Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Electrocution
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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12/12/2023 2023KY005 KY Roofer in boom lift electrocuted by overhead electrical line - Kentucky.
10/30/2020 2018OR040 OR Newly hired lighting technician electrocuted while working night shift.
1/16/2019 2018KY054 KY Teen roofer electrocuted when ladder contacts high voltage power line.
11/12/2018 2018KY024 KY Dump truck operator electrocuted after truck bed contacts high voltage line.
9/5/2018 2018CA001 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted while trimming a palm tree.
6/21/2018 2016MI104 MI Concrete finisher electrocuted when bull float contacted an energized power line.
9/26/2017 2012NY018 NY Mechanic electrocuted when a mobile light tower contacted powerline.
5/24/2017 2016KY013 KY Tree trimmer electrocuted and dies while trimming tree away from power liness - Kentucky.
12/1/2016 2016CA003 CA Two tree trimmers die when they are electrocuted while pollinating date palm trees.
11/14/2016 2012WA045 WA Forest crew worker electrocuted while trying to cut tree fallen on high-voltage power line.
2/5/2016 2013NJ074 NJ Tree-care worker electrocuted while trimming branch near power line.
4/21/2015 2010WA031 WA Two propane gas supplier workers electrocuted when boom truck crane's boom contacts 7,200 volt overhead power line.
2/11/2015 2013KY010 KY Two masons electrocuted after contact with an overhead power line, Kentucky.
2/2/2015 2014KY049 KY Firefighter is electrocuted after contacting overhead power line, Kentucky.
1/12/2015 2013MA019 MA Landscaper working from a raised portable work platform was electrocuted when a pole saw contacts overhead power line - Massachusetts.
12/5/2014 2008IA074 IA Farm worker electrocuted while pressure-washing interior of swine barn.
10/17/2014 2014KY031 KY Factory manager bypasses lockout/tag-out and is electrocuted.
12/17/2012 2010MI069 MI Hispanic male farm laborer electrocuted in potato field.
3/30/2012 2011CA003 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted when a tree branch falls onto energized electric power lines.
12/19/2011 2011MA1NF MA Two 11th grade students shocked in separate incidents in the same electrical technology vocational school program - Massachusetts.
9/8/2011 2008KY065 KY Out-of-state electrician electrocuted while restoring service at a personal residence.
7/18/2011 2010MA019 MA Immigrant roofer electrocuted when an aluminum ladder platform hoist contacted overhead power line - Massachusetts.
7/31/2009 2008MI037 MI Lineman electrocuted when he contacted 7,200-volt power line.
1/27/2009 2008CA006 CA Laborer dies when he falls 35 feet from a scaffold after being electrocuted - California.
1/13/2009 2008MI005 MI Roll-off container truck driver electrocuted when raised tilt frame contacted overhead line.
12/23/2008 2006MA043 MA Apprentice electrician electrocuted while wiring an elevator disconnect switch - Massachusetts.
7/31/2008 2004WA080 WA Maintenance worker electrocuted while attempting to change a light bulb in Washington State.
8/31/2007 2006CA007 CA An electrician was electrocuted while repairing a lighting circuit.
8/31/2007 2006CA008 CA A hotel maintenance worker died from injuries received from an electrical flash.
7/11/2007 2006MI185 MI Truck driver electrocuted when raised long-bed dump trailer contacted 4,800-volt overhead power line.
2/16/2007 2005MI065 MI Hispanic brick mason electrocuted when rerod contacts powerline.
2/9/2006 2003OR021 OR Worker killed in wood-dust fire sparked by faulty fuse.
1/25/2006 2004OR005 OR Machine operator electrocuted while shoveling pellets.
10/4/2005 2004NJ059 NJ Hispanic factory worker dies of burns after improperly testing a 480-volt electrical bus bar.
11/24/2004 2003MI193 MI Farmer died when electrocuted while welding feed bunker wagon.
11/20/2004 2004CA004 CA Two heavy equipment mechanics electrocuted while working on a large earth moving piece of construction equipment called a scraper.
10/22/2004 2003KY115 KY Licensed electrician dies when electrocuted by 480 volts.
8/8/2004 2003IA055 IA Construction worker electrocuted when boom forklift contacted power lines.
5/27/2004 2004NE002 NE Worker electrocuted in bucket truck.
2/12/2004 2003MI079 MI Department of Public Works employee electrocuted attempting to read a water meter located behind an apartment boiler.
12/30/2003 2003NE027 NE Irrigation system serviceman electrocuted.
12/6/2003 2002MI208 MI Laborer electrocuted when antenna on top of steel pole building contacts 14400-volt energized line.
11/17/2003 2003NE022 NE Farmer electrocuted exiting grain bin.
4/22/2003 2002MI119 MI Inside wireman electrician electrocuted working on exterior light pole.
5/17/2002 2001AK018 AK Construction materials technician electrocuted after contacting power line at quarry.
11/14/2000 2000AK011 AK Lineman killed after contacting charged switch.
7/12/2000 1999AK019 AK Driller's helper electrocuted when mast of drill rig contacted overhead power lines.
1/24/2000 1999AK011 AK Laborer/rigger electrocuted during an aerial lift of equipment.
11/29/1999 1999MN039 MN Farm worker electrocuted while repairing bale conveyor electrical cord.
7/26/1999 1998MO101 MO Journeyman lineman electrocuted following contact with energized lightning arrestor.
7/1/1999 1994MD022 MD Master electrician electrocuted while installing fluorescent lighting at a commercial establishment - Maryland.
7/1/1999 1994MD038 MD Appliance repair person was electrocuted in a repair shop while diagnosing the problem with a microwave oven - Maryland.
11/1/1998 1998MD019 MD A siding mechanic falls from a ladder after he contacted a power line.
10/30/1998 1998MO042 MO Cable television installer electrocuted when cable wire contacts 7,200-volt powerline.
10/16/1998 1998NE025 NE Three fiber optic cable installers killed by contact with power line.
8/21/1998 1998NJ025 NJ Sign company owner and helper electrocuted when a sign post contacts an overhead power line.
7/27/1997 1997NE030 NE Lineman electrocuted on tower.
6/19/1997 1997NE006 NE Lineman struck by falling power pole.
2/6/1997 1997IN117 IN A 29-year-old furnace technician (the victim) dies trying to put out a trailer fire.
1/23/1997 1996MO059 MO Wireless cable TV service installer electrocuted by overhead power line.
1/6/1997 1996CA014 CA Plumber is electrocuted when he contacts the frayed wires of his work light in California.
12/15/1996 1996CO029 CO 24-year-old farm laborer dies when the aluminum irrigation pipe he is handling contacts a high voltage line.
11/25/1996 1996NJ042 NJ Electrical testing laboratory technician killed after contacting 26,000 volts and falling from a ladder.
10/21/1996 1996CA006 CA Two well drillers electrocuted when their truck-mounted boom contacts overhead power lines in California.
10/2/1996 1996CA002 CA Student worker (laborer) is electrocuted when street light standard makes electrical contact in California.
8/23/1996 1996MN056 MN Worker electrocuted after touching dump truck that contacted overhead power line.
8/7/1996 1996NJ010 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line.
3/18/1996 1995NJ080 NJ Electrical helper electrocuted after contacting 460 volts while servicing an overhead light fixture.
3/1/1996 1995CO054 CO A car wash employee is electrocuted while working on equipment.
11/20/1995 1995NJ061 NJ Municipal utility worker electrocuted when a backhoe strikes an underground electrical transmission line.
11/20/1995 1995NJ070 NJ High school maintenance worker electrocuted after contacting a 277 volt electrical cable.
10/27/1995 1995MN042 MN Building renovation contractor electrocuted when scaffold contacted 8,000 volt overhead power line.
10/17/1995 1994MA068 MA Massachusetts public utility electrician electrocuted during routine operations and maintenance.
10/16/1995 1995MN040 MN Farmer electrocuted while working on a bale conveyor.
8/31/1995 1995MN033 MN Business manager electrocuted while removing flagpole located near 7,200 volt overhead power line.
6/8/1995 1994NJ114 NJ Groundman electrocuted during installation of pole mounted transformer.
4/10/1995 1994CA006 CA Traction power inspector dies after being electrocuted while doing routine maintenance at a traction power substation in California.
2/22/1995 1994NE039 NE Commercial garage door falls, fatally crushing worker.
2/1/1995 1994NJ090 NJ Lifeguard electrocuted after contacting an energized pump motor housing.
2/1/1995 1994CO040 CO Two workers were injured (one died and one was hospitalized with burns) when the truck-mounted conveyor they were using was raised and contacted a 7,620-volt overhead power line.
1/19/1995 1994CO035 CO A 35-year-old painter was electrocuted when the aluminum ladder he was moving contacted a 7,620-volt power line.
1/18/1995 1994WI305 WI Farm worker electrocuted when aluminum grain tube contacts overhead power line.
1/4/1995 1994MO127 MO Apprentice lineman electrocuted on pad-mounted underground transformer.
12/17/1994 1994MO110 MO Service technician electrocuted while repairing air conditioning unit.
12/6/1994 1994MO096 MO Roofing materials deliveryman electrocuted when truck-mounted boom conveyer contacts overhead power line.
11/30/1994 1994NJ066 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted while trimming a tree.
11/7/1994 1994CA001 CA Two equipment operators electrocuted when irrigation pipe made contact with an overhead electrical line in California.
10/3/1994 1994NJ072 NJ Apprentice lineman dies after making contact with a high voltage transmission line through a wooden utility pole.
9/26/1994 1993NJ126 NJ Sheet metal worker electrocuted after contacting 277 volts while replacing an overhead light fixture.
9/1/1994 1994CA004 CA Coil tester electrocuted while testing insulation on a conduit coil in California.
7/25/1994 1994CO003 CO Foreman on electrical line crew is electrocuted when an energized line contacts a guy wire.
6/24/1994 1994IN061 IN Laborer electrocuted while felling trees on private property.
6/22/1994 1993NJ063 NJ Construction laborer electrocuted at school renovation site.
5/17/1994 1994IN046 IN Laborer electrocuted while attempting to change a fuse in a fuse box providing power to a fertilizer mixer/loader.
4/29/1994 1994MN012 MN Delivery truck driver electrocuted after truck-mounted boom contacts 40,000-volt overhead power line.
4/26/1994 1994MA003 MA Massachusetts arborist electrocuted on contact with 13,800 volt public utility powerline.
4/22/1994 1993MN079 MN Construction laborer electrocuted after accessing primary side of transformer box.
4/18/1994 1993MA009 MA Self-employed Massachusetts electrician dies during electrical connection of equipment.
4/9/1994 1993NJ089 NJ Drill operator electrocuted after contacting a 7,200 volt overhead power line while raising a drill rig boom.
4/5/1994 1993CA006 CA Tree trimmer electrocuted by high voltage line in California.
4/5/1994 1993CA008 CA Maintenance worker electrocuted while at work on top of a water tank in California.
3/24/1994 1993WI233 WI Coating machine operator electrocuted while assisting electrician with circuit breaker wiring.
3/19/1994 1992WI089 WI A 29 year old truck driver/delivery man was electrocuted when the aluminum pole brush he was holding came in contact with a 14,000 volt overhead transmission line.
3/2/1994 1993MN011 MN Electrician electrocuted after contacting energized equipment.
2/12/1994 1993WI214 WI Electrician electrocuted after contacting an energized electric hand drill.
2/3/1994 1993MA003 MA Massachusetts carpentry foreman dies when metal ladder contacts overhead public utility powerline.
1/6/1994 1993MN062 MN Heavy construction equipment mechanic dies from electrocution.
12/1/1993 1993NJ069 NJ Roofer dies after falling 30 feet from a ladder when an aluminum pole contacts an overhead power line.
11/18/1993 1993IN080 IN Laborer dies of complications after receiving severe electrical shock installing a TV tower.
11/15/1993 1992CA016 CA Facilities journeyman electrician electrocuted while doing electrical maintenance work in California.
11/15/1993 1993NJ019 NJ Chief lineman electrocuted after contacting 4,200 volts while repairing a downed power line.
11/4/1993 1993MN010 MN Electrician dies from electrocution.
10/19/1993 1993IA015 IA Lineman electrocuted after contacting 7,200 volt transmission line while installing new pole.
9/17/1993 1992MA017 MA Self-employed Massachusetts real estate developer/builder electrocuted by construction site generator.
7/21/1993 1992WI095 WI Farmer dies when hay elevator he and 2 other men were moving came into contact with a high power transmission line.
7/13/1993 1992MA001 MA Massachusetts public utility lineman dies of thermal burns when aerial lift hydraulic hoses ruptured and ignited.
7/13/1993 1992WI106 WI Welder was electrocuted while attempting to connect two power cords.
6/24/1993 1993NJ026 NJ One firefighter electrocuted and one seriously injured when an aluminum extension ladder contacts a 7,600 volt overhead power line.
4/15/1993 1992CA002 CA Electrical engineer dies after receiving burns from an electrical panel in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA003 CA Plumber electrocuted while working in a crawlspace in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA005 CA Insulation plant operator electrocuted while changing an electrode in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA006 CA Construction laborer electrocuted by energized crane in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA008 CA Roofer electrocuted after falling on power lines in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA011 CA Maintenance laborer electrocuted during renovation of an office building in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA013 CA Pipefitter electrocuted when closing metal gates at construction site in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA014 CA Electrician was electrocuted while doing repair work on a restaurant freezer in California.
2/21/1993 1992NJ019 NJ Worker electrocuted while servicing an energized air conditioning unit.
2/13/1993 1992MO028 MO Production worker dies following contact with 220 volts of electricity in Missouri.
2/12/1993 1992WI075 WI Assistant machine operator was electrocuted when he handled a compressed air nozzle and screw driver near or in a power cord carrying 480 volts.
2/10/1993 1992NJ026 NJ Lineman electrocuted after falling against exposed conductors in a ground level transformer box.
12/26/1992 1992MO012 MO Line foreman electrocuted while performing routine maintenance at a transformer station in Missouri.
12/25/1992 1992WI057 WI Crane operator electrocuted dies when the boom he was operating came in contact with 4800 volt high power transmission line.
12/10/1992 1992NJ029 NJ Construction worker electrocuted when crane cable contacts an overhead power line.
12/1/1992 1992CO039 CO Maintenance electrician dies from burns received when electrical panel is shorted.
11/25/1992 1992MN011 MN Resident caretaker dies from electrocution.
10/29/1992 1992MN004 MN Turkey farmer dies from electrocution.
10/2/1992 1992NJ007 NJ Electrician electrocuted after contacting 277 volts while installing an overhead light fixture.
10/2/1992 1992NJ011 NJ Utility company work leader electrocuted while replacing a lightning arrester on a utility pole.
9/16/1992 1992AK012 AK Powerline worker electrocuted while performing maintenance on overhead powerline - Alaska.
9/15/1992 1992MN012 MN Tree trimming/removal worker electrocuted after making indirect contact with a 8000 volt overhead power line.
9/1/1992 1992MN006 MN Plumber/construction worker electrocuted by indirect contact with 220V conductor.
8/25/1992 1992MA010 MA Elevator service/repair helper electrocuted in Massachusetts.
5/27/1992 1992MN002 MN Lineman electrocuted by contacting energized 4160-volt power line.
5/4/1992 1992MA003 MA Self-employed carpentry specialist electrocuted when he contacted energized public utility powerline in Massachusetts.
3/12/1992 1991NJ016 NJ Lineman electrocuted after contacting 7,200 volts while re-routing power lines on a utility pole.
3/10/1992 1991NJ020 NJ Tree trimmer dies after contacting energized powerlines.
3/2/1992 1991NJ013 NJ Painter is electrocuted while power-washing a bridge.
1/7/1992 1991NJ017 NJ Carpenter dies after falling 22 feet from a ladder when aluminum siding section contacts an overhead power line.
10/25/1991 1991NJ010 NJ Maintenance worker electrocuted after contacting 120 volts while testing an electric motor.
10/25/1991 1991NJ012 NJ Drill operator and mechanic electrocuted after contacting a 7,200 volt overhead power line with a drill rig boom.
10/25/1991 1991NJ009 NJ Electrician's helper electrocuted after contacting 480 volt bus wires for an overhead crane.
10/11/1991 1990NJ014 NJ Laborer electrocuted while working at bottom of dry well at sewer pumping station.
9/16/1991 1991CO084 CO Truck driver electrocuted when the discharge chute of a hay grinder contacts 7200 volt power line.
7/23/1991 1991NJ003 NJ Power substation worker falls 12 feet to his death after contacting a 26,000 volt power line.
7/23/1991 1991NJ006 NJ Factory worker electrocuted after contacting 480 volts while attempting to reset a relay in an electrical cabinet.
7/23/1991 1991MA007 MA Employee electrocuted while dismantling a metal edged box resting on a flexible electrical cord.
6/28/1991 1991NJ004 NJ Electronics technician is electrocuted while servicing a microwave oven.
2/24/1991 1990NJ013 NJ Insulation installer dies when his aluminum ladder makes contact with overhead power line.
2/9/1991 1990CO042 CO Dairy farmer electrocuted when the grain auger he was relocating contacts 7200 volt power line in Colorado.
12/11/1990 1990NJ015 NJ Apprentice lineman dies after making contact with the secondary power lines on a utility pole.
11/14/1990 1990CO029 CO Wheat farm employee electrocuted when the aluminum irrigation pipe contacted a 7200 volt power line.
11/2/1990 1990NJ006 NJ Electrician dies working on energized electrical circuit in New Jersey.

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