Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Machine Construction
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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12/12/2023 2023KY005 KY Roofer in boom lift electrocuted by overhead electrical line - Kentucky.
6/29/2023 2019OR001 OR Two workers killed in boom lift rollover - Oregon.
5/23/2023 2021OR01 OR Heavy equipment operator and rancher crushed by excavator - Oregon.
3/28/2023 2022KY083 KY Equipment operator crushed by skid-steer attachment - Kentucky.
4/19/2022 2015NY032 NY Construction worker fatally struck by steel sheet pile falling from a vibratory pile driver.
1/5/2022 2021CA004 CA Construction laborer died when struck by an excavator bucket that detached from a quick coupler - California.
8/4/2021 2020CA002 CA A pipefitter, working in a trench, died when he was struck by an excavator bucket that detached from a quick coupler.
7/2/2021 2020CA001 CA A heavy equipment operator dies when he was struck by an excavator bucket that detached from a quick coupler.
5/7/2020 2018MA001 MA Landscape construction laborer compressed between compact excavator and steel beam at residential site - Massachusetts.
9/1/2019 2018OR008 OR Skid-steer operator crushed while controlling the skidsteer from outside the cab.
4/25/2016 2014NJ074 NJ Day laborer, first day on the job, struck and killed by backhoe bucket.
4/25/2016 2015KY032 KY Construction siding subcontractor installer killed when oversized scaffolding platform destabilized and telescopic forklift overturned.
2/3/2016 2015KY001 KY Semi-truck driver fatally struck by falling flatbed cage door, Kentucky.
1/1/2016 2015OR002 OR Crane operator killed by falling steel beam.
6/26/2015 2013MA026 MA Temporary worker fell from a fixed ladder inside a building being renovated - Massachusetts.
5/22/2015 2013MA032 MA Laborer compressed between the top rail of a scissor lift guardrail and a steel beam - Massachusetts.
4/21/2015 2010WA031 WA Two propane gas supplier workers electrocuted when boom truck crane's boom contacts 7,200 volt overhead power line.
3/12/2015 2013MA002 MA Mechanic crushed when the dozer he was lowering shifted and fell off the jack - Massachusetts.
2/11/2015 2014KY022 KY Foreman falls into running auger after stepping on door panel with broken door interlocks.
8/7/2014 2008WA001 WA Operator dies after excavator tips over the side of a bridge into river.
6/23/2014 2012MA024 MA Municipal mechanic fatally injured when crushed between a skid-steer loader's frame and bucket - Massachusetts.
5/20/2014 2013MI091 MI Painter died when elevated scissor lift tipped to side when tire entered pavement depression.
9/13/2013 2011NY043 NY Operator killed when horizontal auger boring machine overturned.
9/3/2013 2012NJ021 NJ Laborer killed after being struck by a slab of concrete that had been lifted.
8/20/2013 2012NJ010 NJ Hispanic laborer crushed between lift arms and frame of skid-steer loader.
7/25/2011 2009MI009 MI Construction laborer pinned under tire of articulated machine.
7/23/2009 2007NY080 NY Mechanic killed when aerial work platform collapses.
1/1/2009 2007OR017 OR Highway worker crushed by swinging backhoe boom.
7/3/2008 2005IA019 IA Exit pit worker entangled in horizontal directional drill back reamer.
3/12/2008 2006NJ078 NJ 43-year-old construction foreman dies after struck by steel pile.
8/24/2007 2006MI209 MI Heavy equipment operator dies after being pinned between the boom and cab of an excavator.
7/5/2007 2006CA004 CA A heavy equipment mechanic died when a scraper tire exploded.
1/28/2007 2005OK117 OK A construction laborer was struck in the head and killed by a falling steel beam.
11/27/2006 2006OR005 OR Mechanic killed when collar caught on PTO driveline.
11/16/2006 2006CA003 CA A construction foreman dies when the construction equipment he was operating tipped over on him.
8/22/2006 2006NY010 NY Equipment operator killed when pinned to a tree by an excavator.
2/24/2006 2004NY135 NY Maintenance mechanic killed when improperly installed overhead garage door toppled scissors lift.
11/4/2005 2005OK011 OK A plumber was killed when a skid-steer loader tipped forward and struck him in the head.
10/31/2005 2003MA030 MA Crane operator killed when outrigger sinks into unstable soil causing the crane to overturn.
10/4/2005 2003NJ085 NJ Hispanic construction worker killed when struck by excavator bucket.
9/30/2005 2004OR010 OR Forklift crushes operator working underneath on starter.
8/8/2005 2005NE012 NE Construction worker struck by falling steel roof beam.
7/8/2005 2003MA018 MA Laborer is killed when backed over by asphalt milling machine.
5/18/2005 2003OR016 OR Load of lumber shifts and falls on construction worker killing him.
4/1/2005 2003OR040 OR Effort to clear rock jam in operating rock crusher fatal.
3/15/2005 2004MI066 MI Landscaper died when the arms of a skid-steer loader crushed his upper body and head.
1/26/2005 2003MA006 MA Vibratory hammer operator killed when crushed between a crane superstructure and its left rear track.
12/22/2004 2003MA057 MA Laborer killed while inflating a tire mounted on a multi-piece rim wheel.
12/16/2004 2003MA001 MA Hospital employee clearing snow killed when his skid-steer loader broke through a ventilation grate located in a sidewalk.
11/29/2004 2003NJ086 NJ Laborer crushed under overturned road milling machine.
11/20/2004 2004CA004 CA Two heavy equipment mechanics electrocuted while working on a large earth moving piece of construction equipment called a scraper.
8/31/2004 2002IA030 IA Front hopper gate operator run over by chip spreader during street resurfacing.
8/8/2004 2003IA043 IA Worker falls to his death in a telescoping boom forklift overturn.
8/8/2004 2003IA055 IA Construction worker electrocuted when boom forklift contacted power lines.
4/6/2004 2003NJ010 NJ Construction worker struck and killed by a pile falling from a crane.
2/6/2004 2001MA041 MA Vehicle mounted work platform tips killing bridge inspector - Massachusetts.
12/11/2003 2002NY027 NY Truck driver killed when struck by laminated veneer beams falling from a forklift.
9/18/2003 2003KY049 KY Bulldozer owner/operator dies when thrown off bulldozer track.
8/29/2003 2002IA057 IA Man crushed between skid-steer loader and dump truck.
8/25/2003 2003WI003 WI Laborer dies after being struck by detached excavator bucket.
7/16/2003 2003OR015 OR Construction worker dies when he leans out of the protective cage of a skid steer forklift and is crushed.
3/19/2003 2002CA006 CA A truck driver died when he fell off of and was run over by the backhoe he was riding on.
11/18/2002 2002NE013 NE Telecommunications tower maintenance worker struck by cable.
10/11/2002 2002CA002 CA A construction laborer was killed when a rubber tire bulldozer backed over him as he was doing a grade check.
8/6/2002 2001CA013 CA A construction carpenter was killed when struck by the bucket of a backhoe.
4/29/2002 2001CA008 CA A construction surveyor is run over by a motor grader that was backing up.
4/2/2002 2001NE038 NE Construction worker caught between forklift and cement truck.
2/8/2002 2001CA006 CA A crane operator is knocked off a truck bed and crushed by an unsecured 40-foot tower crane jib.
1/25/2002 2001NE026 NE Youth landscaper pinned underneath front end loader.
9/15/2001 2001CA002 CA A tractor operator dies when his tractor rolls over on him.
4/25/2001 2000MN030 MN Worker dies after being crushed between rock spreader and pneumatic roller in Minnesota.
4/25/2001 2000NE050 NE Steel erector falls from scissors lift.
2/14/2001 2000WV012 WV Operator dies after being run over by his bulldozer in West Virginia.
2/3/2001 2000WI074 WI Construction laborer killed when run over by dump truck in highway work zone - Wisconsin.
1/31/2001 2000NE034 NE Construction zone worker hit by gravel truck in Nebraska.
1/19/2001 2000CA007 CA Electrician dies when crushed between the rails of a workbasket mounted on a hydraulic crane and the face of an industrial neon-fluorescent sign.
1/1/2001 2000IA031 IA Worker dies when tower crane and water tower crash to the ground.
11/6/2000 1999MO090 MO Equipment operator dies following crane overturn incident.
9/25/2000 2000NE016 NE Equipment operator drowns in canal.
8/8/2000 2000CA001 CA Construction worker is crushed by steel beams when overloaded nylon slings fail.
6/22/2000 1999TX390 TX A plumber repairing a water line in a trench in Texas died when he was struck by the bucket of a backhoe.
4/1/2000 1999IA085 IA Construction worker crushed between falling dump box and truck frame.
3/22/2000 1999WI041 WI Heavy equipment operator pinned after bulldozer slides off flatbed trailer.
9/30/1999 1999CA002 CA Ornamental iron installer dies when crushed by load that fell off forklift in California.
8/31/1999 1998NJ082 NJ Heavy equipment operator killed when pinned under a backhoe tire.
8/26/1999 1998MA021 MA Massachusetts pile driver dies when struck by pile in trench.
7/6/1999 1998CA014 CA Equipment operator dies when ejected from and run over by his pavement compactor in California.
7/1/1999 1994MD063 MD Construction foreman crushed by excavator - Maryland.
5/12/1999 1999TX468 TX A laborer for a boring and tunneling company in Texas, died when he was struck by a hydraulic hose.
2/25/1999 1998CA012 CA Laborer dies when run over by heavy equipment in California.
1/11/1999 1998AK023 AK Apprentice lineman killed when caught in trencher.
10/8/1998 1998TX145 TX A pipe layer working in a trench for a general contractor in Texas, died when a trench wall gave way and he was fully engulfed in sand/dirt.
9/23/1998 1998NJ018 NJ Equipment operator killed when tree trunk crashes through window of excavator.
8/6/1998 1997CA011 CA Heavy duty equipment operator is crushed when front-end loader falls off a trailer during backing in California.
4/27/1998 1998CA003 CA Electrician apprentice dies when his neck is crushed by a scissor lift in California.
1/28/1998 1997MN047 MN Worker dies after being run over by a Caterpillar.
1/7/1998 1997NE041 NE Backhoe bucket crushes worker in trench.
12/15/1997 1997WV041 WV Bulldozer operator/logger crushed by crawler bulldozer after pulling logging truck from mud on logging road in West Virginia.
12/6/1997 1997CA009 CA Laborer is crushed by a clam shell bucket when it disconnects from its crane in California.
9/24/1997 1997MN019 MN Excavation laborer dies after being run over by a Caterpillar.
8/26/1997 1997CA005 CA Heavy equipment operator dies when excavator slips down a hill and becomes buried in mud in California.
7/27/1997 1997NE011 NE Worker crushed by equipment support leg.
6/2/1997 1997CA008 CA Operating engineer is crushed by a backhoe attachment when it disconnects from its tractor in California.
2/27/1997 1997CA001 CA Crane oiler dies when crushed between a crawler crane cab and track in California.
2/26/1997 1996NJ058 NJ Masonry laborer killed when run over by a rough terrain forklift truck.
2/1/1997 1996IA055 IA Asphalt machine runs over and kills worker.
1/24/1997 1996MN084 MN Construction worker dies after being run over by bulldozer he had been operating.
11/1/1996 1996CA011 CA Backhoe operator dies when run over by his backhoe in California.
10/25/1996 1996CA008 CA Welder dies when crushed by a falling structural steel beam tipped over by a crane in California.
10/17/1996 1996CA012 CA Truck driver dies when run over by heavy equipment in California.
10/2/1996 1996CA003 CA Construction superintendent dies when crushed by a falling crane boom in California.
9/25/1996 1995CA011 CA Crane operator falls 30 feet from a crane while working from a freeway overpass in California.
9/21/1996 1996IA008 IA Construction worker killed by hydraulic excavator while working in trench.
1/13/1996 1995CA010 CA Equipment operator dies after the backhoe he was operating rolled off an embankment in California.
11/16/1995 1995MN047 MN Construction worker dies after 9-wheel pneumatic roller rolls over on her.
9/25/1995 1995NE025 NE Construction worker crushed under skid steer loader bucket.
8/25/1995 1995NJ030 NJ Construction laborer killed after being entangled on a rotating directional drilling machine pipe.
8/16/1995 1995NE034 NE Skid steer operator crushed by lift arm.
7/3/1995 1995WY004 WY Surveyor killed in ATV turnover in Wyoming.
1/4/1995 1994NE059 NE Asphalt roller crushes flagman.
6/28/1994 1993MA007 MA Massachusetts specialty foundation company laborer dies in machinery entanglement.
4/26/1994 1994MN031 MN Highway construction worker dies after being struck while crossing roadway.
4/19/1994 1993NJ090 NJ Road construction laborer dies after falling underneath the wheel of a front end loader.
4/15/1993 1992CA006 CA Construction laborer electrocuted by energized crane in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA010 CA Equipment operator dies after being crushed by a beam during a demolition operation in California.
12/18/1992 1992MN018 MN Excavation company owner dies after bulldozer slips over the side of a flat bed trailer.
9/24/1992 1992MN014 MN Highway construction flagman dies after being struck by a pickup truck.

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