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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Confined Space

The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in each report are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Report No. Incident State Title
2013NJ059 NJ Batch maker dies after toxic exposure to toluene vapor - New Jersey.
2012IA001 IA Farmer engulfed in soybeans while operating grain vacuum in steel bin.
2011CA008 CA Two laborers die from hydrogen sulfide exposure in a confined space at an organic waste recycling facility.
2010NY060 NY Department of public works worker and a volunteer firefighter died in a sewer manhole.
2008MI121 MI 59-Year-old male worker at a fruit storage facility died after entering a controlled atmosphere storage room.
2006MI188 MI Welder dies during welding repair inside of cargo tank compartment.
2006MI174 MI Hispanic laborer dies as a result of a trench collapse.
2006MI004 MI 29-year old male Hispanic landscape laborer dies when nine foot deep trench collapses.
2005OK076 OK A utility cleanup worker for a brick manufacturer suffocated in a storage silo.
2005NJ003 NJ Worker killed in a fall in a bakery fermentation tank.
2005MN040 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
2005MI084 MI Worker dies in trench collapse.
2005MI066 MI Quality control operator dies after falling into cherry processing brine tank.
2005IA042 IA Handyman plumber asphyxiated in entry into water service manhole vault.
2005IA024 IA Farmer and his employee died after collapse and attempted rescue in manure storage pit.
2005IA020 IA Farmer engulfed and suffocated in soybeans during unloading of steel grain bin.
2005CA002 CA A plumber died when the trench he was working in collapsed around him.
2004OR002 OR Mechanic dies from lack of oxygen in transport tank.
2004MI160 MI Carpenter dies when eight-foot trench wall collapses during sewer pipe replacement.
2003WA038 WA Two teen workers asphyxiate in an agricultural silo.
2003NY027 NY City engineer killed in landfill manhole when retrieving flow meter.
2003NE022 NE Farmer electrocuted exiting grain bin.
2003IA058 IA Hog farmer dies from asphyxiation after manure pit agitation.
2002NY012 NY Feed mill worker dies in grain bin.
2002NE044 NE Worker falls into mixing tank.
2002NE017 NE Farm supply store manager killed when engulfed by corn in grain bin.
2002MN040 MN Farm worker dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
2002IA061 IA Swine confinement worker dies from carbon monoxide poisoning.
2002IA031 IA Two sewer pipe relining workers killed by toxic sewer gas.
2001MI064 MI Restaurant maintenance worker wedged between sump pump pipe support bar and sump pump crock rim.
2001IA021 IA Two railroad repair workers asphyxiated in damaged tank car.
2001IA017 IA Farmer suffocates in grain bin while unloading corn.
2000WI080 WI Youth camp counselor dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.
2000MN036 MN Farm worker dies after being engulfed in wheat in semi-truck box in Minnesota.
1999NE028 NE Farm youth suffocated in corn bin.
1999NE016 NE Two feedlot workers suffocated in grain bin.
1998TX145 TX A pipe layer working in a trench for a general contractor in Texas, died when a trench wall gave way and he was fully engulfed in sand/dirt.
1998NJ047 NJ Worker suffocated when engulfed in a sand hopper.
1998MN055 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1998MA035 MA Temporary laborer dies in fish processing plant in Massachusetts.
1998IA043 IA Farm worker suffocates in flowing grain while clearing a blocked grain auger.
1998IA035 IA Farmer suffocates under grain while using a grain vacuum.
1997MA031 MA Construction laborer dies in trench cave-in at oil tank removal site in Massachusetts.
1996NE005 NE Hydrogen sulfide poisoning kills two.
1996MN086 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1996MN083 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn screenings inside a steel grain bin.
1996MN073 MN Construction worker dies after being buried in a trench that caved in.
1996MN059 MN Construction worker dies after being buried in a trench that caved in.
1996MN047 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1996MN023 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1996MN001 MN Two employees die after steam line they were repairing was re-energized.
1996IN123 IN Laborer falls 48 feet to his death while painting inside of empty storage silo.
1996CA007 CA Laborer dies in trench cave-in in California.
1995NE040 NE Worker buried in trench cave in.
1995MN045 MN Farm youth dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1995CA017 CA Laborer dies in trench cave-in in California.
1995CA014 CA Two oil field mechanics die in a pressure vessel rupture at an oil refinery in California.
1994WY004 WY Cave-in kills field service owner in Wyoming.
1994MN058 MN Farmer dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
1994MN057 MN Waste hauling service worker dies after he collapsed in an underground manure waste pit.
1994MN045 MN Farmer asphyxiated in manure waste pit.
1994MA010 MA Massachusetts concrete plant driver/yardman asphyxiated in materials hopper.
1994CO006 CO 17-year-old worker at a plastic products manufacturing plant died as a result of an overexposure to tetrachloroethylene (also known as perchloroethylene).
1994CA016 CA Three oil field workers died after inhaling carbon monoxide gas in an oil well cellar in California.
1994CA009 CA Warehouseman dies from asphyxiation in salt storage bin in California.
1994CA002 CA A crew leadman and a general foreman die from burns sustained in fire at sanitation plant in California.
1994AK012 AK Welder's helper asphyxiated in argon-inerted pipe - Alaska.
1993WI232 WI Farmer asphyxiated after entering sealed silo.
1993WI221 WI Farmer dies of asphyxiation in grain bin.
1993WI181 WI Owner of an auto dealership dies of carbon monoxide poisoning while doing car repairs in an unventilated garage.
1993WI143 WI Farmer's helper dies of asphyxiation in grain bin.
1993MN007 MN Grain elevator worker dies after becoming engulfed in soy beans.
1993MN001 MN Male maintenance worker buried and suffocated in sand hopper.
1993IA014 IA Iowa farm worker suffocates after becoming trapped in a storage bin filled with an unstable grain product.
1993CA009 CA Welder dies in explosion while working inside a tanker trailer in California.
1993AK011 AK Independent contractor dies in sewer line excavation engulfment - Alaska.
1992WY009 WY Contract worker re-installing sewer line in Wyoming.
1992WI119 WI Two carpenters died of carbon monoxide poisoning secondary to running a gas powered engine in a confined space (basement of a home).
1992WI063 WI A 20 year old farmer dies after entering a silo recently filled with haylage.
1992NJ020 NJ Police officer drowns after being overcome by hydrogen sulfide while attempting rescue of construction worker.
1992MO046 MO Two metal refinishers die when fumes ignite in elevator car.
1992MO037 MO Construction laborer dies from burns received when scalding hot water floods sewer.
1992MO033 MO Municipal water-line inspector dies after entering oxygen-deficient vault in Missouri.
1992MN025 MN Grain elevator owner's son dies after being engulfed in a corn bin.
1992MN001 MN A 35-year-old male died after falling into and suffocating in a corn bin containing approximately 40,000 bushels of corn.
1992MA018 MA Massachusetts water works specialty valve foreman dies in oxygen deficient valve chamber.
1992CA007 CA Laborer drowns in flooded pipeline after water main was ruptured by a backhoe in California.
1992CA001 CA Laborer dies after inhaling fumes and drowning in California.
1992AK036 AK Operator dies in oxygen-deficient compartment of ice-making barge - Alaska.
1991MA002 MA Custodian dies in a confined space in a hospital laundry.
1991CO074 CO Sanitation worker dies when rescuing co-worker from underground sewer vault.
1991AK013 AK Assistant manager at ice rink asphyxiated by an oxygen-deficient atmosphere - Alaska.
1990NJ014 NJ Laborer electrocuted while working at bottom of dry well at sewer pumping station.
1990CO063 CO Carbon monoxide kills 65 year-old rancher in Colorado.
1989CO029 CO Mechanic in a construction firm died after becoming entrapped in a roofing tar tank truck.

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