Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Motor Vehicles
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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6/24/2020 2018MI027 MI School crossing guard struck by vehicle.
6/24/2020 2018MI072 MI Field manager struck by vehicle in active roadway while taking depth measurement.
6/24/2020 2018MI243 MI Farmer driving a pickup truck was struck when a pickup ran a stop sign.
6/19/2020 2019CA003 CA A water truck operator died after being struck by a pressurized hose.
5/14/2020 2018MA046 MA Municipal crossing guard fatally injured when struck by a car - Massachcusetts.
3/23/2020 2019KY050 KY Construction worker dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
3/11/2020 2017MA056 MA Gig economy bicycle food delivery worker dies when struck by a dump truck - Massachusetts.
3/9/2020 2018MI037 MI Tow truck driver died when school bus was struck by SUV.
2/3/2020 2019KY047 KY Commercial driver dies after overturning on two-lane state highway.
12/20/2019 2018MI002 MI Tow truck driver securing vehicle to tow bed struck by SUV driver.
12/11/2019 2019KY045 KY Dump truck driver dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
8/12/2019 2018MA050 MA Municipal public works foreman dies after falling from a dump truck - Massachusetts.
8/5/2019 2016MI109 MI Racetrack safety crewmember struck by racecar.
8/1/2019 2019KY013 KY IT consultant dies on Kentucky interstate in single vehicle collision.
6/25/2019 2017MI012 MI County road division worker crushed between asphalt truck and shadow truck during rolling cold patch operation.
12/11/2018 2015MI061 MI Truck driver freeing frozen rear brakes on a dump truck was run over when the truck rolled forward.
12/10/2018 2017MI007 MI Truck driver died after being thrown back by air release from a pressurized tire sidewall failure - Michigan.
11/12/2018 2018KY024 KY Dump truck operator electrocuted after truck bed contacts high voltage line.
11/5/2018 2018KY007 KY Police officer drives into flood waters and drowns.
6/29/2018 2017KY034 KY Dump truck driver loses control and flips truck resulting in fire.
5/24/2018 2016NY009 NY Operator of a trailer tipper fatally struck by a tractor trailer at a landfill.
5/14/2018 2016MA023 MA Foreman of a highway line painting crew killed when a car enters the work zone - Massachusetts.
4/25/2018 2014MI122 MI Truck driver struck by rear tractor tires when semi tractor driven forward.
3/21/2018 2016KY039 KY Mechanic struck and killed by over-pressurized suspension air spring on tractor trailer - Kentucky.
2/26/2018 2015MA030 MA Mechanic fatally injured when the dump truck tire he was inflating ruptures - Massachusetts.
11/14/2017 2015KY069 KY Paramedic is struck and killed while responding to a call.
10/6/2017 2016KY014 KY School custodian struck and killed by pick-up truck on school grounds while performing crossing guard duty.
5/17/2017 2016KY052 KY Tow truck driver struck and killed by passenger vehicle while securing disabled vehicle onto flatbed tow truck - Kentucky.
5/17/2017 2016KY055 KY Tow truck driver struck and killed by van while entering his tow truck - Kentucky.
2/28/2017 2015KY063 KY Semi-truck owner-operator crushed by 7.6 ton steel coil while securing load to flatbed trailer.
1/4/2017 2015MA007 MA Tow truck operator fatally injured when struck by a box truck while assisting a motorist - Massachusetts.
1/1/2017 2014OR042 OR Forestry worker in vehicle killed from timber falling activity - Oregon.
9/26/2016 2014MI052 MI Truck driver died when he was struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident, Michigan.
8/30/2016 2014NY013 NY Flatbed truck starts on its own, crushing auto body shop worker - New York.
5/9/2016 2014MA036 MA Municipal crossing guard fatally injured when struck by a motor vehicle - Massachusetts.
3/21/2016 2015KY030 KY Driver exits burning semi-truck and falls to his death.
2/29/2016 2013MA036 MA Truck driver fatally injured when the forklift he was operating falls off a loading dock - Massachusetts.
2/29/2016 2015KY009 KY City police officer dies after his vehicle is struck by a civilian motorist in a federal highway intersection.
1/27/2016 2014KY033 KY Pedestrian tow truck operator struck and killed by drunk driver while rendering assistance on highway roadside, Kentucky.
12/21/2015 2014MI095 MI Food pantry volunteer pinned by a table against a wood cabinet when the table was struck by backing vehicle, Michigan.
11/16/2015 2011WA012 WA Truck driver dies after being struck by semi-trailer truck in trailer lot of customer yard.
9/2/2015 2014KY064 KY Semi-truck team driver pinned and killed while adjusting tandems - Kentucky.
9/2/2015 2013MI136 MI Dump truck driver entangled in dump box power take off driveline.
7/27/2015 2012MI054 MI Truck porter dies from head injury complications when he fell from either the ICC bumper or deck of a semi-trailer.
7/9/2015 2013MI043 MI Truck driver crushed by roll off scrap metal box during unloading from truck.
5/15/2015 2014CA001 CA A floorhand dies when he falls off a mobile oil well servicing rig.
5/15/2015 2011WA03301 WA Log truck driver dies when struck by logs being loaded onto trailer.
4/7/2015 2013KY041 KY Heavy equipment mechanic dies when an elevated dump truck tag axle pins him to the concrete floor.
3/4/2015 2013MI149 MI Truck mechanic pinned by truck's sway bar and link.
3/1/2015 2014OR001 OR Driver killed when ejected from logging truck.
2/2/2015 2014KY021 KY Truck driver falls from tanker truck to his death.
2/2/2015 2014KY049 KY Firefighter is electrocuted after contacting overhead power line, Kentucky.
1/28/2015 2009MI075 MI Semi-truck driver died when struck by precast concrete panel that fell from semi trailer.
12/8/2014 2013KY066 KY Flagger struck by motorist and killed.
6/30/2014 2014KY001 KY Auto technician mistakes handicapped-accessible accelerator pedal for brake pedal and fatally pins co-worker.
6/18/2014 2012MA016 MA Municipal police officer fatally injured when struck by a backing dump truck - Massachusetts.
5/12/2014 2014KY007 KY Tanker truck involved in deadly crash on interstate.
3/28/2014 2013KY046 KY Grain truck driver killed at train crossing.
3/17/2014 2013MI019 MI Bus driver died while attempting to open bus doors while bus was moving.
1/1/2014 2012KY035 KY Owner of towing company dies when struck by driver of a box truck.
11/20/2013 2013KY039 KY Truck driver dies when tractor-trailer leaves the road and plunges into a creek-bed.
10/15/2013 2012CA009 CA A day laborer dies when he is pinned between a loading dock and a backing truck.
6/30/2013 2012KY037 KY Factory laborer dies when a car driven by coworker crashes into him in parking lot.
6/1/2013 2012KY026 KY Day care monitor dies after crash of 15-passenger van.
5/21/2013 2011WA013 WA Truck driver dies after being run over by propane transport rolling backward at bulk plant.
5/14/2013 2012KY011 KY Truck driver dies when tractor-trailer overturns after leaving road.
3/4/2013 2012IA041 IA Diesel mechanic died in motor vehicle crash caused by distracted driving.
3/1/2013 2010OR006 OR Truck driver crushed between semi-trailer and loading dock.
3/1/2013 2011MA044 MA Truck driver dies while rotating tires mounted on demountable multi-piece rim wheels - Massachusetts.
2/26/2013 2011MA019 MA Refuse collector was fatally injured when struck by a backing refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
1/31/2013 2011KY031 KY Two semis collide - fire ensues; both drivers perish.
1/16/2013 2011KY001 KY Semi-truck driver dies after being struck by flatbed driver in crossover collision.
1/8/2013 2012MA010 MA Municipal crossing guard fatally injured when struck by a motor vehicle - Massachusetts.
10/31/2012 2011MA043 MA Municipal electrician dies after falling from the raised bucket of a vehicle-mounted aerial lift that was struck by a tractor-trailer - Massachusetts.
10/10/2012 2010IA005 IA Special-needs sanitation route helper caught in tailgate of waste collection truck.
9/18/2012 2011IA075 IA Truck driver died of thermal injuries after his tractor-trailer crashed into concrete median on the interstate and burst into flames.
8/13/2012 2011KY072 KY Owner/operator hauling asphalt flux dies after driving into a ravine and striking trees.
6/27/2012 2011KY006 KY Roadside responder is struck by a box truck and dies.
5/29/2012 2010MI200 MI Farmer's head and neck crushed between semi trailer and loading/unloading chute.
4/30/2012 2011CA006 CA An automotive mechanic dies from thermal burns when the gasoline he was pouring into a vehicle ignited.
3/30/2012 2010KY008 KY Semi tractor-trailer driver dies in median crossover crash; 10 others die.
10/27/2011 2010KY009 KY Two tree trimmers die when struck by errant semi tractor-trailer.
10/27/2011 2008KY025 KY Semi-truck driver dies after striking a bridge abutment.
10/6/2011 2010MI082 MI Worker crushed under car that dislodged from tow straps.
7/25/2011 2009MI085 MI Truck driver struck by semi-tractor when walking in parking lot.
4/20/2011 2011KY009 KY Semi truck driver falls asleep while driving, crashes and dies.
2/13/2011 2008KY010 KY Coal truck driver fatally injured in collision with another coal tractor-trailer.
1/11/2011 2010KY006 KY Municipal solid waste collector dies after falling from solid waste vehicle hopper area.
1/11/2011 2009KY079 KY Land surveyor struck and killed by passenger vehicle.
8/3/2010 2009KY071 KY Foreign-born semi driver dies after driving over embankment.
7/22/2010 2005IA086 IA Truck driver entangled in drive train while freeing seized brakes.
7/14/2010 2008MA046 MA School traffic supervisor was fatally injured when struck by a motor vehicle - Massachusetts.
5/27/2010 2009KY081 KY Semi team driver dies after being ejected from sleeper berth.
3/10/2010 2008NJ079 NJ 69-Year-old sanitation worker run over by refuse truck.
3/1/2010 2008NY067 NY Contractor crushed against the cab of a dump truck by the dump body.
2/17/2010 2007KY091 KY Team semi driver dies after rig is struck by impaired driver.
1/20/2010 2008MI169 MI Air museum volunteer died from complications of a head injury sustained after falling from an aircraft tug.
12/1/2009 2007NY137 NY Equipment operator killed by a lock ring propelled from a multi-piece rim wheel.
11/6/2009 2009MA020 MA Municipal laborer dies after falling off the back of a forward moving refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
10/20/2009 2007MA058 MA Mechanic dies while changing a tire mounted on a multi-piece split rim wheel - Massachusetts.
9/24/2009 2008MA037 MA Police officer dies when struck by a car at night while directing traffic at a local fair - Massachusetts.
8/28/2009 2008KY074 KY Solid waste driver dies after single vehicle rollover.
7/23/2009 2008MI095 MI Tow truck driver dies when pinned under car.
6/22/2009 2006MA024 MA Trackman dies after being caught between a people mover and a clip applicator while replacing railroad ties - Massachusetts.
5/29/2009 2007MA040 MA Two hospital workers die when a motor vehicle crashes into a hospital lobby - Massachusetts.
5/29/2009 2008KY029 KY Driver of a semi-tractor pulling twin trailers fatally injured in single vehicle crash.
5/12/2009 2006KY100 KY Coal truck driver dies in rollover after tire on trailer fails.
4/9/2009 2008MA001 MA Truck driver suffocates when engulfed while clearing jammed woodchips being unloaded from an open top trailer with a movable floor unloading system - Massachusetts.
4/1/2009 2008CA009 CA A diesel mechanic dies when he is crushed between the tire and the cab of a fire truck - California.
12/29/2008 2004IA051 IA Driver pinned under haul truck that went off quarry road and tipped over.
5/28/2008 2007MI011 MI Career fire fighter dies after ejection from his fire engine when it was struck by a vehicle.
3/26/2008 2007KY070 KY Semi-tractor trailer driver hauling chicken dies after striking a rock wall.
3/19/2008 2005KY075 KY Semi owner-operator dies in rollover after speeding through a curve.
2/15/2008 2005KY008 KY Male semi-truck driver killed in rollover crash on county road.
1/22/2008 2006KY079 KY Dump truck driver dies after being entangled in power-take-off drive shaft.
1/3/2008 2006MI135 MI Unrestrained custom spray applicator died when ejected from a self-propelled sprayer after sprayer struck an oncoming semi-truck trailer.
9/28/2007 2006KY057 KY Dump truck driver dies after his vehicle was struck by a train.
8/30/2007 2006MI001 MI Female firefighter dies when struck by an out-of-control pickup truck on an icy interstate highway.
8/24/2007 2005MI077 MI Race car fuel dispenser operator killed when methanol tank exploded.
8/14/2007 2005MI026 MI Tow truck operator pinned under sport utility vehicle when working under it.
8/3/2007 2005KY001 KY Emergency roadside technician dies when struck by a single-unit truck on an interstate shoulder.
7/27/2007 2007NY092 NY Newspaper carrier killed in a two-car head-on collision.
6/26/2007 2005MI123 MI Truck driver dies when straw bales fall off truck and strike him.
5/2/2007 2005KY074 KY Long haul trucker dies after striking an embankment at the end of an interstate highway off-ramp.
1/17/2007 2004MA043 MA Airport ramp worker dies after being struck by a deicing truck - Massachusetts.
11/27/2006 2006OR005 OR Mechanic killed when collar caught on PTO driveline.
11/13/2006 2005NJ090 NJ School crossing guard struck and killed by a sport utility vehicle.
10/23/2006 2002WA048 WA Maintenance worker killed when struck by a vehicle along a highway in Washington State.
7/13/2006 2003MA066 MA Watchman dies after being struck by freight train while assisting in snow clearing from train tracks - Massachusetts.
5/22/2006 2004MA005 MA Two tow truck drivers killed when struck in a highway breakdown lane.
5/1/2006 2005KY089 KY Passenger dies when semi-truck trailer hits cow in roadway.
1/28/2006 2005CA007 CA An apprentice mechanic died when the truck tire he was standing over exploded.
1/17/2006 2005MI045 MI Tow truck operator dies when car being driven by intoxicated driver leaves road and strikes him.
12/13/2005 2005KY036 KY Dump truck driver dies after unintentional release of asphalt.
11/25/2005 2004MI107 MI Engineering technician dies when backed over by cement mixer.
7/29/2005 2002WA034 WA Utility construction supervisor killed when struck by a pickup truck at a work zone in Washington State.
7/28/2005 2004CA008 CA A construction laborer died when he was struck by a fast moving vehicle as he crossed the roadway in a street construction work zone.
7/21/2005 2004NE040 NE Hispanic laborer run over and killed by backing dump truck in roadway construction zone.
6/3/2005 2004OK066 OK A forklift operator was killed when his forklift was struck from behind by a motor vehicle.
10/26/2004 2004NE007 NE Engineering technician run over and killed by backing dump truck.
9/23/2004 2003CA009 CA An equipment operator died after being run over by a double trailer truck.
9/23/2004 2004NY012 NY Flagger dies after being struck by a pickup truck in a highway work zone.
8/30/2004 2003NJ054 NJ Municipal road worker struck by a truck at a worksite.
8/30/2004 2003NJ070 NJ Highway worker struck and killed by an auto while filling potholes.
8/17/2004 2003OK098 OK Hispanic laborer died after being struck by a vehicle in a roadway work zone.
8/5/2004 2000WA041 WA City worker killed when struck by a dump truck in Washington State.
6/4/2004 2003WI020 WI Youth newspaper carrier dies after being struck by an automobile while delivering newspapers on a bicycle.
2/22/2004 2003OK047 OK A road construction worker was killed when he was run over by an asphalt dump truck.
2/13/2004 2003MI025 MI DPW worker run over by pickup truck exiting the vehicle to open an overhead garage door.
12/30/2003 2000WA040 WA Lineman killed after being struck by a car in Washington State.
11/3/2003 2003OR032 OR Vehicle strikes utility worker in short-duration work zone.
9/24/2003 2003OK016 OK Waste disposal worker was crushed between a waste disposal truck and a dumpster.
8/29/2003 2002IA057 IA Man crushed between skid-steer loader and dump truck.
7/30/2003 2001MA039 MA Police officer dies after being backed over by a dump truck - Massachusetts.
6/10/2003 2002CA003 CA A construction worker jumps over a cement barrier onto an interstate highway transition road and is killed when struck by an oncoming vehicle.
4/25/2003 2002CA001 CA A heavy equipment operator died when the dump truck he was backing slid down an embankment and then tumbled over.
4/7/2003 2002MI106 MI Highway worker killed by passenger vehicle while setting up highway work zone warning signal.
3/4/2003 2003KY030 KY Highway construction worker dies when struck by semi-tractor trailer.
2/5/2003 2001NJ129 NJ Field engineer struck by vehicle while painting highway markings.
1/10/2003 2002NJ021 NJ 17-Year-old pizza delivery driver killed in a motor vehicle accident.
11/19/2002 2002MI040 MI Truck driver killed when front-end loader secured by chains on a lowboy trailer broke free and rolled onto cab.
11/2/2002 2000MA061 MA Police officer fatally injured when struck by a backing dump truck at a public roadway construction work zone - Massachusetts.
8/27/2002 2001NE006 NE Maintenance worker crushed between forklift and truck.
7/3/2002 2001NJ098 NJ Jackhammer operator run over by a truck in a highway work zone.
5/28/2002 1999WA070 WA Flagger killed when struck by a dump truck, during road construction, in Washington State.
4/2/2002 2001NE038 NE Construction worker caught between forklift and cement truck.
3/21/2002 2001IA001 IA Extra rider on garbage truck is killed when he falls under truck.
3/7/2002 2001NJ020 NJ Truck driver killed in highway work zone collision.
2/21/2002 2001WI002 WI Youth reserve recruit killed in automobile collision while traveling on duty.
12/28/2001 2001MI025 MI Delivery man struck by vehicle while stopped on roadway to change delivery van flat tire.
12/20/2001 2000MA054 MA Police officer killed when struck by motorist while directing traffic at roadway work zone.
12/1/2001 2001IA020 IA City street worker was struck and killed by a speeding car.
10/5/2001 2001CA004 CA A traffic controller is killed when backed over by a dump truck.
7/23/2001 2001NE008 NE Snowplow operator caught between two trucks in Nebraska.
7/1/2001 2001IA002 IA Towman crushed to death while hooking up disabled propane truck.
3/18/2001 2000WI048 WI Youth newspaper delivery person killed when he fell out of the open door of a minivan and was run over.
3/6/2001 2000WI106 WI Youth newspaper delivery assistant dies in motor vehicle collision.
2/3/2001 2000WI074 WI Construction laborer killed when run over by dump truck in highway work zone - Wisconsin.
1/31/2001 2000NE034 NE Construction zone worker hit by gravel truck in Nebraska.
1/8/2001 2000OK045 OK A 17-year old on a hay hauling crew died from injuries received when he fell from a moving hay truck and was apparently run over by the vehicle's tire in Oklahoma.
11/24/2000 2000CA006 CA A construction flag person dies after being backed over by a truck.
11/16/2000 2000CA005 CA A construction inspector dies after being backed over by a ten-wheel asphalt dump truck.
11/15/2000 2000CA004 CA A highway worker dies when struck by a speeding vehicle while picking up cones on an interstate highway.
11/2/2000 1999WI076 WI Florist pinned between bucket of an industrial truck and semi trailer in Wisconsin.
10/14/2000 2000NE005 NE Worker crushed by tanker.
5/23/2000 1999OK088 OK A roller operator and a work crew foreman died when they were struck by a motorist in a highway work zone.
11/30/1999 1999NE021 NE Member of road striping crew struck by semi.
9/26/1999 1999CA001 CA Truck driver run over by tractor-trailer at trash transfer station and dies in California.
4/1/1999 1998IA072 IA Farmer slips off tractor step into path of a grain semi truck.
1/6/1999 1998TX112 TX A rear load helper, for a refuse collection company in Texas, died when he was crushed by the rear wheels of a refuse collection vehicle.
7/9/1998 1998NE011 NE Worker run over by compactor at landfill.
6/24/1998 1998NE010 NE Security guard run over by own truck.
1/26/1997 1996MO061 MO Special road district foreman struck by oil distributor truck.
2/29/1996 1995MN063 MN Custodian dies from injuries sustained while attempting to stop a pickup truck that was rolling away.
8/3/1995 1995AK005 AK Soldier killed in vehicle roll-over at army base.
4/17/1995 1995NE013 NE Worker crushed between forklift and flatbed trailer.
2/27/1995 1995NE009 NE Driver crushed between semi tractor and trailer.
12/22/1994 1994CA007 CA Delivery truck driver dies after being crushed by a truck while making a delivery to a local market.
10/26/1994 1994KY111 KY Farmer struck by truck and killed on public roadway.
9/12/1994 1994MA016 MA Massachusetts newspaper girl dies after being struck by a jeep while delivering her route from a bicycle.
8/9/1994 1994KY045 KY Part-time farmer dies after pick-up truck over turns.
4/26/1994 1994MN031 MN Highway construction worker dies after being struck while crossing roadway.
4/5/1994 1994MA008 MA Massachusetts newspaper boy dies when struck by a van while crossing the street on his bicycle.
3/28/1994 1994WY006 WY Speeding truck hits signal equipment in Wyoming.
3/12/1994 1994WY003 WY Electrician run over by 170 ton truck in Wyoming.
3/8/1994 1993WY020 WY Police officer killed in traffic collision in Wyoming.
3/4/1994 1993WY018 WY Worker hit by truck in off-road incident in Wyoming.
2/25/1994 1993WY016 WY Trucker killed in high speed rollover in Wyoming.
9/30/1993 1993WY013 WY Truck driver in two vehicle head-on crash in Wyoming.
9/29/1993 1993WY006 WY Salesman dies from vehicle rollover in Wyoming.
8/27/1993 1993MO008 MO Commercial route refuse collector crushed when refuse truck slid into semi-truck trailer.
8/22/1993 1993WY003 WY Truck driver killed in vehicle overturn in Wyoming.
6/30/1993 1993WY008 WY Counselor dies in traffic crash in Wyoming.
6/30/1993 1993WY009 WY Salesman strikes backhoe with pickup in Wyoming.
11/21/1992 1992WY010 WY Construction foreman motor vehicle crash in Wyoming.
9/24/1992 1992MN014 MN Highway construction flagman dies after being struck by a pickup truck.
9/16/1992 1992WY005 WY Explosives representative head-on crash in Wyoming.
9/3/1992 1991WI013 WI General laborer at a feed mill dies after presumed fall followed by vehicle run over.

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