Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Machine General
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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3/15/2023 2022CA002 CA Warehouse worker dies when material falling off of pallet strikes him - California.
8/1/2022 2022KY00601 KY Delivery driver crushed by granite slab - Kentucky.
7/15/2022 2019MA058 MA Automotive mechanic fatally burned while using welder when washer fluid drum explodes - Massachusetts.
8/13/2021 2018MA035 MA Property maintenance worker caught between industrial sweeper and low ceiling - Massachusetts.
6/1/2019 2018OR029 OR Rubber equipment operator died after his head was caught between bars of operating machinery.
12/10/2018 2018WA054 WA Supervisor at used clothing processing facility and warehouse dies when struck by falling clothing Bales, Washington.
11/7/2018 2016NY024 NY A 23-year-old worker pulled into a wood chipper on his first day on the job.
5/8/2018 2016NY066 NY Worker crushed unloading steel waste container.
1/22/2018 2012WA015 WA Forklift operator dies when crushed between forklift overhead guard and mast, Washington.
10/20/2017 2015WA029 WA A 19-year-old landscape laborer dies when entangled in auger after entering the hopper of a bark blower truck, Washington.
3/31/2017 2015MA1NF MA High school student sustains a partial thumb tip amputation while using a sander in shop class - Massachusetts.
8/12/2016 2015MA004 MA Tree service foreman fatally injured while repairing a skid-steer loader - Massachusetts.
6/29/2016 2015KY067 KY Teen laborer rides on side of forklift, falls while jumping, and is run over by rear tire.
12/21/2015 2014MA1NF MA High school student sustains a partial fingertip amputation while using a jointer in wood shop - Massachusetts.
5/15/2015 2014CA001 CA A floorhand dies when he falls off a mobile oil well servicing rig.
3/3/2015 2013NJ049 NJ Warehouse worker falls from elevated forklift platform - New Jersey.
2/2/2015 2009NY095 NY Tower technician killed when guyed tower collapsed.
7/17/2014 2012NY033 NY Restaurant co-owner fatally crushed by a dumbwaiter car.
2/24/2014 2010WA048 WA Timber harvester operator killed following a chain shot incident.
11/1/2013 2011OR016 OR Millwright fatality involving a hydraulic accumulator.
10/26/2013 2012MI069 MI Business owner killed when pulled into wood chipper.
8/27/2013 2012NJ024 NJ Mechanic crushed underneath four-ton wood chipping machine.
6/1/2013 2011CA007 CA A laborer dies when he is crushed by an industrial washing machine.
10/22/2012 2012CA001 CA A supervisor dies when he is decapitated by a rope that was pulled into a wood chipper.
7/25/2011 2009MI082 MI Golf course mechanic died when struck by falling ash tree.
7/11/2011 2009MA044 MA Mechanic repairing a multi terrain loader pinned between the loader's lift arm and frame - Massachusetts.
4/26/2011 2010CA010 CA A groundsman working on a tree trimming crew dies when he is dragged or propelled onto a wood chipper feed table.
11/4/2010 2010CA001 CA A laborer dies when he is struck by an exploding forklift multi-piece rim.
7/27/2010 2007NY013 NY Mechanic dies after being pulled into a snow thrower.
5/26/2010 2009CA008 CA A welder dies when the scissor lift he was operating tips over.
10/1/2009 2007OR011 OR Salesman killed when forklift falls off truck loading ramp.
4/6/2009 2005NJ099 NJ Crane failure kills worker at scrap metal recycling yard.
8/29/2008 2008CA005 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is pulled into a wood chipper.
7/28/2008 2007MA019 MA Laborer struck by skid-steer loader while exiting from a tarp-enclosed area on a construction site - Massachusetts.
6/5/2008 2004IA005 IA Hispanic laborer entangled in auger at pork processing plant.
12/10/2007 2005OR043 OR Mill worker killed by flying chunk of wood from chipper.
12/6/2007 2005OR039 OR Logging worker killed while riding on step of skidder.
9/10/2007 2005MA018 MA Temporary laborer was fatally injured when caught between an idler pulley and conveyor belt at a recycling facility - Massachusetts.
8/14/2007 2005MI026 MI Tow truck operator pinned under sport utility vehicle when working under it.
8/14/2007 2006NJ063 NJ Worker pinned between forklift and boom truck in industrial yard.
7/9/2007 2006MA1NF MA Two 10th grade students injured in separate incidents in the same mill/carpentry vocational school shop - Massachusetts.
6/11/2007 2006OR006 OR Worker killed when jacket pocket activated machinery.
6/8/2007 2006MI009 MI Machine operator dies after being struck by a shredder grate during shredding machine maintenance.
3/20/2007 2005MA074 MA Landscaper dies inside the hopper of a truck mounted pneumatic blower - Massachusetts.
3/1/2007 2006NY084 NY Truck driver buried by mulch at town solid waste site.
1/5/2007 2005MI060 MI Golf course worker dies after being pinned under an overturned tee box mower.
11/27/2006 2005MI078 MI Forklift operator dies when head caught in lowering mast.
11/27/2006 2004OR021 OR Truck driver crushed by front-end loader in mill yard.
11/1/2006 2005WI059 WI Machine operator dies when struck by flying wood chipper guard.
10/1/2006 2005OK040 OK A gas well drilling floorhand died when he was struck by a hoisted wellhead equipment stack.
9/6/2006 2005WI049 WI Car carrier truck driver dies when crushed by ramp of car carrier.
9/6/2006 2005WI054 WI Maintenance worker dies after pinned between overhead bridge crane and roof truss.
8/24/2006 2004WI093 WI Snow plow driver dies when caught in auger of salt spreader.
8/24/2006 2005WI001 WI Hispanic butcher dies after being struck by semi-trailer gate.
8/24/2006 2005NJ077 NJ Recycling collector dies after falling under the wheels of his truck.
8/18/2006 2005MI024 MI Owner of excavating company dies when excavator overturns into water/mud of gravel pit.
8/4/2006 2005OR024 OR Excavation worker killed by flying rigging when hook fails.
7/18/2006 2005CA011 CA A facility maintenance mechanic died when crushed between an overhead bridge crane and light fixture.
6/28/2006 2004OR052 OR Logger killed by swinging tree in yarding operation.
5/19/2006 2005NE028 NE Hispanic carpenter killed when struck by piece of concrete that fell from rigging device during hoist in highway work zone.
5/18/2006 2004OR023 OR Ranch hand killed by bulldozer while logging.
2/9/2006 2004OR037 OR Janitor using propane buffer killed by carbon monoxide.
2/9/2006 2005OR007 OR Technician crushed when aerial platform lift engaged.
2/1/2006 2004WI003 WI Laborer dies when crushed between forklift cage and mast.
1/28/2006 2005CA007 CA An apprentice mechanic died when the truck tire he was standing over exploded.
1/27/2006 2005CA008 CA A mechanic died when crushed by the lift bed of a trash roll-off truck.
1/25/2006 2003OR029 OR Operator killed when bulldozer slides off logging road.
12/6/2005 2005MI046 MI Lawn technician dies when pinned between motorized spreader handles and roof of work van.
12/1/2005 2005CA001 CA A backhoe operator died when his backhoe pinned him against a retaining wall.
11/30/2005 2003MA041 MA City equipment operator killed when run over by a rotary riding mower.
11/23/2005 2005CA004 CA A car wash attendant dies when pulled into a side arm rotating brush in a car wash.
11/4/2005 2005NY034 NY Guatemalan tree-service worker killed when pulled into brush chipper.
10/11/2005 2004CA012 CA A forklift operator died when he was crushed in the mast of a forklift.
9/30/2005 2004OR004 OR Parked forklift crushes operator against semi-trailer.
9/25/2005 2003WI033 WI Youth dies in tractor rollover attempting to pull trailer out of mud.
9/23/2005 2005IA004 IA Part-time metal salvager died when crushed in tractor overturn with loader.
8/1/2005 2004CA013 CA Two maintenance mechanics died when a suspended steel dock plate fell on them.
7/28/2005 2005NY007 NY City employee killed when clothing became entangled around an unguarded PTO shaft on a salt truck.
7/6/2005 2003MA034 MA Youth killed while operating a forklift at a plumbing supply company.
6/3/2005 2004OK066 OK A forklift operator was killed when his forklift was struck from behind by a motor vehicle.
6/1/2005 2004IA011 IA Mechanic dies when tractor overturns while removing tree stump in cemetery.
3/24/2005 2004OK071 OK A lumberyard forklift operator died after being crushed between two railcar couplings.
3/3/2005 2004NJ013 NJ 20-year-old man killed when struck by tree falling from tree-cutting machine.
3/1/2005 2004OK058 OK An elevator operator was killed when he fell from a manlift.
2/15/2005 2003NJ100 NJ DPW employee dies after falling off the trailer hitch of a leaf vacuum.
2/4/2005 2004OK027 OK A driller died after falling through an opening in the oil rig floor.
1/26/2005 2004OK028 OK A yard hand was killed when he was crushed between the mast and the rollover protective structure of a forklift.
1/7/2005 2004CA007 CA A youth dies when a forklift rolls over on him.
12/10/2004 2004OK010 OK Hispanic heavy equipment operator was killed while jump-starting a pad-foot drum compactor.
12/3/2004 2004CA005 CA A laborer dies when struck by a packer panel in the hopper of a rear-loading trash truck.
10/8/2004 2004OK056 OK A heavy equipment operator was killed when he was crushed between the lift arm and the rollover protection cage of a skid-steer loader.
9/23/2004 2003NJ093 NJ Motocross track owner killed when tractor overturned.
9/23/2004 2004NY013 NY Department store employee crushed in a baling machine.
9/17/2004 2003OK096 OK A concrete saw operator was killed when he was pinned between the boom and the rear of a backhoe.
9/15/2004 2004CA003 CA A crane oiler dies when crushed between the counterweights and the rotating superstructure of a mobile crane.
9/2/2004 2004CA009 CA A tractor operator died when his tractor rolled over on him.
8/30/2004 2003NJ042 NJ Hispanic tree trimmer killed after being pulled into a wood chipper.
8/25/2004 2003IA021 IA Welder falls from boom forklift platform when boom shifts laterally.
8/24/2004 2003IA057 IA Warehouse forklift operator crushed against rack beam.
8/12/2004 2003CA008 CA A butcher died after getting his hand caught in a meat grinder.
8/10/2004 2004OR003 OR Sawmill worker crushed during debarker maintenance.
8/5/2004 2000WA041 WA City worker killed when struck by a dump truck in Washington State.
7/30/2004 2004OK001 OK A 54-year-old Hispanic worker was killed when he was crushed by a forklift.
7/15/2004 2004NY002 NY Contractor run over by front-end loader at city salt stockyard.
4/6/2004 2003NJ020 NJ Forklift operator killed when his forklift is overturned by a backing truck.
3/3/2004 2003KY056 KY 28-year-old sound technician dies after falling from lift.
2/24/2004 2002MA001 MA Massachusetts laborer dies after arm is caught in rock crushing machine conveyor belt.
2/20/2004 2003NJ021 NJ Hispanic quarry supervisor struck by machine part during maintenance.
2/19/2004 2003OK034 OK A gas drilling rig worker died during a well cleanout operation.
2/18/2004 2003OK060 OK An oil field worker died after being struck by a falling pump jack head.
1/17/2004 2003NY036 NY Truck driver dies during payloader crushing incident.
12/30/2003 2002MA002 MA Machine operator dies after becoming caught in a shirt pressing machine - Massachusetts.
12/11/2003 2003NY034 NY Millwright killed when aerial work platform tipped over.
12/6/2003 2003OR039 OR Worker is thrown from cab of crane and is crushed.
12/2/2003 2003MN016 MN Roll-off box truck driver dies after being pinned between hydraulic ram and hydraulic reservoir tank.
11/20/2003 2003CA002 CA A laborer died when crushed between the forks and the cab of a trash truck.
10/30/2003 2003OR007 OR Logger killed as skyline cable whips free of slash pile.
10/28/2003 2002CA008 CA A Hispanic female laborer was run over by a forklift that was moving a trash bin in a waste transfer and recycling station.
10/23/2003 2003CA003 CA An apprentice mechanic died when crushed in a machine that stacks wooden pallets.
10/21/2003 2003OR022 OR Shipyard welder ignites hydraulic fluid and is fatally burned.
10/21/2003 2003OR006 OR Logger killed by falling sheave when yarder tower collapses.
9/25/2003 2003OK017 OK A secretary/treasurer at a stone cutting company was killed when she was crushed by a forklift that was being jump-started.
9/24/2003 2003OK016 OK Waste disposal worker was crushed between a waste disposal truck and a dumpster.
9/5/2003 2003NY006 NY Worker dies after falling through a steel grid plate into an underground frozen coal cracker.
4/22/2003 2002CA007 CA A security guard is killed when he was run over by a heavy-duty industrial forklift while directing traffic in a cargo container storage yard.
4/8/2003 2002NE032 NE Trailer court owner killed in mobile trash compactor.
3/12/2003 2002NY055 NY Contractor dies in tractor overturn while skidding logs.
3/9/2003 2003CA005 CA A maintenance mechanic died when the forklift he was working on slipped off a jack and fell on him.
10/17/2002 2002NE011 NE Standup forklift operator asphyxiated by warning chain.
9/19/2002 2000MA069 MA State worker fatally injured while operating a bulldozer at a state mental health facility - Massachusetts.
9/4/2002 2001CA012 CA A heavy equipment spotter died when he was backed over by a front-end loader inside a trash collection transfer station.
8/27/2002 2002NY007 NY Truck driver run over by trash compactor at municipal landfill.
6/13/2002 2001CA010 CA An industrial washing machine operator died when pulled inside a machine while loading sheets.
6/3/2002 2000MA070 MA A 61-year-old salesman dies after falling 10 feet from an operator-up high lift truck.
5/6/2002 2001CA009 CA An elevator mechanic helper died when he was crushed in an escalator while performing maintenance.
3/6/2002 2000NJ111 NJ Laborer killed when a truck struck a backhoe and pinned the victim between the backhoe and a dumpster.
3/1/2002 2001WI011 WI Snowmobile mechanic dies when he is ejected from snowmobile operator's seat and strikes a tree.
2/26/2002 2002MN034 MN City maintenance worker dies after being pinned in street sweeper.
12/21/2001 2001CA005 CA Maintenance worker is killed when backed over by a bucket loader at a glass recycling center.
12/1/2001 2000IA064 IA Tree trimmer falls to his death as boom truck lift arm collapses in Iowa.
9/5/2001 2001CA001 CA A mechanic dies when struck in the head by a forklift that slipped off a jack.
5/20/2001 2000MA058 MA Massachusetts youth killed while operating forklift at seafood processing facility.
4/19/2001 2000CA010 CA Tree trimmer dies when pulled into in a brush chipper.
3/18/2001 2000WI048 WI Youth newspaper delivery person killed when he fell out of the open door of a minivan and was run over.
2/26/2001 2000MN044 MN Worker dies after being crushed between manlift and horizontal I-beam in Minnesota.
1/7/2001 2000OK040 OK County road maintenance worker died when he was run over by a rotary cutter.
1/5/2001 2000MA003 MA Massachusetts stock clerk dies from fall out of a tipped vertical lift.
12/21/2000 2000MA035 MA Massachusetts laborer crushed in baler at paper recycling facility.
9/8/2000 1999MA032 MA A self-employed welder fatally injured during an explosion while welding a rim wheel to repair air leaks.
7/13/2000 1999AK027 AK Heavy equipment operator killed during rollover of front-end loader.
6/7/2000 1999MA058 MA Massachusetts inventory control clerk dies after falling from a high lift order picker truck.
6/1/2000 2000IA005 IA Sanitation assistant crushed between garbage truck and compactor.
12/30/1999 1998IA071 IA Two mechanics crushed to death when tow truck falls from jack stand.
11/30/1999 1998WA063 WA Night foreman killed after falling from a hay de-stacker in Washington State.
10/29/1999 1999CA005 CA Laborer/forklift operator dies when crushed by a forklift driven by a co-worker in California.
6/4/1999 1998MA049 MA Operator dies when caught between mast and cage of forklift in a Massachusetts warehouse.
4/20/1999 1998CA015 CA Crane operator/foreman is impaled and dies when moving crane strikes gate in California.
2/26/1999 1998CA013 CA Janitor falls from personnel platform resting on forklift prongs and dies in California.
2/25/1999 1998MA043 MA Self-employed electrician dies while driving aerial lift in parking garage.
2/4/1999 1998KY116 KY Road construction worker killed in tractor overturn.
1/30/1999 1998MA035 MA Temporary laborer dies in fish processing plant in Massachusetts.
1/10/1999 1999MN032 MN Laborer run over by dump truck while paving parking lot.
10/30/1998 1998TX146 TX A hotel maintenance engineer died when struck by the counter weights of an elevator in Texas.
10/29/1998 1998TX071 TX A computer support technician at a communications company in Texas died after being crushed in a stationary trash compactor.
9/1/1998 1998IA017 IA Salesman killed while lifting portable elevator that had tipped over in street.
7/9/1998 1997NJ115 NJ Municipal road worker run over by a leaf vacuuming truck.
7/9/1998 1998NE011 NE Worker run over by compactor at landfill.
10/3/1997 1997CA006 CA Machinist repairman dies when a large mail bucket swings free during repair and crushes him in California.
8/29/1997 1996MA016 MA Landscaper dies when struck by front end loader in Massachusetts.
4/25/1997 1997MN002 MN Forklift operator dies after being crushed between a loading dock and a railroad box car.
3/6/1997 1996MA037 MA Independent contractor dies when struck by protective hood from chipper/shredder at waste management facility in Massachusetts.
2/24/1997 1996MN080 MN Operator dies after being crushed inside a side-loading waste-hauling truck.
1/7/1997 1996CA010 CA Operator dies when his front-end loader falls into an excavation and crushes him in California.
1/7/1997 1996NE051 NE Forklift overturn.
12/3/1996 1996NJ044 NJ Municipal maintenance worker killed when struck with the steel coupling of an out-of-control high pressure water hose.
11/7/1996 1995MA026 MA Foreman dies when struck by front end loader at a Massachusetts scrap metal recycling plant.
10/31/1996 1995CA021 CA Developmentally disabled worker dies after being run over by a front-end loader in California.
9/4/1996 1996CA001 CA Truck driver dies when crushed by forklift in California.
6/6/1996 1996NE006 NE Worker crushed in forklift overturn.
4/3/1996 1996MN002 MN Mechanic dies as result of injuries sustained in fall with personnel lift.
1/2/1996 1995IA024 IA Boom truck arm breaks causing tree trimmer to fall to his death - Iowa.
11/30/1995 1995AK008 AK Operator crushed when dockside crane tips over.
7/30/1995 1994WI355 WI Front-end loader operator dies when loader falls 40 feet onto quarry floor.
7/17/1995 1994NJ150 NJ Laundry worker killed when struck by ejected ring of a commercial laundry extractor.
6/9/1995 1995MN005 MN Sawmill foreman dies of injuries after legs were severed by a saw blade.
6/9/1995 1995MN009 MN Tire repair business owner dies after his head became pinned between the protective cage and the bucket/lift arm of a skid-steer loader.
6/9/1995 1995CA001 CA Maintenance mechanic died after falling approximately 30 feet from an elevated forklift platform in California.
2/25/1995 1994MA021 MA Massachusetts laborer dies when caught in conveyor machinery at scrap metal business.
2/22/1995 1994NE039 NE Commercial garage door falls, fatally crushing worker.
12/8/1994 1994MA014 MA Massachusetts landscaper/laborer dies when crushed in small skid steer loader.
6/9/1994 1994MA010 MA Massachusetts concrete plant driver/yardman asphyxiated in materials hopper.
3/24/1994 1992CA015 CA Warehouse laborer falls and dies after being lifted by a forklift to retrieve boxes in warehouse in California.
7/13/1993 1992MA001 MA Massachusetts public utility lineman dies of thermal burns when aerial lift hydraulic hoses ruptured and ignited.
5/21/1993 1992MA020 MA Massachusetts trash collection company operations manager dies when crushed between conveyor truck and dumpster.
9/15/1992 1992MN009 MN Landscape laborer dies after being struck by the bucket of a Case skid steer loader.

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