Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Youth
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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2/1/2022 2021CA001 CA A 16-year-old tire repair assistant died when a vehicle slipped off a hydraulic jack and fell on him while he was changing the oil.
1/16/2019 2018KY054 KY Teen roofer electrocuted when ladder contacts high voltage power line.
3/31/2017 2015MA1NF MA High school student sustains a partial thumb tip amputation while using a sander in shop class - Massachusetts.
6/29/2016 2015KY067 KY Teen laborer rides on side of forklift, falls while jumping, and is run over by rear tire.
12/21/2015 2014MA1NF MA High school student sustains a partial fingertip amputation while using a jointer in wood shop - Massachusetts.
6/7/2013 2011CA008 CA Two laborers die from hydrogen sulfide exposure in a confined space at an organic waste recycling facility.
10/5/2009 2003WA039 WA A 16-year-old worker dies when struck by a portable gantry crane used as an engine hoist in Washington State.
4/2/2008 2006OR044 OR Young warehouse worker killed by backing forklift.
3/31/2008 2003WA038 WA Two teen workers asphyxiate in an agricultural silo.
7/9/2007 2006MA1NF MA Two 10th grade students injured in separate incidents in the same mill/carpentry vocational school shop - Massachusetts.
3/2/2007 2004MA2NF MA A 17-year-old student severely injures leg on a construction site while working at a steel erection company as part of a cooperative work experience - Massachusetts.
11/26/2005 2005CA005 CA A 17-year-old Hispanic laborer died when crushed by concrete and stone castings.
10/5/2005 2005MN036 MN Farm youth dies after becoming entangled in the unloading beaters of a forage wagon.
9/25/2005 2003WI033 WI Youth dies in tractor rollover attempting to pull trailer out of mud.
8/16/2005 2004MI176 MI 6-year-old youth dies when he was run over by a skid-steer loader driven by his 9-year-old brother.
7/22/2005 2004IA019 IA Farm boy dies in ATV rollover while helping father chop silage.
7/6/2005 2003MA034 MA Youth killed while operating a forklift at a plumbing supply company.
7/4/2005 2005NY001 NY Teenage farm worker dies during silage defacer entanglement.
6/19/2005 2004IA017 IA 12-year-old farm boy dies while hitching up hay wagon.
4/29/2005 2005MN010 MN Farm youth dies after becoming entangled in the unloading beaters of a forage wagon.
2/25/2005 2004OK046 OK Hispanic youth laborer died after being struck by lightning.
1/7/2005 2004CA007 CA A youth dies when a forklift rolls over on him.
6/4/2004 2003WI020 WI Youth newspaper carrier dies after being struck by an automobile while delivering newspapers on a bicycle.
3/17/2004 2003MI052 MI Farm youth died when he became entangled in an unguarded PTO shaft.
2/11/2004 2002WI058 WI Youth killed in tractor roll-over while moving large hay bales.
2/6/2004 2003MN021 MN Farm youth dies after tractor she was driving rolled over on her.
10/10/2003 2003IA020 IA Teenager dies in tractor overturn when home-made rollbar fails.
9/1/2003 2003OR020 OR Young camp counselor killed when cannon bursts to pieces.
1/10/2003 2002NJ021 NJ 17-year-old pizza delivery driver killed in a motor vehicle accident.
6/27/2002 2000KY119 KY 15-year-old dies in utility golf cart overturn.
6/21/2002 2001AK027 AK A 14-year-old laborer crushed under 5-ton beam.
5/22/2002 2001KY062 KY Youth riding as passenger on tractor killed by overturn.
5/14/2002 2001OK076 OK A 13-year-old construction laborer died when he fell from a scaffold board and struck a scaffold cross-brace.
4/25/2002 2001NJ118 NJ 15-year-old youth crushed while cleaning a dough mixing machine.
4/13/2002 2001OK10 OK A bowling facility worker died when he was caught in a pinsetter machine.
2/25/2002 1998WA113 WA Fifteen-year-old worker falls from roof of building in Washington State.
2/21/2002 2001WI002 WI Youth reserve recruit killed in automobile collision while traveling on duty.
1/25/2002 2001NE026 NE Youth landscaper pinned underneath front end loader.
12/20/2001 2000MA050 MA Youth killed while driving golf cart at country club - Massachusetts.
7/31/2001 1999WA056 WA Tractor overturn kills 16-year-old farm worker in Washington State.
7/30/2001 2000MO063 MO Child laborer electrocuted while working at sawmill in Missouri.
5/20/2001 2000MA058 MA Massachusetts youth killed while operating forklift at seafood processing facility.
3/18/2001 2000WI048 WI Youth newspaper delivery person killed when he fell out of the open door of a minivan and was run over.
3/6/2001 2000WI106 WI Youth newspaper delivery assistant dies in motor vehicle collision.
3/3/2001 2000WI080 WI Youth camp counselor dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.
1/8/2001 2000OK045 OK A 17-year old on a hay hauling crew died from injuries received when he fell from a moving hay truck and was apparently run over by the vehicle's tire in Oklahoma.
12/8/2000 2000OK037 OK A 17-year old laborer for a boat dock construction company drowned while attempting to swim approximately 35 yards to shore from a construction barge in Oklahoma.
11/26/2000 2000MN029 MN Farm youth dies after falling from and being run over by tractor in Minnesota.
11/6/2000 1999MO022 MO Eleven-year-old farm-boy dies following tractor accident.
11/3/2000 2000WI025 WI Youth farm worker pinned under overturned horse-drawn manure sled.
9/1/2000 2000WI012 WI Youth restaurant cashier shot to death during attempted robbery.
3/17/2000 1999NE028 NE Farm youth suffocated in corn bin.
2/18/2000 1999WI038 WI Farm worker dies after tractor overturns.
7/1/1999 1999IA003 IA Youth farm worker is killed when he becomes entangled in PTO driveline of an old grinder-mixer.
6/15/1999 1998WI074 WI Youth worker dies after being pinned under tractor at a food processing plant.
3/16/1999 1998MN044 MN Laborer dies after being crushed by Caterpillar that fell from railroad trestle.
12/18/1998 1998OK025 OK Farm worker dies of burn-related injuries while trapped in a burning hay baler - Oklahoma.
11/13/1998 1998NE029 NE Tractor overturn kills temporary worker.
2/7/1998 1997MA031 MA Construction laborer dies in trench cave-in at oil tank removal site in Massachusetts.
12/30/1997 1997MN038 MN Farmer youth dies after being run over by a grass seeder.
2/5/1997 1996MA031 MA Construction laborer crushed by unattended rolling street sweeper at asphalt plant in Massachusetts.
3/1/1996 1995CO054 CO A car wash employee is electrocuted while working on equipment.
12/1/1995 1995IA021 IA Youth falls from ladder and dies while changing light bulb - Iowa.
11/30/1995 1995IA009 IA 12 Year old boy dies from a tractor rollover in a roadside ditch.
11/13/1995 1995MN046 MN Farmer youth dies after being struck by a loader bucket.
10/16/1995 1995MN045 MN Farm youth dies after being engulfed in corn inside a steel grain bin.
2/8/1995 1994MN039 MN Farm youth dies after tractor he was driving rolled over on him.
11/4/1994 1994MN041 MN Farm youth dies after tractor he was driving rolled over on him.
9/12/1994 1994MA016 MA Massachusetts newspaper girl dies after being struck by a jeep while delivering her route from a bicycle.
9/12/1994 1994MN030 MN Farm youth dies after being crushed by a "run away" chopper wagon.
8/3/1994 1994CO006 CO 17-year-old worker at a plastic products manufacturing plant died as a result of an overexposure to tetrachloroethylene (also known as perchloroethylene).
4/5/1994 1994MA008 MA Massachusetts newspaper boy dies when struck by a van while crossing the street on his bicycle.
5/27/1993 1992CA017 CA Courtesy clerk at grocery store falls from a ladder and dies in California.
2/7/1993 1992WY013 WY Sheepherder struck by lightning in Wyoming.
9/15/1992 1992MN009 MN Landscape laborer dies after being struck by the bucket of a Case skid steer loader.

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