Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Wisconsin
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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11/1/2006 2005WI059 WI Machine operator dies when struck by flying wood chipper guard.
9/6/2006 2005WI049 WI Car carrier truck driver dies when crushed by ramp of car carrier.
9/6/2006 2005WI054 WI Maintenance worker dies after pinned between overhead bridge crane and roof truss.
8/24/2006 2004WI093 WI Snow plow driver dies when caught in auger of salt spreader.
8/24/2006 2005WI001 WI Hispanic butcher dies after being struck by semi-trailer gate.
2/1/2006 2004WI003 WI Laborer dies when crushed between forklift cage and mast.
1/26/2006 2003WI048 WI Hispanic laborer dies after falling through roof of old building.
1/25/2006 2003WI059 WI Dairy farmer dies 15 days after all-terrain vehicle rolled over him.
9/25/2005 2003WI033 WI Youth dies in tractor rollover attempting to pull trailer out of mud.
9/17/2005 2004WI067 WI Farmer dies when he is pinned under his tractor that rolled over on an incline.
6/9/2005 2004WI019 WI Farmer dies when tractor rolls over on sloped terrain.
9/15/2004 2003WI080 WI Farmer dies when skid steer loader rolls over him after it plunged over edge of bluff.
9/8/2004 2003WI001 WI Farmer fell into auger of manure spreader while scraping the tank.
9/3/2004 2003WI050 WI Farmer dies when pinned between frame and bucket of a skid steer loader.
9/2/2004 2003WI092 WI Farm worker dies when he falls from tractor seat.
8/10/2004 2003WI097 WI Amish carpenter dies after falling from scaffold.
6/4/2004 2003WI020 WI Youth newspaper carrier dies after being struck by an automobile while delivering newspapers on a bicycle.
2/11/2004 2002WI058 WI Youth killed in tractor roll-over while moving large hay bales.
2/1/2004 2003WI042 WI Hispanic painter dies after falling from a new house roof.
12/16/2003 2002WI075 WI Farmer killed when kicked by horse.
12/13/2003 2002WI054 WI Farmer dies when pinned between arm and frame of a skid steer loader.
8/25/2003 2003WI003 WI Laborer dies after being struck by detached excavator bucket.
12/6/2002 2002WI011 WI Hispanic laborers drowned in pond on golf course.
8/11/2002 2001WI019 WI Farmer dies when skidsteer loader overturns.
3/1/2002 2001WI011 WI Snowmobile mechanic dies when he is ejected from snowmobile operator's seat and strikes a tree.
2/21/2002 2001WI002 WI Youth reserve recruit killed in automobile collision while traveling on duty.
3/18/2001 2000WI048 WI Youth newspaper delivery person killed when he fell out of the open door of a minivan and was run over.
3/6/2001 2000WI106 WI Youth newspaper delivery assistant dies in motor vehicle collision.
3/3/2001 2000WI080 WI Youth camp counselor dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.
2/3/2001 2000WI074 WI Construction laborer killed when run over by dump truck in highway work zone - Wisconsin.
2/1/2001 2000WI037 WI Farmer dies when he is pinned between bucket and frame of a skid-steer loader.
1/17/2001 2000WI039 WI Beef farmer pinned under overturned all-terrain vehicle in Wisconsin.
1/13/2001 2000WI113 WI Farmer dies when he is pinned under drawbar while fueling tractor.
11/3/2000 1999WI075 WI Lineman at hydroelectric utility was asphyxiated when the safety rope attached to his harness became entangled in a revolving turbine shaft.
11/3/2000 1999WI079 WI Farmer thrown from tractor and run over by hay baler in Wisconsin.
11/3/2000 2000WI025 WI Youth farm worker pinned under overturned horse-drawn manure sled.
11/2/2000 1999WI076 WI Florist pinned between bucket of an industrial truck and semi trailer in Wisconsin.
9/9/2000 1999WI055 WI Farmer dies after tractor overturns and pins him beneath tractor seat in Wisconsin.
9/1/2000 2000WI012 WI Youth restaurant cashier shot to death during attempted robbery.
4/12/2000 1999WI072 WI Part-time logger pinned by tractor wheel after being knocked from operator's seat by falling tree.
3/22/2000 1999WI041 WI Heavy equipment operator pinned after bulldozer slides off flatbed trailer.
3/10/2000 1999WI012 WI Farmer dies after he was entangled in the driveline shaft of a manure spreader.
2/18/2000 1999WI038 WI Farm worker dies after tractor overturns.
1/26/2000 1999WI030 WI Farmer dies after being pinned under overturned tractor in Wisconsin.
1/23/2000 1999WI037 WI Farm worker dies after being struck by a flywheel of a haybaler.
9/24/1999 1999WI002 WI Laborer dies from fall through skylight while shoveling snow on roof.
8/16/1999 1999WI004 WI Supervisor at plastics company crushed in injection molding machine.
7/13/1999 1998WI065 WI Farmer dies after he is run over by tractor in machine shed.
6/17/1999 1997WI097 WI Utilities worker dies after being pinned in a pulpwood belt conveyor at a paper company.
6/17/1999 1997WI110 WI Logger dies after a log skidder rolled downhill and struck him as he was felling a tree.
6/15/1999 1998WI074 WI Youth worker dies after being pinned under tractor at a food processing plant.
12/6/1998 1998WI042 WI Construction laborer dies after being jolted from a tractor seat and pinned under the tractor tire in Wisconsin.
9/3/1998 1997WI112 WI Farmer dies after being pinned between the bucket and frame of a skid steer loader.
11/6/1997 1997WI010 WI Fire fighter dies of asphyxiation after falling through the burning roof of his home in Wisconsin.
11/29/1996 1995WI096 WI Farmer dies from being entangled in unguarded PTO unit on hay elevator.
11/29/1996 1995WI102 WI Farmer dies after becoming entangled in unguarded PTO unit on corn sheller in Wisconsin.
11/29/1996 1995WI108 WI Farmer dies after becoming entangled in unguarded driveline on a corn auger in Wisconsin.
7/24/1996 1995WI097 WI Tractor runs over farmer after he dismounts to repair jammed hay baler.
5/2/1996 1995WI043 WI Farm worker dies after tractor rolls and she is pinned under the tractor tire.
4/2/1996 1995WI082 WI Farmer dies after he is run over by tractor in farm field in Wisconsin.
3/30/1996 1995WI073 WI Farmer dies after he is run over by tractor in farmyard in Wisconsin.
2/28/1996 1995WI024 WI Machinist fatally injured from being pinned in vertical lathe.
2/26/1996 1995WI062 WI Office assistant at sod farm dies when forklift slides into ditch and she is pinned in.
2/24/1996 1995WI063 WI Farmer dies of fall from hay wagon in Wisconsin.
1/16/1996 1995WI055 WI Machinist is pinned between parts of metal materials handling equipment.
1/13/1996 1995WI034 WI Crew leader crushed when forklift load carrier falls from forklift.
1/11/1996 1995WI049 WI Part-time farmer dies when tractor rolls over on hillside and pins him underneath.
10/20/1995 1995WI003 WI Farmer dies of entanglement in corn picker/husker.
10/11/1995 1994WI373 WI Maintenance machinist trainee entangled in revolving shaft of vertical boring mill.
10/10/1995 1995WI008 WI Farmer entangled in rotating driveline shaft of portable feed grinder/mixer.
7/30/1995 1994WI355 WI Front-end loader operator dies when loader falls 40 feet onto quarry floor.
6/16/1995 1994WI344 WI Construction laborer falls 26 feet from leading edge of roof.
6/7/1995 1994WI340 WI Plaster laborer dies after falling from a scaffold.
1/18/1995 1994WI305 WI Farm worker electrocuted when aluminum grain tube contacts overhead power line.
10/25/1994 1994WI284 WI Carpenter dies following a fall from ladder scaffolding.
10/18/1994 1993WI254 WI Electrician apprentice dies following a 55-foot fall from a roof.
8/9/1994 1993WI232 WI Farmer asphyxiated after entering sealed silo.
8/7/1994 1993WI240 WI Farm worker dies after fall from silo chute ladder.
5/3/1994 1993WI222 WI Mason dies following three-story fall from improvised scaffolding.
5/3/1994 1993WI226 WI Parachute jump instructor and jump student die from fall after chute lines became entangled during tandem jump from plane.
4/20/1994 1993WI221 WI Farmer dies of asphyxiation in grain bin.
4/18/1994 1993WI239 WI Laborer dies following a 13-foot fall from a porch-roof.
3/25/1994 1993WI197 WI Logger dies after fall from skidder to tree stump.
3/24/1994 1993WI233 WI Coating machine operator electrocuted while assisting electrician with circuit breaker wiring.
3/19/1994 1992WI089 WI A 29 year old truck driver/delivery man was electrocuted when the aluminum pole brush he was holding came in contact with a 14,000 volt overhead transmission line.
2/12/1994 1993WI214 WI Electrician electrocuted after contacting an energized electric hand drill.
12/8/1993 1993WI144 WI Farmer dies following fall down silo chute and after striking a motor and a pulley.
12/7/1993 1993WI143 WI Farmer's helper dies of asphyxiation in grain bin.
11/20/1993 1993WI181 WI Owner of an auto dealership dies of carbon monoxide poisoning while doing car repairs in an unventilated garage.
9/17/1993 1992WI102 WI Farmer killed after fall from and run over by a moving windrower.
8/19/1993 1992WI110 WI 19 Year old International Future Farmers of America exchange student dies after crushing injuries following fall from tractor.
7/21/1993 1992WI095 WI Farmer dies when hay elevator he and 2 other men were moving came into contact with a high power transmission line.
7/14/1993 1992WI104 WI 22 Year old female firefighter trainee dies at the training academy after a 28 foot fall from a cat ladder during her second day of training.
7/13/1993 1992WI106 WI Welder was electrocuted while attempting to connect two power cords.
7/7/1993 1992WI050 WI Farmer dies 2 months following a 10 foot fall from a hay wagon.
6/11/1993 1992WI119 WI Two carpenters died of carbon monoxide poisoning secondary to running a gas powered engine in a confined space (basement of a home).
2/12/1993 1992WI072 WI Service technician working for an electronic protection company dies after 20 foot fall from an aluminum ladder.
2/12/1993 1992WI075 WI Assistant machine operator was electrocuted when he handled a compressed air nozzle and screw driver near or in a power cord carrying 480 volts.
1/10/1993 1992WI061 WI Apartment manager dies after falling 30 feet from ladder.
1/1/1993 1992WI063 WI A 20 year old farmer dies after entering a silo recently filled with haylage.
12/25/1992 1992WI057 WI Crane operator electrocuted dies when the boom he was operating came in contact with 4800 volt high power transmission line.
9/24/1992 1991WI008 WI Construction foreman dies after falling 3 feet from a ladder to a concrete floor.
9/3/1992 1991WI013 WI General laborer at a feed mill dies after presumed fall followed by vehicle run over.
8/20/1992 1991WI007 WI Farmer fell off wagon tongue and was run over by corn-filled wagon.
8/10/1992 1992WI036 WI Road maintenance worker died 15 months after falling backwards off a dump truck onto pavement.
5/15/1992 1991WI014 WI Paper mill worker dies after falling 15.5 feet down a vertical conveyor.

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