Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Nebraska
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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6/13/2006 2004NE034 NE Hispanic laborer falls with ladder to concrete pad.
6/12/2006 2002NE017 NE Farm supply store manager killed when engulfed by corn in grain bin.
6/1/2006 2002NE028 NE Concrete block truck operator struck by falling pre-cast steps.
5/30/2006 2004NE044 NE Hispanic carpet laborer overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.
5/19/2006 2005NE028 NE Hispanic carpenter killed when struck by piece of concrete that fell from rigging device during hoist in highway work zone.
5/3/2006 2006NE002 NE Hispanic asbestos remover falls to death from ladder.
8/8/2005 2005NE012 NE Construction worker struck by falling steel roof beam.
7/21/2005 2004NE040 NE Hispanic laborer run over and killed by backing dump truck in roadway construction zone.
2/28/2005 2004NE099 NE Cattle rancher hospitalized after accidental injection of micotil.
1/4/2005 2003NE019 NE Hispanic tower erector falls to death from television tower.
10/26/2004 2004NE007 NE Engineering technician run over and killed by backing dump truck.
8/11/2004 2004NE016 NE Warehouse manager killed in fall from wooden ladder.
5/27/2004 2004NE002 NE Worker electrocuted in bucket truck.
12/30/2003 2003NE027 NE Irrigation system serviceman electrocuted.
11/17/2003 2003NE022 NE Farmer electrocuted exiting grain bin.
8/18/2003 2003NE004 NE Cattleman dies due to accidental injection.
6/23/2003 2003NE003 NE Trucker crushed by irrigation pipe.
4/8/2003 2002NE032 NE Trailer court owner killed in mobile trash compactor.
2/5/2003 2002NE044 NE Worker falls into mixing tank.
11/18/2002 2002NE013 NE Telecommunications tower maintenance worker struck by cable.
11/6/2002 2002NE004 NE Farmer killed by propane/methane flash fire.
10/17/2002 2002NE011 NE Standup forklift operator asphyxiated by warning chain.
8/27/2002 2001NE006 NE Maintenance worker crushed between forklift and truck.
4/2/2002 2001NE038 NE Construction worker caught between forklift and cement truck.
1/25/2002 2001NE026 NE Youth landscaper pinned underneath front end loader.
7/23/2001 2001NE008 NE Snowplow operator caught between two trucks in Nebraska.
4/25/2001 2000NE050 NE Steel erector falls from scissors lift.
1/31/2001 2000NE034 NE Construction zone worker hit by gravel truck in Nebraska.
10/24/2000 2000NE008 NE Machine operator falls from order picker in Nebraska.
10/14/2000 2000NE005 NE Worker crushed by tanker.
9/25/2000 2000NE016 NE Equipment operator drowns in canal.
3/17/2000 1999NE028 NE Farm youth suffocated in corn bin.
1/9/2000 1999NE017 NE Machine operator crushed by robotic platform.
11/30/1999 1999NE021 NE Member of road striping crew struck by semi.
9/2/1999 1999NE004 NE Mechanic killed while dismantling paper baler.
8/9/1999 1999NE018 NE Mechanic crushed by bus falling off jack.
7/27/1999 1996NE009 NE Fall from forklift pallet.
7/27/1999 1996NE020 NE Window washer falls 40 feet.
7/21/1999 1999NE009 NE Farmer crushed by stock shredder.
6/28/1999 1999NE016 NE Two feedlot workers suffocated in grain bin.
12/17/1998 1998NE032 NE Falling portable scaffold kills carpenter.
11/13/1998 1998NE029 NE Tractor overturn kills temporary worker.
10/16/1998 1998NE025 NE Three fiber optic cable installers killed by contact with power line.
8/28/1998 1998NE013 NE Ironworker falls into elevator pit.
8/10/1998 1998NE012 NE Farmer killed in tractor rollover.
7/9/1998 1998NE011 NE Worker run over by compactor at landfill.
6/24/1998 1998NE010 NE Security guard run over by own truck.
2/18/1998 1998NE001 NE Shop worker run over by tractor.
1/7/1998 1997NE041 NE Backhoe bucket crushes worker in trench.
1/7/1998 1997NE045 NE Farmer crushed in stacker.
12/8/1997 1997NE035 NE 30 Foot fall from steel girder.
9/5/1997 1997NE010 NE Tractor overturn.
7/27/1997 1997NE019 NE Fall from stepladder.
7/27/1997 1997NE030 NE Lineman electrocuted on tower.
7/27/1997 1997NE011 NE Worker crushed by equipment support leg.
6/19/1997 1997NE006 NE Lineman struck by falling power pole.
5/6/1997 1996NE043 NE Crane tips over on barge.
2/3/1997 1996NE045 NE Worker falls from tipping forklift.
1/7/1997 1996NE051 NE Forklift overturn.
10/21/1996 1996NE035 NE Maintenance mechanic crushed in machinery.
6/6/1996 1996NE006 NE Worker crushed in forklift overturn.
5/23/1996 1996NE004 NE Fall from overhead crane.
3/22/1996 1996NE005 NE Hydrogen sulfide poisoning kills two.
1/12/1996 1995NE031 NE Laborer struck by steel pipe.
11/2/1995 1995NE024 NE Hydraulic hammer rollover crushes operator.
9/25/1995 1995NE025 NE Construction worker crushed under skid steer loader bucket.
8/16/1995 1995NE034 NE Skid steer operator crushed by lift arm.
8/14/1995 1995NE040 NE Worker buried in trench cave in.
8/6/1995 1995NE012 NE Iron production worker crushed in machinery.
6/28/1995 1995NE016 NE Pressman falls from printing press.
5/25/1995 1995NE017 NE Worker falls 33 feet while constructing elevator shaft.
4/17/1995 1995NE013 NE Worker crushed between forklift and flatbed trailer.
3/2/1995 1995NE010 NE Roofer falls 20 feet to his death.
2/27/1995 1995NE009 NE Driver crushed between semi tractor and trailer.
2/22/1995 1994NE039 NE Commercial garage door falls, fatally crushing worker.
1/4/1995 1994NE059 NE Asphalt roller crushes flagman.
11/4/1994 1994NE012 NE Construction worker dies after 25 foot fall from I-beams.

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