Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Machine Manufacturing
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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3/24/2023 2022CA001 CA Forklift operator dies after falling into a recycling baler - California.
8/10/2022 2019NY038 NY Mechanic service technician fatally struck by order picker carriage - New York.
10/7/2021 2016NY064 NY Machine operator fatally struck by safety block ejected from mechanical power press.
12/7/2020 2020OR010 OR Forklift operator crushed by full pallet of soft drink cans.
6/24/2019 2018CA003 CA An 18-year-old laborer dies when pulled into a clay moulding machine (pug mill).
6/1/2019 2017OR022 OR Maintenance mechanic crushed working inside of a vertical storage machine.
2/28/2017 2015KY063 KY Semi-truck owner-operator crushed by 7.6 ton steel coil while securing load to flatbed trailer.
12/1/2016 2016CA002 CA A foreman dies when he is crushed in a hay baling machine.
5/31/2016 2015KY031 KY 19-year-old construction laborer crushed in trench collapse while laying sewage pipe.
2/15/2016 2015KY011 KY Maintenance technician is struck by crane, falls 10 feet to conveyor and dies.
12/15/2015 2015KY019 KY Apprentice distiller fatally burned by overpressurized pot still.
8/25/2015 2014MI034 MI Lathe operator died when his shirt was entangled on a 1 7/8-inch piece of 1-inch diameter bar stock.
12/1/2014 2013OR008 OR Contract sanitation worker killed cleaning meat blending equipment.
10/17/2014 2014KY031 KY Factory manager bypasses lockout/tag-out and is electrocuted.
9/15/2014 2013CA004 CA An electrician dies when he is crushed between a traveling hoist and a plating tank.
8/6/2014 2014KY012 KY Hispanic laborer is crushed by gantry roller press while retrieving a dropped hammer.
4/30/2014 2012CA012 CA A machine operator in a food processing plant dies when trapped inside a steam pressure cooker.
1/30/2014 2011MA050 MA Temporary worker died while cleaning a double auger screw conveyor machine - Massachusetts.
10/30/2013 2012MA007 MA Electrician electrocuted while troubleshooting envelope manufacturing machine - Massachusetts.
7/15/2012 2010WA001 WA Machinist dies after being struck by rotating steel bar stock in lathe in Washington State.
4/1/2012 2012OR018 OR Experienced journeyman machinist killed while operating an engine lathe.
6/30/2010 2008WA049 WA Assembler/fabricator dies when struck by "L" rack loaded with glass mirrors in Washington State.
6/1/2010 2008MA019 MA Forklift operator crushed between forklift cage and mast while loading waste paper into a trailer - Massachusetts.
2/10/2010 2009CA006 CA Print machine operator is strangled when his shirt is caught on a rotating knob.
1/28/2010 2008MI062 MI Machinist dies when he came into contact with a rotating vertical cutting head of a gantry mill.
6/3/2009 2008MI010 MI Manufacturing traffic supervisor dies when struck by forklift.
5/19/2009 2008MI003 MI Steel mill supervisor pulled from catwalk by contact with belt conveyor.
4/6/2009 2007CA011 CA Machine operator dies when a molding press machine closes on him.
5/26/2008 2005MA035 MA A machine operator dies after becoming caught in a computer numerical controlled vertical milling machine - Massachusetts.
4/2/2008 2006OR044 OR Young warehouse worker killed by backing forklift.
10/4/2007 2006OR026 OR Machine operator dies after head crushed in machine.
8/30/2007 2006CA006 CA A machine operator died when caught in the threads being wound onto the take-up spool of a warping machine.
8/30/2007 2006CA005 CA A Hispanic machine operator died when struck in the abdomen by a piece of acrylic being milled on a vertical milling machine.
8/28/2007 2004MA006 MA Worker killed when caught inside a palletizer hoist area - Massachusetts.
5/17/2007 2006MI007 MI Forklift driver pinned under an overturned forklift dies.
2/23/2007 2004MA002 MA Assistant supervisor dies while releasing a jammed product from a plastic injection molding machine - Massachusetts.
11/18/2006 2006CA001 CA A Hispanic laborer operating an overhead crane died when he was crushed between two steel frames when the rigging failed.
11/17/2006 2006CA002 CA A machine operator's helper died when caught in a slitting machine.
9/27/2006 2005MA059 MA Worker killed when crushed by multiple granite slabs - Massachusetts.
3/23/2006 2005OR005 OR Operator crushed while repairing running machine.
3/23/2006 2004OR015 OR Fabricator killed by ruptured hydraulic press fitting.
2/22/2006 2005NJ003 NJ Worker killed in a fall in a bakery fermentation tank.
2/21/2006 2005KY015 KY Worker crushed to death by falling steel coil.
2/9/2006 2003OR021 OR Worker killed in wood-dust fire sparked by faulty fuse.
2/2/2006 2005CA003 CA A helper on a steel-slitting machine died when caught in between some sheet metal and the rewind cylinder.
2/1/2006 2005CA006 CA A supervisor dies when crushed by a machine that manufactures concrete blocks.
1/25/2006 2004OR005 OR Machine operator electrocuted while shoveling pellets.
1/5/2006 2005OR008 OR Mechanic killed while inspecting masonry stacker machine.
12/7/2005 2005OK005 OK A press brake operator died when he was struck by a steel lug.
9/19/2005 2004NJ074 NJ Maintenance supervisor crushed under a falling gantry crane.
8/23/2005 2004MI180 MI Mill hand dies when drill was thrown from shattered hardened steel tool extension and strikes him in chest.
7/13/2005 2004CA011 CA A machine operator died when he was caught between a conveyor belt and tension roller underneath an industrial machine.
6/10/2005 2004IA036 IA Metalworking shop owner crushed between skid steer and forklift attachment.
6/7/2005 2005OK024 OK A temporary production worker died when he was caught in a tread scrap machine.
12/27/2004 2000WA012 WA Temporary worker killed when caught in machinery at a bottling pant in Washington State.
12/1/2004 2003KY124 KY Metal fabrication shop owner dies when crushed by falling steel plate.
11/19/2004 2004NY024 NY Machinist crushed by a steel spool while working on a hydraulic lift table.
9/24/2004 2004CA001 CA A machine operator dies when crushed inside a knitting machine.
9/23/2004 2004CA002 CA A saw operator dies when struck by an aluminum plate that fell from a vacuum crane.
9/23/2004 2003MN039 MN Paper mill maintenance employee dies after being pinned by the arm of a control mechanism in a roll wrap machine.
7/6/2004 2002MA016 MA Temporary Hispanic laborer dies after being struck by a turning devices at a concrete product manufacturing facility - Massachusetts.
11/24/2003 2002NY026 NY Machine operator dies of crushing injuries when caught by a bridle roller on a hot tin coating line.
11/8/2003 2003CA006 CA A machine operator died when crushed in a plastic injection molding machine.
11/1/2003 2003CA004 CA A machine operator died when caught in a plastic injection molding machine.
10/31/2003 2002CA009 CA A machine operator died when his glove caught in a wire drawing machine.
7/27/2003 2003CA001 CA A machine operator died when crushed in an automatic feed system of a cardboard box waxing machine.
7/8/2003 2002NY096 NY Worker fatally injured by steel blade while cleaning a dough machine.
3/12/2003 2002NY055 NY Contractor dies in tractor overturn while skidding logs.
2/5/2003 2002NE044 NE Worker falls into mixing tank.
10/10/2002 2002CA004 CA A welder dies after being crushed by a hydraulic door on a scrap metal shredding machine.
9/1/2002 2000IA048 IA Worker crushed in rubber tire assembly machine.
8/27/2002 2001NE006 NE Maintenance worker crushed between forklift and truck.
12/13/2001 2001CA007 CA Machine operator crushed between the plates of an injection mold while performing maintenance.
9/27/2001 2001NJ019 NJ Machine operator killed while trying to repair a conveyor belt.
9/26/2001 2001NJ027 NJ Warehouseman crushed between two rolls of coiled steel.
9/20/2001 2000NJ040 NJ Machine assembler crushed between machine sections during assembly.
8/5/2001 2001MI002 MI Mold setter's head struck by a cycling single-side gantry robot.
3/21/2001 2000CA009 CA A maintenance repairman dies when struck by a piece of metal in the chest.
3/19/2001 2000CA008 CA A punch press operator dies when struck by a piece of metal in the abdomen.
11/2/2000 1999WI076 WI Florist pinned between bucket of an industrial truck and semi trailer in Wisconsin.
10/24/2000 2000NE008 NE Machine operator falls from order picker in Nebraska.
8/18/2000 1999NJ108 NJ Municipal utility worker falls while clearing a clog in a conveyor chute.
7/13/2000 1999NJ090 NJ Laborer crushed between the cross member of the boom lift-arms and frame of a skid-steer loader.
6/28/2000 1999MA070 MA Massachusetts foundry manager dies when caught in die casting machine.
5/31/2000 1999NJ062 NJ Machine operator crushed in a paper-pulp storage tank.
4/12/2000 1999WI072 WI Part-time logger pinned by tractor wheel after being knocked from operator's seat by falling tree.
2/24/2000 1999NJ024 NJ Recycling plant laborer engulfed by a load of plastics on a conveyor in New Jersey.
1/9/2000 1999NE017 NE Machine operator crushed by robotic platform.
12/21/1999 1999MA033 MA A Massachusetts drill press operator strangled after his shirtsleeve was caught and tightened by rotating drill bit.
11/13/1999 1999CA003 CA Maintenance welder dies when his electric cart is struck by a forklift in California.
9/2/1999 1999NE004 NE Mechanic killed while dismantling paper baler.
8/16/1999 1999WI004 WI Supervisor at plastics company crushed in injection molding machine.
6/30/1999 1998IA075 IA Sawmill worker killed while unplugging wood chips from a chipper duct.
6/17/1999 1997WI097 WI Utilities worker dies after being pinned in a pulpwood belt conveyor at a paper company.
6/17/1999 1997WI110 WI Logger dies after a log skidder rolled downhill and struck him as he was felling a tree.
6/15/1999 1998WI074 WI Youth worker dies after being pinned under tractor at a food processing plant.
4/20/1999 1998IA074 IA Female machine operator killed when working on a punch press.
4/12/1999 1998KY077 KY Tractor driver killed in overturn while mowing.
4/6/1999 1998IA003 IA Paper mill employee killed as winder safety plate pins him against a beam.
3/16/1999 1998MN044 MN Laborer dies after being crushed by Caterpillar that fell from railroad trestle.
3/9/1999 1998TX468 TX A laborer for a boring and tunneling company in Texas, died when he was struck by a hydraulic hose.
2/26/1999 1998NJ047 NJ Worker suffocated when engulfed in a sand hopper.
2/2/1999 1998NJ038 NJ Laborer killed when forklift truck he was operating overturned.
1/17/1999 1998KY031 KY Factory worker caught in overhead conveyor while hanging transformers.
1/9/1999 1998KY044 KY Factory worker entangled in conveyor belt rollers.
12/22/1998 1998MO056 MO Die setter crushed by machinery at plastic molding company in Missouri.
12/17/1998 1998NE032 NE Falling portable scaffold kills carpenter.
10/5/1998 1998NJ012 NJ Machine operator crushed while servicing a die cutting machine.
10/5/1998 1998CA004 CA Poultry worker is caught in the metal paddles of a feather dryer and dies in California.
9/20/1998 1998WA060 WA Sawmill unscrambler operator killed when struck by a board ejected by trim saw in Washington State.
8/25/1998 1997NJ093 NJ Maintenance mechanic struck and killed by a falling conveyor platform.
8/10/1998 1998TX074 TX A cross tie processor working at an East Texas sawmill died when struck by a guard thrown from a wood chipper machine as he stood at his work station.
8/4/1998 1998TX004 TX Front-end loader operator dies when crushed between the front bucket of the loader and a low-boy trailer at a cattle feed lot in Texas.
8/3/1998 1997NJ114 NJ Worker asphyxiated when caught in rotating shaft of cable reel trailer.
7/26/1998 1998MN004 MN Worker dies after crane tips into holding pond.
7/13/1998 1998CA001 CA Supervisor has head crushed by an injection molding machine when it cycles during set-up in California.
2/23/1998 1997NJ047 NJ Forklift operator crushed to death between forklift truck cage and metal beam.
2/23/1998 1997NJ078 NJ Recycling plant worker killed when caught in a closing overhead bay door.
1/25/1998 1997MN028 MN Machinist dies after being struck by object thrown from turning lathe.
1/2/1998 1997IA052 IA Mobile tower crane falls 180 feet to the ground killing the crane operator.
12/11/1997 1997KY110 KY Skidder operator thrown from vehicle during rollover.
8/25/1997 1996KY125 KY Pug mill operator killed after entanglement.
8/4/1997 1997CA002 CA Supervisor dies when caught between an adjusting bar and the frame of a knitting machine in California.
6/2/1997 1996CA016 CA Warehouseman dies when crushed by forklift in California.
5/6/1997 1996NE043 NE Crane tips over on barge.
3/21/1997 1996IA061 IA Wife is pinned between tractor loader bucket and foundation wall while helping husband build new home - Iowa.
3/18/1997 1996NJ062 NJ Warehouse checker crushed under a 4,000 pound crate falling from a forklift truck.
2/21/1997 1996NJ026 NJ Recycling center laborer crushed in a vertical upstroke baling machine.
2/3/1997 1996NE045 NE Worker falls from tipping forklift.
2/2/1997 1996MD038 MD An operator dies of crushing injuries when caught between bridle rollers of a hot dip coating line.
1/26/1997 1996MO061 MO Special road district foreman struck by oil distributor truck.
12/6/1996 1996KY050 KY Front end loader overturns on seed/fertilizer store owner.
11/22/1996 1996NJ037 NJ Machinist crushed to death while cleaning a grinding machine.
10/21/1996 1996NE035 NE Maintenance mechanic crushed in machinery.
10/19/1996 1996KY028 KY Welder is crushed by rock chipper.
10/10/1996 1995CA018 CA Vineyard equipment operator dies after being crushed by a forklift in California.
9/27/1996 1996MN050 MN Industrial worker dies after being struck by a steel bar while operating a computerized turning center.
7/9/1996 1996MN028 MN Worker dies after being crushed by a soft drink palletizer lift.
5/3/1996 1995NJ108 NJ Machine operator crushed in a recycling center baling machine.
3/22/1996 1995MO078 MO Machine operator struck by rubber injection molding machine.
2/28/1996 1995WI024 WI Machinist fatally injured from being pinned in vertical lathe.
2/24/1996 1995CA012 CA Sheet operator dies after being crushed by the forks on a sheeting unit in California.
1/20/1996 1995IA019 IA Loading dock worker crushed between forklift and flatbed truck - Iowa.
1/16/1996 1995WI055 WI Machinist is pinned between parts of metal materials handling equipment.
1/13/1996 1995WI034 WI Crew leader crushed when forklift load carrier falls from forklift.
1/12/1996 1995NE031 NE Laborer struck by steel pipe.
12/28/1995 1995MA020 MA Massachusetts woodworker dies when struck by knife launched from overhead router.
12/10/1995 1998MO064 MO PVC blender-operator crushed by blending machine.
12/6/1995 1995CA005 CA Wood fabricating assembler died after being crushed by a wooden flange in California.
11/30/1995 1995CO032 CO Colorado equipment maintenance laborer dies when crushed in small skid steer loader.
11/17/1995 1995NJ017 NJ Electrician killed when caught between a personnel lift and an overhead bay door.
11/2/1995 1995MA002 MA Massachusetts assembler/welder crushed to death beneath twelve ton steel tank.
11/2/1995 1995NE024 NE Hydraulic hammer rollover crushes operator.
11/1/1995 1995MN012 MN Laborer dies after being caught between automatic back saw and a guardrail.
10/27/1995 1995CA008 CA Shop foreman dies after being crushed by a forklift in California.
10/11/1995 1994WI373 WI Maintenance machinist trainee entangled in revolving shaft of vertical boring mill.
10/7/1995 1995CA006 CA Recycling packer dies after being crushed by a recycling ram in California.
9/23/1995 1995CA004 CA Transportation coordinator dies after being crushed by a large wind machine in California.
9/11/1995 1995KY068 KY Welder is crushed by an unmanned pipelayer.
8/6/1995 1995NE012 NE Iron production worker crushed in machinery.
6/28/1995 1995NE016 NE Pressman falls from printing press.
6/22/1995 1995NJ018 NJ Maintenance mechanic killed after being caught in a conveyor belt.
5/23/1995 1994MD058 MD Laborer caught in chipper/shredder machine - Maryland.
4/21/1995 1994MD057 MD Rewinder operator's assistant crushed in paper rewinder machine - Maryland.
4/17/1995 1995NE013 NE Worker crushed between forklift and flatbed trailer.
11/25/1994 1994MA018 MA Temporary worker dies when crushed in screen printing press.
11/13/1994 1994CA011 CA Forklift driver dies from injuries sustained after being crushed by a forklift California.
9/26/1994 1994NJ009 NJ Foreman crushed to death after being caught in a screw conveyor.
9/2/1994 1994WY018 WY Skull fractured in skid loader incident in Wyoming.
6/15/1994 1993MN076 MN Product specialist/service manager dies after falling 4 1/2 feet during machine assembly.
3/4/1994 1993WY017 WY Road equipment operator run over by roller in Wyoming.
8/20/1993 1993MN004 MN Male machinist dies after falling from the top of a disc screen machine.
7/20/1993 1993NJ005 NJ Worker dies from multiple injuries after fall into baling machine.
6/24/1993 1992AK061 AK Truck driver dies from asphyxiation after entanglement in dump truck power take-off (PTO) - Alaska.
1/17/1993 1992WY015 WY Oilfield service machine tip over in Wyoming.
10/23/1992 1992CA004 CA Machine operator crushed in conveyor belt in California.
9/13/1992 1992NJ005 NJ Machine operator crushed to death after falling into a plastic pellet blender.
5/15/1992 1991WI014 WI Paper mill worker dies after falling 15.5 feet down a vertical conveyor.

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