Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Missouri
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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7/30/2001 2000MO063 MO Child laborer electrocuted while working at sawmill in Missouri.
5/22/2001 1999MO138 MO Tower construction worker dies following 40-foot fall from cellular tower in Missouri.
11/6/2000 1999MO022 MO Eleven-year-old farm-boy dies following tractor accident.
11/6/2000 1999MO090 MO Equipment operator dies following crane overturn incident.
9/16/1999 1998MO161 MO Tower construction worker dies following 940-foot fall from television tower.
7/26/1999 1998MO023 MO Logger dies after being struck by falling tree.
7/26/1999 1998MO101 MO Journeyman lineman electrocuted following contact with energized lightning arrestor.
5/13/1999 1998MO102 MO Tower construction worker dies following 200 foot fall from radio tower.
12/29/1998 1998MO035 MO Siding installer dies after six foot fall from ladder-jack scaffolding.
12/22/1998 1998MO056 MO Die setter crushed by machinery at plastic molding company in Missouri.
10/30/1998 1998MO042 MO Cable television installer electrocuted when cable wire contacts 7,200-volt powerline.
2/22/1998 1997MO096 MO Highway department supervisor falls from bluff in Missouri.
10/14/1997 1997MO037 MO Asphalt roller operator dies following rollover incident in Missouri.
9/21/1997 1997MO030 MO Farm worker struck by back-hoe in Missouri.
3/20/1997 1996MO082 MO Skid-steer loader operator dies after backing loader off six-foot retaining wall.
1/26/1997 1996MO061 MO Special road district foreman struck by oil distributor truck.
1/23/1997 1996MO059 MO Wireless cable TV service installer electrocuted by overhead power line.
1/16/1997 1996MO054 MO Equipment operator dies following fork-lift truck roll-over.
8/15/1996 1996MO012 MO Highway department supervisor struck by reversing dump truck.
3/22/1996 1995MO078 MO Machine operator struck by rubber injection molding machine.
1/28/1996 1995MO074 MO Roofer dies following 22-foot fall from residence.
1/16/1996 1995MO060 MO Sanitation worker struck by trash collection vehicle in Missouri.
12/27/1995 1995MO057 MO County highway department worker crushed when dump trailer and truck tipped over.
12/24/1995 1995MO073 MO Farmer killed while working on square hay baler.
12/10/1995 1998MO064 MO PVC blender-operator crushed by blending machine.
12/1/1995 1995MO049 MO Construction foreman dies following 45-foot fall from roof of condominium.
11/13/1995 1994MO077 MO Journeyman roofer dies after 14.5 foot fall through roof opening.
1/4/1995 1994MO127 MO Apprentice lineman electrocuted on pad-mounted underground transformer.
12/17/1994 1994MO110 MO Service technician electrocuted while repairing air conditioning unit.
12/6/1994 1994MO096 MO Roofing materials deliveryman electrocuted when truck-mounted boom conveyer contacts overhead power line.
11/1/1994 1994MO120 MO Construction worker dies as a result of an 11-foot fall from unguarded residential deck.
7/25/1994 1994MO032 MO Intoxicated refuse collector falls off of and is backed over by refuse truck.
5/10/1994 1993MO154 MO Journeyman roofer dies from 25-foot-fall through structural decking.
11/14/1993 1992MO046 MO Two metal refinishers die when fumes ignite in elevator car.
8/27/1993 1993MO008 MO Commercial route refuse collector crushed when refuse truck slid into semi-truck trailer.
6/1/1993 1992MO048 MO Refuse collector crushed by refuse truck compactor.
5/30/1993 1993MO152 MO Journeyman roofer dies from 12-foot-fall from ladder.
4/21/1993 1992MO037 MO Construction laborer dies from burns received when scalding hot water floods sewer.
3/17/1993 1992MO033 MO Municipal water-line inspector dies after entering oxygen-deficient vault in Missouri.
2/17/1993 1992MO034 MO Roofing installer dies after 16-foot fall from a suspended runway in Missouri.
2/13/1993 1992MO028 MO Production worker dies following contact with 220 volts of electricity in Missouri.
2/8/1993 1992MO030 MO Carpenter helper dies following fall from motorized utility cart in Missouri.
12/27/1992 1992MO023 MO Journeyman ironworker dies following a twenty-two feet six inch fall from a steel structure in Missouri.
12/26/1992 1992MO012 MO Line foreman electrocuted while performing routine maintenance at a transformer station in Missouri.
12/6/1992 1992MO002 MO Iron worker dies from injuries received from 20-foot fall from working platform in Missouri.
12/6/1992 1992MO006 MO Farmer dies after fall with tractor from a low water bridge in Missouri.
4/14/1992 1992MO001 MO Sanitation worker dies after falling from rear of moving refuse collection vehicle in Missouri.

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