed when crushed by tractor.
6/25/1996 1996KY105 KY Hunting preserve operator crushed by rotary cutter.
6/13/1996 1996KY037 KY Farmer killed when thrown from tractor.
6/5/1996 1996KY046 KY Logs roll off truck at sawmill killing the truck driver.
5/9/1996 1996KY009 KY Farmer strangled by jacket caught on exposed auger shaft.
5/9/1996 1996KY019 KY Logger killed by falling snag.
3/19/1996 1995KY126 KY Farmer dies in cornpicker.
3/9/1996 1996KY093 KY Welder dies after 30-foot fall from steel structure.
1/17/1996 1995KY122 KY Farmworker killed when caught in power take-off (PTO).
10/30/1995 1995KY088 KY Farm worker killed in tractor rollover on public roadway.
10/30/1995 1995KY102 KY Logger killed when log rolls off truck at sawmill.
10/30/1995 1995KY110 KY Log rolls off truck during unloading and strikes logger.
9/21/1995 1995KY078 KY Logger killed by falling snag.
9/11/1995 1995KY055 KY Farmer crushed in hay baler.
9/11/1995 1995KY068 KY Welder is crushed by an unmanned pipelayer.
9/5/1995 1995KY073 KY Logger killed in endloader rollover.
8/24/1995 1995KY046 KY Farmer is run over by disc after falling from tractor.
7/24/1995 1995KY043 KY Farmer killed after tractor overturns into creek bed.
6/30/1995 1995KY047 KY Retiree dies in tractor rollover.
6/28/1995 1995KY050 KY Farmer run over after falling from tractor.
6/19/1995 1995KY039 KY Farmer killed in tractor rollover.
6/1/1995 1995KY030 KY 86 year old farmer is killed after being hit by tree branch.
5/2/1995 1995KY017 KY Retiree/part-time farmer killed when run over by bush hog.
5/1/1995 1994KY029 KY Tree trimmer dies after 50 foot fall while in bucket truck.
4/24/1995 1995KY015 KY Prison employee killed in tractor rollover.
4/14/1995 1995KY011 KY Farmer killed when run over by tractor in barn.
2/28/1995 1994KY097 KY Farm tractor overturns, crushing part-time farmer.
2/8/1995 1994KY161 KY Log loader runs over worker at stave mill.
12/19/1994 1994KY144 KY Retiree dies after tractor overturns into creek.
12/7/1994 1994KY051 KY Demolition foreman dies after 35-foot fall through hole in flat roof.
12/7/1994 1994KY091 KY Part-time farmer is killed in ROPS equipped tractor roll over.
12/7/1994 1994KY115 KY Farmer pinned when tractor overturns into dry creek bed.
12/2/1994 1994KY090 KY Farm worker is killed in tractor roll over.
11/30/1994 1994KY084 KY Part-time farmer is killed after losing control of his tractor.
11/28/1994 1994KY124 KY Kentucky retiree is killed when the tractor he was operating overturns.
10/26/1994 1994KY111 KY Farmer struck by truck and killed on public roadway.
10/17/1994 1994KY063 KY Farmer is run over by tractor after losing control on public roadway.
9/28/1994 1994KY078 KY Farmer is killed after being run over by wagon.
9/28/1994 1994KY100 KY Farmer is killed when the tractor he was operating over turned.
8/26/1994 1994KY059 KY Farmer dies after being run over by tractor while checking gas wells.
8/9/1994 1994KY045 KY Part-time farmer dies after pick-up truck over turns.
8/8/1994 1994KY040 KY Tractor overturn kills farmer.
8/2/1994 1994KY043 KY Part-time farmer dies after tractor leaves public roadway and overturns.
6/17/1994 1994KY038 KY Logger killed when struck by log that rolled off truck during unloading operation.
6/16/1994 1994KY044 KY Part-time farmer drowns in pond after tractor rollover.

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