Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Foreign Born
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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3/25/2019 2018CA002 CA A laborer dies when he is pulled into a tree stump grinder.
10/23/2018 2015MI117 MI Construction laborer died in a trench wall collapse.
9/5/2018 2018CA001 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted while trimming a palm tree.
3/21/2018 2016KY039 KY Mechanic struck and killed by over-pressurized suspension air spring on tractor trailer - Kentucky.
3/20/2018 2017CA002 CA A bathtub refinisher dies from methylene chloride exposure while removing paint from a bathtub.
3/20/2018 2017CA003 CA A date palm worker dies after being stung by bees.
2/26/2018 2015MA030 MA Mechanic fatally injured when the dump truck tire he was inflating ruptures - Massachusetts.
10/12/2017 2016CA006 CA A custodian dies when he falls off a step ladder.
8/31/2017 2017CA001 CA Laborer dies of carbon monoxide poisoning when he operates a gasoline-powered concrete saw indoors.
5/24/2017 2013WA015 WA Orchard tractor operator dies when run over by rotary mower after falling from tractor.
4/11/2017 2016MA001 MA Laborer fatally injured after falling from a home under construction - Massachusetts.
8/8/2016 2015KY041 KY Seasonal lawn mower operator crushed and dies after lawn mower rolls over on a 30 degree slope.
10/6/2015 2015KY020 KY Granite installation company owner struck by falling granite slab.
8/10/2015 2015CA001 CA Lake maintenance worker drowns while removing weeds from a golf course lake.
6/30/2015 2009WA04401 WA Orchard laborer dies after being struck and run over by dump trailer.
5/22/2015 2013MA032 MA Laborer compressed between the top rail of a scissor lift guardrail and a steel beam - Massachusetts.
3/9/2015 2014KY030 KY Hispanic roofer's fall protection failed causing him to fall 29.91 feet to his death, Kentucky.
2/11/2015 2013KY010 KY Two masons electrocuted after contact with an overhead power line, Kentucky.
12/5/2014 2013CA003 CA A welder dies when he is struck by a projectile from a truck's hydraulic tank.
12/5/2014 2008IA074 IA Farm worker electrocuted while pressure-washing interior of swine barn.
9/15/2014 2013CA004 CA An electrician dies when he is crushed between a traveling hoist and a plating tank.
8/6/2014 2014KY012 KY Hispanic laborer is crushed by gantry roller press while retrieving a dropped hammer.
4/30/2014 2012CA012 CA A machine operator in a food processing plant dies when trapped inside a steam pressure cooker.
4/25/2014 2014KY008 KY Hispanic laborer killed when struck by falling plywood on a commercial construction site.
2/12/2014 2012CA010 CA A tree trimmer dies when he falls from a tree.
2/12/2014 2012CA011 CA A tree trimmer dies from asphyxia when compressed by palm fronds.
11/20/2013 2013KY039 KY Truck driver dies when tractor-trailer leaves the road and plunges into a creek-bed.
11/18/2013 2008WA053 WA Orchard tractor operator dies when run over by trailer-mounted water tank towed by tractor.
10/15/2013 2012CA009 CA A day laborer dies when he is pinned between a loading dock and a backing truck.
9/3/2013 2012NJ021 NJ Laborer killed after being struck by a slab of concrete that had been lifted.
7/16/2013 2011OR050 OR Timber faller killed while working under a hung tree limb.
6/30/2013 2012KY037 KY Factory laborer dies when a car driven by coworker crashes into him in parking lot.
6/7/2013 2012CA004 CA A day laborer dies when he is buried in a trench collapse.
6/7/2013 2011CA008 CA Two laborers die from hydrogen sulfide exposure in a confined space at an organic waste recycling facility.
6/1/2013 2011CA007 CA A laborer dies when he is crushed by an industrial washing machine.
2/11/2013 2009WA047 WA Orchard laborer dies when crushed between a motor grader and semi-truck in Washington State.
5/18/2012 2011CA005 CA A house painter dies when he falls through a roof opening.
5/18/2012 2011CA004 CA A roofing supervisor dies when he falls through a skylight.
3/30/2012 2011CA003 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted when a tree branch falls onto energized electric power lines.
10/26/2011 2010MA032 MA Immigrant roofer struck by a bag of gravel that fell from a roof - Massachusetts.
9/20/2011 2010CA011 CA An orchard caretaker dies when he is pulled into a wood chipper.
7/18/2011 2010MA019 MA Immigrant roofer electrocuted when an aluminum ladder platform hoist contacted overhead power line - Massachusetts.
5/20/2011 2009MA042 MA Warehouse worker fatally injured when struck by falling metal grates - Massachusetts.
4/26/2011 2010CA007 CA A horticulture nursery owner dies when he slips and falls off a tractor.
3/31/2011 2006OR024 OR Logger killed under rigging when carriage drops.
2/3/2011 2010CA005 CA A mechanic dies when he is crushed by the hydraulic arm of a recyclable refuse collection truck.
2/3/2011 2010CA006 CA A gardener dies when he falls out of a tree while trimming the branches.
9/7/2010 2007OR057 OR Temporary mill worker killed in fall down manlift shaft.
8/3/2010 2009KY071 KY Foreign-born semi driver dies after driving over embankment.
7/8/2010 2010CA002 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is crushed by palm tree branches.
6/4/2010 2008MA042 MA Laborer dies after falling from an aluminum extension ladder at a residential construction site - Massachusetts.
6/2/2010 2009CA010 CA A tree trimmer dies when he falls from a tree and is struck by a limb.
6/1/2010 2008MA019 MA Forklift operator crushed between forklift cage and mast while loading waste paper into a trailer - Massachusetts.
5/26/2010 2009CA008 CA A welder dies when the scissor lift he was operating tips over.
5/16/2010 2009CA009 CA Janitor dies when he falls into a baling machine that bales cardboard for recycling.
3/11/2010 2006MA045 MA Dockworker dies due to carbon monoxide poisoning while using a gasoline powered pressure washer to clean inside a freshwater tank - Massachusetts.
2/17/2010 2007KY091 KY Team semi driver dies after rig is struck by impaired driver.
1/27/2010 2008MI171 MI Laborer died during test drive of four-wheel all terrain vehicle (ATV).
1/18/2010 2009CA005 CA A maintenance worker dies when he falls into a baling machine that bales cardboard for recycling.
1/11/2010 2009CA007 CA Warehouse worker dies when he falls through a skylight.
1/1/2010 2009CA004 CA A chemist dies from burns caused by mixing chemicals.
11/24/2009 2009KY034 KY Immigrant granite installer killed after falling with homemade construction box.
11/6/2009 2009MA020 MA Municipal laborer dies after falling off the back of a forward moving refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
8/26/2009 2009CA002 CA Construction laborer dies after being crushed under a concrete patio foundation.
8/11/2009 2009CA001 CA Research associate dies from burns sustained while working with a pyrophoric chemical.
6/26/2009 2008NJ003 NJ A 60-year-old Hispanic maintenance worker killed when a pressure vessel exploded; eight others injured.
4/9/2009 2008CA004 CA Construction worker dies when he falls through the ceiling of a refrigerator freezer unit.
4/9/2009 2008CA010 CA Roof man dies when he falls from the roof of a two-story house while applying a tent for fumigation.
4/6/2009 2007CA011 CA Machine operator dies when a molding press machine closes on him.
3/19/2009 2006NJ076 NJ Hispanic day laborer electrocuted when an aluminum extension ladder contacted an overhead power line.
3/13/2009 2007NJ044 NJ 23-Year-old Hispanic road maintenance worker struck by wheel that separated from the trailer axle of a tractor-trailer truck.
1/27/2009 2008CA006 CA Laborer dies when he falls 35 feet from a scaffold after being electrocuted - California.
1/13/2009 2008CA002 CA A truck driver dies when he falls off the top of a tank trailer.
1/5/2009 2007MA025 MA A painter falls 12 feet while painting a pump hose platform system - Massachusetts.
12/14/2008 2007CA006 CA A Hispanic welder died when the diesel fuel tank he was welding exploded.
8/29/2008 2008CA001 CA A maintenance worker dies when he falls off the roof of an apartment building.
8/29/2008 2008CA005 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is pulled into a wood chipper.
7/28/2008 2007MA019 MA Laborer struck by skid-steer loader while exiting from a tarp-enclosed area on a construction site - Massachusetts.
7/17/2008 2007CA005 CA A maintenance supervisor dies when he falls off a ladder into a hot water tank.
6/30/2008 2007CA007 CA A Hispanic maintenance worker dies after falling through a skylight.
6/9/2008 2006MI174 MI Hispanic laborer dies as a result of a trench collapse.
5/26/2008 2005MA035 MA A machine operator dies after becoming caught in a computer numerical controlled vertical milling machine - Massachusetts.
5/22/2008 2007CA008 CA Material handler dies when she is crushed against a podium by a backing forklift - California.
4/24/2008 2007CA003 CA A packer in a manufacturing facility dies when he is struck by a pipe that rolled off a storage rack.
1/22/2008 2007KY008 KY Hispanic carpenter dies after falling from homemade platform.
10/11/2007 2006NY001 NY Worker crushed by a crate of glass at a residential construction site.
10/11/2007 2005MA038 MA Window washer is pulled off a roof and falls 53 feet when the rolling roof outrigger to which his lifeline was attached rolls off the roof - Massachusetts.
10/8/2007 2006OR025 OR Ranch worker killed by pressurized water striking eye.
9/24/2007 2007CA002 CA A Hispanic laborer dies when a stack of paper bales collapses onto him.
9/10/2007 2005MA018 MA Temporary laborer was fatally injured when caught between an idler pulley and conveyor belt at a recycling facility - Massachusetts.
8/31/2007 2006CA007 CA An electrician was electrocuted while repairing a lighting circuit.
8/31/2007 2006CA008 CA A hotel maintenance worker died from injuries received from an electrical flash.
8/30/2007 2007CA001 CA A laborer dies in a street work zone after being backed over by a dump truck.
8/30/2007 2006CA006 CA A machine operator died when caught in the threads being wound onto the take-up spool of a warping machine.
8/30/2007 2006CA005 CA A Hispanic machine operator died when struck in the abdomen by a piece of acrylic being milled on a vertical milling machine.
8/1/2007 2006MI004 MI 29-Year old male Hispanic landscape laborer dies when nine foot deep trench collapses.
7/5/2007 2006CA004 CA A heavy equipment mechanic died when a scraper tire exploded.
6/30/2007 2007CA009 CA A Hispanic ironworker dies when he falls 50 feet through a floor opening.
6/26/2007 2006OR003 OR Novice drywall installer dies in 7-foot fall from scaffold.
2/16/2007 2005MI065 MI Hispanic brick mason electrocuted when rerod contacts powerline.
1/29/2007 2005NJ007 NJ Three Hispanic acetylene manufacturing plant workers killed in explosion.
11/18/2006 2006CA001 CA A Hispanic laborer operating an overhead crane died when he was crushed between two steel frames when the rigging failed.
11/17/2006 2006CA002 CA A machine operator's helper died when caught in a slitting machine.
10/10/2006 2005OR038 OR Window cleaner killed in fall due to unsecured line.
10/1/2006 2005CA010 CA A Hispanic car wash supervisor died when an air tank exploded in a car wash equipment room.
9/27/2006 2005MA059 MA Worker killed when crushed by multiple granite slabs - Massachusetts.
8/29/2006 2004MA038 MA Roofer electrocuted and another severely shocked when the aluminum extension ladder he was moving contacted an overhead power line - Massachusetts.
8/24/2006 2005CA009 CA A construction elevator operator died when he was struck by the counterweights of a construction elevator in motion.
8/24/2006 2005NJ077 NJ Recycling collector dies after falling under the wheels of his truck.
7/18/2006 2005CA011 CA A facility maintenance mechanic died when crushed between an overhead bridge crane and light fixture.
5/15/2006 2005OR028 OR Bulldozer movement kills operator standing on track.
3/24/2006 2005MA044 MA Floor sander dies when wood floor refinish product ignites.
2/22/2006 2005NJ003 NJ Worker killed in a fall in a bakery fermentation tank.
2/16/2006 2003MA010 MA Two window washers fall 90 feet when their horizontal static line failed.
2/2/2006 2005CA003 CA A helper on a steel-slitting machine died when caught in between some sheet metal and the rewind cylinder.
2/1/2006 2005CA006 CA A supervisor dies when crushed by a machine that manufactures concrete blocks.
1/31/2006 2004MA032 MA Two Vietnamese floor sanders die when wood floor finish product ignites.
1/26/2006 2003OR033 OR Farm driver overturns truck in irrigation ditch and drowns.
12/1/2005 2005CA001 CA A backhoe operator died when his backhoe pinned him against a retaining wall.
11/26/2005 2005CA005 CA A 17-year-old Hispanic laborer died when crushed by concrete and stone castings.
11/25/2005 2004MI107 MI Engineering technician dies when backed over by cement mixer.
11/4/2005 2005NY034 NY Guatemalan tree-service worker killed when pulled into brush chipper.
10/4/2005 2003NJ085 NJ Hispanic construction worker killed when struck by excavator bucket.
9/30/2005 2004OR004 OR Parked forklift crushes operator against semi-trailer.
8/1/2005 2004CA013 CA Two maintenance mechanics died when a suspended steel dock plate fell on them.
7/28/2005 2004CA008 CA A construction laborer died when he was struck by a fast moving vehicle as he crossed the roadway in a street construction work zone.
7/13/2005 2004CA011 CA A machine operator died when he was caught between a conveyor belt and tension roller underneath an industrial machine.
5/18/2005 2003OR016 OR Load of lumber shifts and falls on construction worker killing him.
12/16/2004 2003MA001 MA Hospital employee clearing snow killed when his skid-steer loader broke through a ventilation grate located in a sidewalk.
12/14/2004 2003NJ091 NJ Hispanic construction worker dies after fall from an improvised scaffold.
11/3/2004 2003NJ043 NJ Hispanic arborist's helper struck and killed by a falling tree.
10/8/2004 2002MA042 MA A Portuguese speaking laborer working for a Korean speaking employer is fatally injured after falling from an extension ladder - Massachusetts.
9/24/2004 2004CA001 CA A machine operator dies when crushed inside a knitting machine.
9/23/2004 2003CA009 CA An equipment operator died after being run over by a double trailer truck.
9/23/2004 2004CA002 CA A saw operator dies when struck by an aluminum plate that fell from a vacuum crane.
9/15/2004 2004CA003 CA A crane oiler dies when crushed between the counterweights and the rotating superstructure of a mobile crane.
8/30/2004 2003NJ042 NJ Hispanic tree trimmer killed after being pulled into a wood chipper.
8/12/2004 2003CA008 CA A butcher died after getting his hand caught in a meat grinder.
7/6/2004 2002MA016 MA Temporary Hispanic laborer dies after being struck by a turning devices at a concrete product manufacturing facility - Massachusetts.
3/26/2004 2002MA030 MA A Spanish speaking roofer dies after falling from a roof of a residential structure - Massachusetts.
2/24/2004 2002MA001 MA Massachusetts laborer dies after arm is caught in rock crushing machine conveyor belt.
2/20/2004 2003NJ021 NJ Hispanic quarry supervisor struck by machine part during maintenance.
12/5/2003 2003MI029 MI Co-owner of metal forge shop dies when an ejected piece of steel used as a stop block in a full revolution press strikes him in the chest.
11/24/2003 2002NY026 NY Machine operator dies of crushing injuries when caught by a bridle roller on a hot tin coating line.
11/21/2003 2003OR008 OR Hispanic laborer drowns after falling into landscaping pond.
11/20/2003 2003CA002 CA A laborer died when crushed between the forks and the cab of a trash truck.
11/8/2003 2003CA006 CA A machine operator died when crushed in a plastic injection molding machine.
11/1/2003 2003CA004 CA A machine operator died when caught in a plastic injection molding machine.
10/31/2003 2002CA009 CA A machine operator died when his glove caught in a wire drawing machine.
10/28/2003 2002CA008 CA A Hispanic female laborer was run over by a forklift that was moving a trash bin in a waste transfer and recycling station.
10/21/2003 2003KY017 KY Hispanic laborer dies from fall off roof.
8/14/2003 2002KY131 KY Chinese immigrant restaurant owner electrocuted.
7/27/2003 2003CA001 CA A machine operator died when crushed in an automatic feed system of a cardboard box waxing machine.
7/8/2003 2002NY096 NY Worker fatally injured by steel blade while cleaning a dough machine.
7/2/2003 2001MA037 MA Boat handler is fatally crushed while placing wooden blocks under a partially supported boat - Massachusetts.
6/3/2003 2002KY099 KY Hispanic worker dies in tractor rollover.
4/7/2003 2002MI106 MI Highway worker killed by passenger vehicle while setting up highway work zone warning signal.
3/19/2003 2002CA006 CA A truck driver died when he fell off of and was run over by the backhoe he was riding on.
3/11/2003 2002KY108 KY Hispanic worker dies due to trench cave-in.
3/9/2003 2003CA005 CA A maintenance mechanic died when the forklift he was working on slipped off a jack and fell on him.
12/17/2002 2002KY085 KY Migrant worker dies in tractor rollover.
12/3/2002 2002NJ025 NJ Landscaper crushed between backhoe and truck.
10/11/2002 2002CA002 CA A construction laborer was killed when a rubber tire bulldozer backed over him as he was doing a grade check.
10/10/2002 2002CA004 CA A welder dies after being crushed by a hydraulic door on a scrap metal shredding machine.
9/4/2002 2001CA012 CA A heavy equipment spotter died when he was backed over by a front-end loader inside a trash collection transfer station.
8/6/2002 2001CA013 CA A construction carpenter was killed when struck by the bucket of a backhoe.
6/13/2002 2001CA010 CA An industrial washing machine operator died when pulled inside a machine while loading sheets.
4/25/2002 2001NJ118 NJ 15-Year-old youth crushed while cleaning a dough mixing machine.
4/23/2002 2001MI064 MI Restaurant maintenance worker wedged between sump pump pipe support bar and sump pump crock rim.
3/7/2002 2001NJ020 NJ Truck driver killed in highway work zone collision.
12/21/2001 2001CA005 CA Maintenance worker is killed when backed over by a bucket loader at a glass recycling center.
12/13/2001 2001CA007 CA Machine operator crushed between the plates of an injection mold while performing maintenance.
9/27/2001 2001NJ019 NJ Machine operator killed while trying to repair a conveyor belt.
9/5/2001 2001CA001 CA A mechanic dies when struck in the head by a forklift that slipped off a jack.
3/21/2001 2000CA009 CA A maintenance repairman dies when struck by a piece of metal in the chest.
3/19/2001 2000CA008 CA A punch press operator dies when struck by a piece of metal in the abdomen.
2/28/2001 2001MI003 MI Operator crushed between a rotating barrel and its hoist support bar.
1/31/2001 1999MA026 MA Massachusetts bakery worker fatally injured in a fall from a stepladder.
12/21/2000 2000MA035 MA Massachusetts laborer crushed in baler at paper recycling facility.
11/24/2000 2000CA006 CA A construction flag person dies after being backed over by a truck.
10/18/2000 2000CA003 CA A window washer falls approximately 60 feet off a swing stage scaffold when one of the electric hoists fails.
10/10/2000 2000CA002 CA A general laborer dies when he falls into a process tank of heated nickel acetate.
9/8/2000 1999MA032 MA A self-employed welder fatally injured during an explosion while welding a rim wheel to repair air leaks.
7/28/2000 1999NJ031 NJ Laborer dies after falling down stairs at a plastic bag manufacturing plant.
7/13/2000 1999NJ090 NJ Laborer crushed between the cross member of the boom lift-arms and frame of a skid-steer loader.
6/28/2000 1999MA070 MA Massachusetts foundry manager dies when caught in die casting machine.
3/8/2000 1999CA010 CA Fitter/welder is crushed between two pressure vessels and dies in California.
3/3/2000 1999CA009 CA Forklift operator dies when his straddle fork overturns and crushes him in California.
2/24/2000 1999NJ024 NJ Recycling plant laborer engulfed by a load of plastics on a conveyor in New Jersey.
12/21/1999 1999MA033 MA A Massachusetts drill press operator strangled after his shirtsleeve was caught and tightened by rotating drill bit.
11/19/1999 1999CA006 CA Mechanic dies when bus falls off jack stands and crushes him in California.
10/29/1999 1999CA005 CA Laborer/forklift operator dies when crushed by a forklift driven by a co-worker in California.
10/26/1999 1999MA022 MA Self-employed residential contractor dies in ten foot fall through floor opening on Massachusetts construction site.
10/21/1999 1999CA004 CA Plant manager dies when he falls from the top of a boiler in California.
9/26/1999 1999CA001 CA Truck driver run over by tractor-trailer at trash transfer station and dies in California.
7/7/1999 1998CA017 CA Hod carrier dies and three co-workers injured in fall from rolling tower scaffold in California.
5/12/1999 1998CA016 CA Tile roofer supervisor falls from roof of multi-story building and dies in California.
2/26/1999 1998CA013 CA Janitor falls from personnel platform resting on forklift prongs and dies in California.
2/24/1999 1998NJ064 NJ Building maintenance worker dies after falling down a material lift shaft.
2/12/1999 1998CA011 CA Laborer falls through skylight opening in warehouse roof to the ground below and dies in California.
1/30/1999 1998MA035 MA Temporary laborer dies in fish processing plant in Massachusetts.
10/22/1998 1998CA005 CA Laborer/helper falls through opening in warehouse roof to the floor below and dies in California.
10/5/1998 1998CA004 CA Poultry worker is caught in the metal paddles of a feather dryer and dies in California.
9/10/1998 1998CA002 CA Fumigator falls off roof during tenting and dies in California.
5/24/1998 1997KY022 KY Migrant worker killed in 22-foot fall inside building.
2/27/1998 1997NJ069 NJ Worker killed by 90 foot fall from roof canopy.
12/6/1997 1997CA009 CA Laborer is crushed by a clam shell bucket when it disconnects from its crane in California.
8/29/1997 1996MA016 MA Landscaper dies when struck by front end loader in Massachusetts.
3/26/1997 1996CA013 CA Carpenter dies in a fall from a ladder when circular saw slashes his neck in California.
1/6/1997 1996CA014 CA Plumber is electrocuted when he contacts the frayed wires of his work light in California.
1/2/1997 1995MA027 MA New Jersey painter/de-leader dies in fall from suspended scaffold in water tank in Massachusetts.
12/20/1996 1996MA027 MA Self-employed Massachusetts siding installer dies after 11 foot fall from scaffold.
11/25/1996 1996CA005 CA Maintenance engineer dies after falling approximately 45 feet from a catwalk in California.
11/25/1996 1996NJ042 NJ Electrical testing laboratory technician killed after contacting 26,000 volts and falling from a ladder.
10/25/1996 1996CA007 CA Laborer dies in trench cave-in in California.
10/25/1996 1996CA008 CA Welder dies when crushed by a falling structural steel beam tipped over by a crane in California.
10/17/1996 1996CA012 CA Truck driver dies when run over by heavy equipment in California.
10/9/1996 1996CA009 CA Shipfitter/welder dies when an oxygen cylinder explodes in California.
9/4/1996 1996CA001 CA Truck driver dies when crushed by forklift in California.
6/10/1996 1995CA020 CA Truck driver dies when run over by heavy equipment in California.
5/10/1996 1995CA017 CA Laborer dies in trench cave-in in California.
3/21/1996 1995MA039 MA Construction laborer crushed by asphalt truck while paving interstate highway.
3/18/1996 1995NJ080 NJ Electrical helper electrocuted after contacting 460 volts while servicing an overhead light fixture.
2/24/1996 1995CA012 CA Sheet operator dies after being crushed by the forks on a sheeting unit in California.
1/16/1996 1996MA023 MA Self-employed painter in Massachusetts dies in fall of twelve feet from "widow's walk" at a single-family home.
10/17/1995 1994MA068 MA Massachusetts public utility electrician electrocuted during routine operations and maintenance.
10/7/1995 1995CA006 CA Recycling packer dies after being crushed by a recycling ram in California.
6/15/1995 1992CA007 CA Laborer drowns in flooded pipeline after water main was ruptured by a backhoe in California.
5/15/1995 1994NJ124 NJ Handy man dies after falling 25 feet from a house roof.
4/24/1995 1994CA012 CA Lumberyard orderman died from injuries sustained after a laminated beam falls on him in California.
2/25/1995 1994MA021 MA Massachusetts laborer dies when caught in conveyor machinery at scrap metal business.
12/22/1994 1994CA009 CA Warehouseman dies from asphyxiation in salt storage bin in California.
11/25/1994 1994MA018 MA Temporary worker dies when crushed in screen printing press.
11/9/1994 1994CA005 CA Construction foreman dies after falling approximately 28 feet during roofing retro-fit operation in California.
10/17/1994 1993MA012 MA Massachusetts metal building assembler dies in fall from rooftop.
8/2/1994 1994MA007 MA Massachusetts plant operator dies in fall at a petroleum marketing terminal.
4/27/1994 1994MA001 MA Massachusetts mason dies in fall from construction site scaffolding.
3/24/1994 1992CA015 CA Warehouse laborer falls and dies after being lifted by a forklift to retrieve boxes in warehouse in California.
2/5/1994 1993CA007 CA Tree trimmer falls from tree and dies in California.
2/3/1994 1993MA003 MA Massachusetts carpentry foreman dies when metal ladder contacts overhead public utility powerline.
1/12/1994 1993MA008 MA Bridge painter dies in fall while working on Massachusetts bridge.
4/15/1993 1992CA001 CA Laborer dies after inhaling fumes and drowning in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA006 CA Construction laborer electrocuted by energized crane in California.
4/15/1993 1992CA010 CA Equipment operator dies after being crushed by a beam during a demolition operation in California.
11/27/1992 1992CA009 CA Painter falls from an apartment complex window and dies in California.
10/23/1992 1992CA004 CA Machine operator crushed in conveyor belt in California.
5/5/1992 1992MA007 MA Demolition laborer dies in fall through roof opening in Massachusetts.
2/12/1992 1991MA002 MA Custodian dies in a confined space in a hospital laundry.
8/26/1991 1991MA004 MA Carpenter dies after falling 11 feet off a ladder jack scaffold in Massachusetts.

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