Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Michigan
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Pub. Date Report No. State
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7/7/2020 2018MI105 MI Construction firm owner dies from fall from 8-foot step ladder or overhead platform.
6/24/2020 2018MI213 MI Farmer pinned by tree limb when tree shifted while limbing/bucking tree.
6/24/2020 2018MI072 MI Field manager struck by vehicle in active roadway while taking depth measurement.
6/24/2020 2018MI027 MI School crossing guard struck by vehicle.
6/24/2020 2018MI243 MI Farmer driving a pickup truck was struck when a pickup ran a stop sign.
3/9/2020 2017MI208 MI Marina owner drowned in six-foot deep water in marina slip.
3/9/2020 2018MI037 MI Tow truck driver died when school bus was struck by SUV.
12/20/2019 2017MI142 MI Farm laborer run over by tractor with broken parking brake.
12/20/2019 2018MI002 MI Tow truck driver securing vehicle to tow bed struck by SUV driver.
12/20/2019 2018MI004 MI Farmer pinned between skid steer loader bucket and frame.
10/22/2019 2017MI098 MI Farm owner drowned in ditch when tractor overturned to side and pinned him.
10/22/2019 2017MI045 MI Plasterer/drywall installer dies from 30-foot fall through skylight.
9/13/2019 2017MI136 MI Farm laborer pinned by tree branch against his tractor seat.
8/5/2019 2017MI075 MI Sole proprietor falls eight feet from flat roof while installing siding.
8/5/2019 2016MI109 MI Racetrack safety crewmember struck by racecar.
8/5/2019 2017MI128 MI Construction foreman/carpenter dies from complications from fall from roof.
6/25/2019 2017MI012 MI County road division worker crushed between asphalt truck and shadow truck during rolling cold patch operation.
6/7/2019 2017MI127 MI Construction laborer died in trench wall collapse.
1/16/2019 2014MI119 MI Construction owner died in trench wall collapse.
1/16/2019 2015MI104 MI Caretaker of a farm held in trust died due to a tractor overturn to the rear while moving downed tree.
1/16/2019 2015MI110 MI Construction laborer working in highway work zone struck by van.
1/16/2019 2016MI090 MI Ironworker fell 25 feet while working from/relocating a ladder in a shaft way.
1/15/2019 2015MI086 MI Owner of farm land died due to a tractor run over.
12/11/2018 2015MI061 MI Truck driver freeing frozen rear brakes on a dump truck was run over when the truck rolled forward.
12/10/2018 2016MI071 MI 23-year-old laborer was overcome and drowned when he entered a 10,500-gallon molasses tank to reposition a drain pipe - Michigan.
12/10/2018 2017MI007 MI Truck driver died after being thrown back by air release from a pressurized tire sidewall failure - Michigan.
10/23/2018 2015MI031 MI Owner of farm land died due to a tractor overturn to the side into a ravine.
10/23/2018 2015MI064 MI Owner of farm land pinned under tractor while clearing fence line.
10/23/2018 2015MI066 MI Farmer starting tractor from ground run over by tractor.
10/23/2018 2015MI117 MI Construction laborer died in a trench wall collapse.
6/21/2018 2016MI104 MI Concrete finisher electrocuted when bull float contacted an energized power line.
4/25/2018 2014MI118 MI Farm worker died when unsupported combine head fell onto him during repair activities in a bean field.
4/25/2018 2014MI122 MI Truck driver struck by rear tractor tires when semi tractor driven forward.
4/25/2018 2016MI149 MI Farmer died when clothing was entangled in a rotating power take off shaft.
4/4/2018 2014MI200 MI Farmer crushed under free standing grain bin struck by horses and/or manure spreader.
9/26/2016 2014MI052 MI Truck driver died when he was struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident, Michigan.
12/21/2015 2014MI095 MI Food pantry volunteer pinned by a table against a wood cabinet when the table was struck by backing vehicle, Michigan.
10/23/2015 2014MI014 MI Dairy farm worker mauled by either a 2-year-old bull or a dairy cow.
9/2/2015 2013MI136 MI Dump truck driver entangled in dump box power take off driveline.
8/25/2015 2014MI034 MI Lathe operator died when his shirt was entangled on a 1 7/8-inch piece of 1-inch diameter bar stock.
7/27/2015 2012MI054 MI Truck porter dies from head injury complications when he fell from either the ICC bumper or deck of a semi-trailer.
7/9/2015 2013MI043 MI Truck driver crushed by roll off scrap metal box during unloading from truck.
5/20/2015 2012MI218 MI Horse breeder falls 11-12 feet from hayloft when throwing hay bale.
3/4/2015 2013MI102 MI Airport manager killed when homemade drag struck him while smoothing a runway.
3/4/2015 2013MI197 MI Hunt club member died when struck by the top of the tree he had felled.
3/4/2015 2013MI149 MI Truck mechanic pinned by truck's sway bar and link.
1/28/2015 2009MI075 MI Semi-truck driver died when struck by precast concrete panel that fell from semi trailer.
6/25/2014 2013MI090 MI Laborer died due to hypertensive and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease with a contributing factor of hyperthermia.
5/20/2014 2013MI091 MI Painter died when elevated scissor lift tipped to side when tire entered pavement depression.
5/1/2014 2013MI009 MI Assistant manager at fertilizer mixing facility dies when pinned under overturned 1972 tractor without a ROPS.
4/17/2014 2013MI020 MI Roofer falls from roof edge when he stepped on insulation overhang.
3/17/2014 2013MI019 MI Bus driver died while attempting to open bus doors while bus was moving.
2/11/2014 2012MI059 MI Land owner pinned by tractor bucket when working in ditch.
10/28/2013 2012MI121 MI Pipefitter dies when excavation wall collapses, causing water tank to rotate and pin him against excavation wall.
10/26/2013 2012MI069 MI Business owner killed when pulled into wood chipper.
10/1/2013 2012MI033 MI Handyman died when tree he was felling split vertically and struck him.
8/6/2013 2012MI008 MI Farm laborer died when struck by front end loader bucket.
6/6/2013 2011MI005 MI Logger killed by falling tree.
6/4/2013 2011MI059 MI Hispanic farm laborer struck by 550-gallon water tank when wood support structure collapsed.
5/15/2013 2010MI122 MI Farmer pinned under driver's side front tire of a front-end loader.
12/17/2012 2010MI069 MI Hispanic male farm laborer electrocuted in potato field.
11/15/2012 2011MI006 MI Farmer died when front end loader bucket struck propane tank hidden by snow.
11/14/2012 2010MI144 MI Hispanic roofer dies after falling through an improperly secured roof hatch cover.
11/14/2012 2010MI034 MI Inmate struck by a falling elm snag.
8/2/2012 2010MI038 MI Heavy equipment operator killed when ejected from cab.
7/19/2012 2009MI163 MI Tree trimmer working in tree died when a tree branch supporting rigging rope broke below the crotch and struck his head.
5/29/2012 2010MI200 MI Farmer's head and neck crushed between semi trailer and loading/unloading chute.
5/1/2012 2010MI137 MI Carpenter died from extension ladder fall.
12/29/2011 2010MI021 MI Farmer grading field pinned under overturned tractor.
10/31/2011 2010MI075 MI Farmer run over by tractor during idle adjustment.
10/27/2011 2010MI032 MI Sewer administrator died when chop saw spark caused a 55-gallon drum to explode.
10/26/2011 2010MI013 MI Tub refinisher died due to methylene chloride overexposure while stripping a bathtub.
10/7/2011 2010MI067 MI Volunteer mowing grass pinned by overturned tractor.
10/6/2011 2010MI082 MI Worker crushed under car that dislodged from tow straps.
9/13/2011 2010MI019 MI Farmer died when he fell from a ladder.
7/25/2011 2009MI009 MI Construction laborer pinned under tire of articulated machine.
7/25/2011 2009MI049 MI Commercial roofer died when struck by a falling load of palletized roofing material.
7/25/2011 2009MI082 MI Golf course mechanic died when struck by falling ash tree.
7/25/2011 2009MI085 MI Truck driver struck by semi-tractor when walking in parking lot.
7/25/2011 2010MI006 MI Maintenance supervisor killed by fall while changing light bulb.
6/10/2010 2008MI121 MI 59-year-old male worker at a fruit storage facility died after entering a controlled atmosphere storage room.
1/28/2010 2008MI062 MI Machinist dies when he came into contact with a rotating vertical cutting head of a gantry mill.
1/27/2010 2008MI171 MI Laborer died during test drive of four-wheel all terrain vehicle (ATV).
1/20/2010 2008MI169 MI Air museum volunteer died from complications of a head injury sustained after falling from an aircraft tug.
10/22/2009 2008MI135 MI Farmer drowned while removing stop logs from water level control structure.
10/20/2009 2008MI134 MI Farmer entangled in unguarded rotating motor drive-shaft on farm-modified ear-corn elevator.
9/30/2009 2008MI128 MI Farmer died when portable elevator fell onto him.
7/31/2009 2008MI037 MI Lineman electrocuted when he contacted 7,200-volt power line.
7/23/2009 2008MI095 MI Tow truck driver dies when pinned under car.
6/25/2009 2008MI015 MI Construction worker dies from 69-foot fall through roof opening.
6/3/2009 2008MI010 MI Manufacturing traffic supervisor dies when struck by forklift.
6/2/2009 2008MI009 MI Journeyman mason dies after stepping backward off a raised mobile scaffold.
5/19/2009 2008MI040 MI Municipal truck driver dies after being backed over by dump truck.
5/19/2009 2008MI003 MI Steel mill supervisor pulled from catwalk by contact with belt conveyor.
3/9/2009 2008MI001 MI Pipe technician killed by coke oven gas pipe explosion.
1/13/2009 2008MI005 MI Roll-off container truck driver electrocuted when raised tilt frame contacted overhead line.
9/22/2008 2007MI044 MI Farmer dies when his tractor was rear-ended by a semi.
8/26/2008 2007MI169 MI Supervisor/foreman struck by a pickup truck while placing channelizer drum in road.
8/26/2008 2007MI172 MI Roofer dies from fall off residential roof.
7/21/2008 2007MI106 MI Iron worker dies when struck by falling steel header beam.
7/21/2008 2007MI073 MI Journeyman lineman run over by off-road vehicle while directing the vehicle onto a transport trailer.
6/9/2008 2006MI174 MI Hispanic laborer dies as a result of a trench collapse.
5/28/2008 2007MI011 MI Career fire fighter dies after ejection from his fire engine when it was struck by a vehicle.
4/30/2008 2007MI136 MI Hotel assistant manager dies due to a fall from a ladder during installation of wood trim.
4/29/2008 2007MI079 MI Housekeeper died from complications sustained after falling down residential stairs.
4/25/2008 2006MI188 MI Welder dies during welding repair inside of cargo tank compartment.
4/23/2008 2007MI024 MI Pipefitter/project foreman died when struck by ruptured sewer pipe/mechanical plug.
1/3/2008 2006MI135 MI Unrestrained custom spray applicator died when ejected from a self-propelled sprayer after sprayer struck an oncoming semi-truck trailer.
12/13/2007 2007MI013 MI Construction foreman dies from fall while climbing the tower of a hydromobile scaffold.
11/6/2007 2006MI204 MI Security guard died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.
10/23/2007 2006MI193 MI Field technician dies when struck by geofoam block.
10/23/2007 2006MI207 MI Apprentice lineman dies when the vibratory plow he was operating struck a high pressure natural gas line.
10/22/2007 2007MI007 MI Carpenter dies after fall from a ladder that slipped from its base while positioned on frozen sand.
10/16/2007 2006MI201 MI Journeyman pipefitter dies when struck in chest while removing vic fitting end cap from a pressurized pipe.
10/1/2007 2006MI205 MI Farmer dies leading heifer toward a loading chute to a livestock trailer.
9/25/2007 2006MI096 MI Ground man for milling operation dies when struck by a dump truck backing into work zone.
9/12/2007 2003MI005 MI Worker dies as a result of being struck and pinned between two vehicles while repairing potholes.
8/30/2007 2006MI001 MI Female firefighter dies when struck by an out-of-control pickup truck on an icy interstate highway.
8/24/2007 2006MI209 MI Heavy equipment operator dies after being pinned between the boom and cab of an excavator.
8/24/2007 2005MI077 MI Race car fuel dispenser operator killed when methanol tank exploded.
8/14/2007 2005MI026 MI Tow truck operator pinned under sport utility vehicle when working under it.
8/1/2007 2006MI004 MI 29-Year old male Hispanic landscape laborer dies when nine foot deep trench collapses.
7/11/2007 2006MI185 MI Truck driver electrocuted when raised long-bed dump trailer contacted 4,800-volt overhead power line.
6/26/2007 2005MI123 MI Truck driver dies when straw bales fall off truck and strike him.
6/13/2007 2006MI068 MI Surveyor dies when struck by oncoming vehicle.
6/8/2007 2006MI009 MI Machine operator dies after being struck by a shredder grate during shredding machine maintenance.
5/17/2007 2006MI006 MI Truck driver killed after falling through unprotected skylight.
5/17/2007 2006MI007 MI Forklift driver pinned under an overturned forklift dies.
5/17/2007 2006MI066 MI Logger killed when struck by lodged tree that fell.
5/17/2007 2006MI117 MI Male siding installer dies after falling from a roof while installing a J channel on a dormer.
4/30/2007 2005MI163 MI Construction laborer dies after falling from ladder.
4/27/2007 2005MI089 MI Retired teacher/farmer dies when pinned under overturned tractor.
2/16/2007 2005MI065 MI Hispanic brick mason electrocuted when rerod contacts powerline.
1/23/2007 2005MI095 MI Municipal tree trimmer dies when falling tree limb struck him.
1/5/2007 2005MI060 MI Golf course worker dies after being pinned under an overturned tee box mower.
11/27/2006 2005MI078 MI Forklift operator dies when head caught in lowering mast.
11/27/2006 2005MI051 MI Carpenter dies after he jumped/lost balance from an unsecured ladder that fell due to a wind gust.
10/3/2006 2004MI074 MI Millwright dies when struck by uncontrolled, flailing crane cable.
10/1/2006 2005MI066 MI Quality control operator dies after falling into cherry processing brine tank.
8/18/2006 2005MI024 MI Owner of excavating company dies when excavator overturns into water/mud of gravel pit.
8/16/2006 2002MI152 MI Guardrail post pounder operator electrocuted when hammer boom contacts energized overhead electrical line.
6/23/2006 2005MI088 MI 69-year-old male construction contractor dies after falling from open folding chair he was standing on.
6/9/2006 2005MI084 MI Worker dies in trench collapse.
1/17/2006 2005MI045 MI Tow truck operator dies when car being driven by intoxicated driver leaves road and strikes him.
1/17/2006 2005MI064 MI Farmer pinned under left rear tire of industrial tractor-loader with backhoe.
12/6/2005 2005MI046 MI Lawn technician dies when pinned between motorized spreader handles and roof of work van.
11/25/2005 2004MI107 MI Engineering technician dies when backed over by cement mixer.
8/23/2005 2004MI180 MI Mill hand dies when drill was thrown from shattered hardened steel tool extension and strikes him in chest.
8/16/2005 2004MI176 MI 6-year-old youth dies when he was run over by a skid-steer loader driven by his 9-year-old brother.
8/16/2005 2003MI146 MI Electrician dies from being pinned between iron pipe and articulated boom-supported aerial work platform control panel.
8/16/2005 2003MI066 MI Farmer dies when he is crushed under overturned tractor in ditch.
5/19/2005 2004MI130 MI 52-year-old female janitor died as a result of a vapor flashback while using flammable lacquer thinner to remove carpet glue from concrete basement floor.
4/22/2005 2004MI160 MI Carpenter dies when eight-foot trench wall collapses during sewer pipe replacement.
4/19/2005 2004MI093 MI Farmer died when run over by tractor's rear wheel and chopper.
3/27/2005 2004MI108 MI Farmer died when run over by rear wheel when he started the tractor while standing on the ground.
3/15/2005 2004MI066 MI Landscaper died when the arms of a skid-steer loader crushed his upper body and head.
2/27/2005 2003MI160 MI Laborer died after 2000-pound flexible tote bag falls on him.
1/10/2005 2003MI202 MI Farmer died when crushed between tractor steering wheel and enclosed feed auger.
12/15/2004 2003MI134 MI Farmer died when tractor overturns to side while on a hill.
11/24/2004 2003MI193 MI Farmer died when electrocuted while welding feed bunker wagon.
11/19/2004 2003MI179 MI Welder dies from fall off rigging.
11/1/2004 2004MI223 MI Young adult female waitress died from an asthma attack while working in a bar.
10/26/2004 2003MI103 MI Farmer dies when tractor with front-end loader overturns in ditch and pins him.
8/24/2004 2003MI080 MI Pyrotechnician dies when struck in head by firework while putting on a display.
8/24/2004 2003MI108 MI Farmer dies when grain in grain bin engulfs him.
8/17/2004 2003MI098 MI Farmer dies when pinned by flail mower.
3/17/2004 2003MI052 MI Farm youth died when he became entangled in an unguarded PTO shaft.
3/17/2004 2003MI053 MI Farm owner crushed underneath rotary mower while changing blades and untangling wire wrapped on cutting blades.
2/13/2004 2003MI025 MI DPW worker run over by pickup truck exiting the vehicle to open an overhead garage door.
2/12/2004 2003MI079 MI Department of Public Works employee electrocuted attempting to read a water meter located behind an apartment boiler.
2/5/2004 2003MI020 MI School custodian dies from blood clots after fall from ladder.
1/10/2004 2003MI067 MI Farmer dies when he was pinned between the tractor seat and a tree in a ditch near his soybean field.
12/6/2003 2002MI208 MI Laborer electrocuted when antenna on top of steel pole building contacts 14400-volt energized line.
12/5/2003 2003MI029 MI Co-owner of metal forge shop dies when an ejected piece of steel used as a stop block in a full revolution press strikes him in the chest.
11/23/2003 2003MI018 MI Manager of after-market truck bed liner store dies of asthmatic attack after spraying van with isocyanate-based truck bed Liner.
9/27/2003 2003MI022 MI Indoor amusement manager killed when struck by a moving roller coaster.
9/20/2003 2002MI151 MI Farm laborer killed when he became entangled in an unguarded PTO shaft.
9/17/2003 2002MI143 MI Farmer asphyxiated due to lack of oxygen after entering an oxygen limiting silo 3 days after filling.
9/3/2003 2002MI157 MI Hispanic laborer dies when dump mechanism of lift truck activates and crushes him between the truck bed bulkhead and bridge beam.
8/28/2003 2002MI090 MI Journeyman pipefitter killed when struck in head by grooved end cap under pressure.
6/2/2003 2002MI120 MI Farmer killed when his tractor leaves public road shoulder and overturns into a ditch.
5/19/2003 2002MI029 MI Farmer died after being struck while seated on the tractor by an unrestrained rectangular haylage bale that fell out of an elevated front-end loader bucket that independently elevated.
5/2/2003 2002MI140 MI Farm hand run over by tractor while starting the tractor while standing on the ground.
4/29/2003 2002MI121 MI Electrocution of family member when welding on rotary disc mower on farm.
4/25/2003 2002MI075 MI Landscape mowing assistant dies from heat stroke.
4/22/2003 2002MI119 MI Inside wireman electrician electrocuted working on exterior light pole.
4/7/2003 2002MI106 MI Highway worker killed by passenger vehicle while setting up highway work zone warning signal.
1/11/2003 2002MI060 MI Millwright dies from fall off ladder.
11/19/2002 2002MI040 MI Truck driver killed when front-end loader secured by chains on a lowboy trailer broke free and rolled onto cab.
11/15/2002 2002MI028 MI Rigger killed when equipment being unloaded from a semi-trailer fell from the high-lift fork truck and landed on him.
10/18/2002 2001MI058 MI Farmer run over by a tractor and/or manure spreader.
9/21/2002 2002MI016 MI Rig hand entangled in rotating drive shaft while hanging light in rig structure.
6/6/2002 2001MI056 MI Grader operator run over by rear tire while jumpstarting grader.
5/26/2002 2001MI068 MI Worker falls from wooden pallet during remodeling work at a fruit processing facility.
4/30/2002 2001MI094 MI Bridge painter dies when he falls out of an unsecured rough terrain forklift scaffold platform.
4/23/2002 2001MI064 MI Restaurant maintenance worker wedged between sump pump pipe support bar and sump pump crock rim.
4/4/2002 2001MI061 MI Two individuals overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas while cleaning a farm facility water well with 28% liquid muriatic acid.
2/22/2002 2001MI038 MI Maintenance worker struck in head by exploding pressurized tank.
2/16/2002 2001MI029 MI Farmer crushed between lift arms and frame of skid-steer loader.
2/15/2002 2001MI011 MI Machinist struck and killed by fragments from ruptured steam turbine housing.
1/26/2002 2001MI039 MI Logger killed while freeing maple log with chainsaw during skidding operation.
1/8/2002 2001MI047 MI Corrections officer dies when he falls off ladder while supervising prison work crew.
12/28/2001 2001MI025 MI Delivery man struck by vehicle while stopped on roadway to change delivery van flat tire.
12/1/2001 2001MI015 MI Farmer pinned beneath tractor overturned to the rear.
10/24/2001 2001MI022 MI Truck driver dies in excavation cave-in during diesel tank removal.
9/1/2001 2001MI006 MI Pastor struck by falling roof ice dam, subsequently died from complications.
8/16/2001 2001MI008 MI Welder struck by falling steel frame.
8/5/2001 2001MI002 MI Mold setter's head struck by a cycling single-side gantry robot.
8/1/2001 2001MI003 MI Operator crushed between a rotating barrel and its hoist support bar.
7/12/2001 2001MI001 MI Operator pinned between the hydraulic tilt cylinder housing and the frame of a skid-steer loader.

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