Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Prevention Through Design
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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5/7/2020 2018MA001 MA Landscape construction laborer compressed between compact excavator and steel beam at residential site - Massachusetts.
12/10/2018 2016MI071 MI 23-Year-old laborer was overcome and drowned when he entered a 10,500-gallon molasses tank to reposition a drain pipe - Michigan.
8/2/2018 2018WA052044 WA A boat maintenance crew supervisor dies of carbon monoxide poisoning while using a gasoline-powered pressure washer.
7/10/2018 2018WA052 WA Maintenance mechanic dies after being burned by hot boric acid solution while removing pump.
6/29/2018 2017KY034 KY Dump truck driver loses control and flips truck resulting in fire.
5/24/2018 2016NY009 NY Operator of a trailer tipper fatally struck by a tractor trailer at a landfill.
5/8/2018 2016NY066 NY Worker crushed unloading steel waste container.
4/25/2018 2014MI118 MI Farm worker died when unsupported combine head fell onto him during repair activities in a bean field.
4/25/2018 2016MI149 MI Farmer died when clothing was entangled in a rotating power take off shaft.
3/20/2018 2017CA002 CA A bathtub refinisher dies from methylene chloride exposure while removing paint from a bathtub.
1/22/2018 2012WA015 WA Forklift operator dies when crushed between forklift overhead guard and mast, Washington.
8/31/2017 2017CA001 CA Laborer dies of carbon monoxide poisoning when he operates a gasoline-powered concrete saw indoors.
5/24/2017 2013WA015 WA Orchard tractor operator dies when run over by rotary mower after falling from tractor.
8/30/2016 2014NY013 NY Flatbed truck starts on its own, crushing auto body shop worker - New York.
3/21/2016 2015KY030 KY Driver exits burning semi-truck and falls to his death.
2/29/2016 2013MA036 MA Truck driver fatally injured when the forklift he was operating falls off a loading dock - Massachusetts.
12/21/2015 2014MA1NF MA High school student sustains a partial fingertip amputation while using a jointer in wood shop - Massachusetts.
11/16/2015 2011WA012 WA Truck driver dies after being struck by semi-trailer truck in trailer lot of customer yard.
6/26/2015 2013MA026 MA Temporary worker fell from a fixed ladder inside a building being renovated - Massachusetts.
5/22/2015 2013MA032 MA Laborer compressed between the top rail of a scissor lift guardrail and a steel beam - Massachusetts.
4/21/2015 2010WA031 WA Two propane gas supplier workers electrocuted when boom truck crane's boom contacts 7,200 volt overhead power line.
3/3/2015 2013NJ049 NJ Warehouse worker falls from elevated forklift platform - New Jersey.
2/11/2015 2014KY022 KY Foreman falls into running auger after stepping on door panel with broken door interlocks.
2/2/2015 2009NY095 NY Tower technician killed when guyed tower collapsed.
1/28/2015 2009MI075 MI Semi-truck driver died when struck by precast concrete panel that fell from semi trailer.
8/6/2014 2014KY012 KY Hispanic laborer is crushed by gantry roller press while retrieving a dropped hammer.
7/17/2014 2012NY033 NY Restaurant co-owner fatally crushed by a dumbwaiter car.
6/18/2014 2012MA016 MA Municipal police officer fatally injured when struck by a backing dump truck - Massachusetts.
4/15/2014 2012MA013 MA Municipal electrician dies after falling out of an aerial lift truck's raised bucket after it was struck by a semi-tractor trailer - Massachusetts.
3/17/2014 2013MI019 MI Bus driver died while attempting to open bus doors while bus was moving.
2/24/2014 2010WA048 WA Timber harvester operator killed following a chain shot incident.
1/30/2014 2011MA050 MA Temporary worker died while cleaning a double auger screw conveyor machine.
10/30/2013 2012MA007 MA Electrician electrocuted while troubleshooting envelope manufacturing machine - Massachusetts.
9/13/2013 2011NY043 NY Operator killed when horizontal auger boring machine overturned.
2/26/2013 2011MA019 MA Refuse collector was fatally injured when struck by a backing refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
2/11/2013 2009WA047 WA Orchard laborer dies when crushed between a motor grader and semi-truck in Washington State.
12/14/2012 2010NY060 NY Department of public works worker and a volunteer firefighter died in a sewer manhole.
7/15/2012 2010WA001 WA Machinist dies after being struck by rotating steel bar stock in lathe in Washington State.
4/30/2012 2011CA006 CA An automotive mechanic dies from thermal burns when the gasoline he was pouring into a vehicle ignited.
3/30/2012 2011CA003 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted when a tree branch falls onto energized electric power lines.
3/23/2012 2010MA036 MA Carpenter fell from the roof of a single family home under construction.
1/23/2012 2011MA008 MA Municipal lead custodian dies in fall from mobile scaffolding.
1/5/2012 2011CA001 CA A plumber dies when he falls from the second floor of a building after stepping on unsupported plywood formwork.
1/5/2012 2011CA002 CA A day laborer dies when he falls off a scaffold.
12/19/2011 2011MA1NF MA Two 11th grade students shocked in separate incidents in the same electrical technology vocational school program - Massachusetts.
10/31/2011 2010MI075 MI Farmer run over by tractor during idle adjustment.
10/27/2011 2008KY025 KY Semi-truck driver dies after striking a bridge abutment.
10/26/2011 2010MA032 MA Immigrant roofer struck by a bag of gravel that fell from a roof - Massachusetts.
10/26/2011 2010MI013 MI Tub refinisher died due to methylene chloride overexposure while stripping a bathtub.
9/20/2011 2010CA011 CA An orchard caretaker dies when he is pulled into a wood chipper.
7/25/2011 2009MI009 MI Construction laborer pinned under tire of articulated machine.
7/25/2011 2009MI049 MI Commercial roofer died when struck by a falling load of palletized roofing material.
7/25/2011 2009MI082 MI Golf course mechanic died when struck by falling ash tree.
7/25/2011 2009MI085 MI Truck driver struck by semi-tractor when walking in parking lot.
7/25/2011 2010MI006 MI Maintenance supervisor killed by fall while changing light bulb.
7/18/2011 2010MA019 MA Immigrant roofer electrocuted when an aluminum ladder platform hoist contacted overhead power line - Massachusetts.
7/11/2011 2009MA044 MA Mechanic repairing a multi terrain loader pinned between the loader's lift arm and frame - Massachusetts.
6/21/2011 2007NJ077 NJ Construction laborer dies after falling through temporary bridge "catch" platform, 75 feet to ground.
5/20/2011 2009MA042 MA Warehouse worker fatally injured when struck by falling metal grates - Massachusetts.
4/26/2011 2010CA007 CA A horticulture nursery owner dies when he slips and falls off a tractor.
4/26/2011 2010CA010 CA A groundsman working on a tree trimming crew dies when he is dragged or propelled onto a wood chipper feed table.
2/25/2011 2008MA028 MA Laborer dies after being backed over by dump truck at a nighttime highway work zone construction site - Massachusetts.
2/3/2011 2010CA005 CA A mechanic dies when he is crushed by the hydraulic arm of a recyclable refuse collection truck.
2/3/2011 2010CA006 CA A gardener dies when he falls out of a tree while trimming the branches.
2/3/2011 2010CA008 CA A construction worker dies when a fully extended scissor lift falls over.
11/4/2010 2010CA001 CA A laborer dies when he is struck by an exploding forklift multi-piece rim.
9/7/2010 2007OR057 OR Temporary mill worker killed in fall down manlift shaft.
9/1/2010 2010CA003 CA A solar panel installer dies when he falls off a roof.
7/27/2010 2007NY013 NY Mechanic dies after being pulled into a snow thrower.
7/14/2010 2008MA046 MA School traffic supervisor was fatally injured when struck by a motor vehicle - Massachusetts.
7/8/2010 2010CA002 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is crushed by palm tree branches.
6/30/2010 2008WA049 WA Assembler/fabricator dies when struck by "L" rack loaded with glass mirrors in Washington State.
6/16/2010 2009MA031 MA Municipal laborer dies after being struck by a motor vehicle while closing a water gate valve - Massachusetts.
6/11/2010 2008MA054 MA Municipal forestry foreman drowns while on emergency duty during an ice storm - Massachusetts.
6/4/2010 2008MA042 MA Laborer dies after falling from an aluminum extension ladder at a residential construction site - Massachusetts.
6/2/2010 2009CA010 CA A tree trimmer dies when he falls from a tree and is struck by a limb.
6/1/2010 2008MA019 MA Forklift operator crushed between forklift cage and mast while loading waste paper into a trailer - Massachusetts.
5/27/2010 2009KY081 KY Semi team driver dies after being ejected from sleeper berth.
5/26/2010 2009CA008 CA A welder dies when the scissor lift he was operating tips over.
5/16/2010 2009CA009 CA Janitor dies when he falls into a baling machine that bales cardboard for recycling.
3/31/2010 2008MA026 MA Plumbing supply warehouse worker dies in a fall from a raised order picker - Massachusetts.
3/10/2010 2008NJ079 NJ 69-Year-old sanitation worker run over by refuse truck.
3/10/2010 2008NJ052 NJ 55-Year-old communications tower worker killed after falling 60 feet.
3/1/2010 2008NY067 NY Contractor crushed against the cab of a dump truck by the dump body.
2/17/2010 2007KY091 KY Team semi driver dies after rig is struck by impaired driver.
2/10/2010 2009CA006 CA Print machine operator is strangled when his shirt is caught on a rotating knob.
1/28/2010 2008MI062 MI Machinist dies when he came into contact with a rotating vertical cutting head of a gantry mill.
12/21/2009 2008MA1NF MA A cooperative placement 11th grade student was injured while operating a jointer in a millwork shop - Massachusetts.
11/6/2009 2009MA020 MA Municipal laborer dies after falling off the back of a forward moving refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
10/5/2009 2003WA039 WA A 16-Year-old worker dies when struck by a portable gantry crane used as an engine hoist in Washington State.
9/24/2009 2008MA037 MA Police officer dies when struck by a car at night while directing traffic at a local fair - Massachusetts.
6/26/2009 2008NJ003 NJ A 60-year-old Hispanic maintenance worker killed when a pressure vessel exploded; eight others injured.
4/9/2009 2008MA001 MA Truck driver suffocates when engulfed while clearing jammed woodchips being unloaded from an open top trailer with a movable floor unloading system - Massachusetts.
4/6/2009 2007CA011 CA Machine operator dies when a molding press machine closes on him.
4/6/2009 2005NJ099 NJ Crane failure kills worker at scrap metal recycling yard.
4/2/2009 2008CA007 CA Machine operator in a plastic recycling facility dies after being caught in a bale breaker machine.
3/19/2009 2006NJ076 NJ Hispanic day laborer electrocuted when an aluminum extension ladder contacted an overhead power line.
3/13/2009 2007NJ044 NJ 23-Year-old Hispanic road maintenance worker struck by wheel that separated from the trailer axle of a tractor-trailer truck.
12/11/2008 2007NJ038 NJ Cargo handler killed by airplane tail stand tip-over during transport.
10/31/2008 2008KY007 KY Roofing foreman dies from telescopic boom lift fall.
7/31/2008 2004WA080 WA Maintenance worker electrocuted while attempting to change a light bulb in Washington State.
5/26/2008 2005MA035 MA A machine operator dies after becoming caught in a computer numerical controlled vertical milling machine - Massachusetts.
3/31/2008 2003WA038 WA Two teen workers asphyxiate in an agricultural silo.
3/26/2008 2007KY070 KY Semi-tractor trailer driver hauling chicken dies after striking a rock wall.
3/12/2008 2006NJ078 NJ 43-Year-old construction foreman dies after struck by steel pile.
12/10/2007 2005OR043 OR Mill worker killed by flying chunk of wood from chipper.
10/11/2007 2006NY001 NY Worker crushed by a crate of glass at a residential construction site.
9/10/2007 2005MA018 MA Temporary laborer was fatally injured when caught between an idler pulley and conveyor belt at a recycling facility - Massachusetts.
8/30/2007 2006CA006 CA A machine operator died when caught in the threads being wound onto the take-up spool of a warping machine.
8/30/2007 2006CA005 CA A Hispanic machine operator died when struck in the abdomen by a piece of acrylic being milled on a vertical milling machine.
8/28/2007 2004MA006 MA Worker killed when caught inside a palletizer hoist area - Massachusetts.
8/14/2007 2006NJ063 NJ Worker pinned between forklift and boom truck in industrial yard.
7/27/2007 2007NY092 NY Newspaper carrier killed in a two-car head-on collision.
7/9/2007 2006MA1NF MA Two 10th grade students injured in separate incidents in the same mill/carpentry vocational school shop - Massachusetts.
6/25/2007 2002WA019 WA Temporary construction worker dies after falling from a scaffold plank in Washington State.
6/11/2007 2006OR006 OR Worker killed when jacket pocket activated machinery.
6/8/2007 2006MI009 MI Machine operator dies after being struck by a shredder grate during shredding machine maintenance.
3/20/2007 2005MA074 MA Landscaper dies inside the hopper of a truck mounted pneumatic blower - Massachusetts.
2/23/2007 2004MA002 MA Assistant supervisor dies while releasing a jammed product from a plastic injection molding machine - Massachusetts.
2/1/2007 2005NJ081 NJ Groundman killed by falling tree section at tree removal operation.
1/29/2007 2005NJ007 NJ Three Hispanic acetylene manufacturing plant workers killed in explosion.
1/5/2007 2005MI060 MI Golf course worker dies after being pinned under an overturned tee box mower.
11/17/2006 2006CA002 CA A machine operator's helper died when caught in a slitting machine.
11/13/2006 2005NJ090 NJ School crossing guard struck and killed by a sport utility vehicle.
10/23/2006 2002WA048 WA Maintenance worker killed when struck by a vehicle along a highway in Washington State.
9/27/2006 2005MA059 MA Worker killed when crushed by multiple granite slabs - Massachusetts.
8/24/2006 2005NJ077 NJ Recycling collector dies after falling under the wheels of his truck.
8/4/2006 2005OR024 OR Excavation worker killed by flying rigging when hook fails.
6/28/2006 2004OR052 OR Logger killed by swinging tree in yarding operation.
5/1/2006 2005KY089 KY Passenger dies when semi-truck trailer hits cow in roadway.
3/23/2006 2005OR005 OR Operator crushed while repairing running machine.
3/23/2006 2004OR015 OR Fabricator killed by ruptured hydraulic press fitting.
2/22/2006 2005NJ003 NJ Worker killed in a fall in a bakery fermentation tank.
2/9/2006 2003OR021 OR Worker killed in wood-dust fire sparked by faulty fuse.
2/9/2006 2004OR037 OR Janitor using propane buffer killed by carbon monoxide.
2/9/2006 2005OR007 OR Technician crushed when aerial platform lift engaged.
2/2/2006 2005CA003 CA A helper on a steel-slitting machine died when caught in between some sheet metal and the rewind cylinder.
1/26/2006 2004OR007 OR Nursery laborer killed in skid-steer loader.
1/25/2006 2004OR005 OR Machine operator electrocuted while shoveling pellets.
1/5/2006 2005OR008 OR Mechanic killed while inspecting masonry stacker machine.
12/13/2005 2005KY036 KY Dump truck driver dies after unintentional release of asphalt.
11/30/2005 2003MA041 MA City equipment operator killed when run over by a rotary riding mower.
11/4/2005 2005NY034 NY Guatemalan tree-service worker killed when pulled into brush chipper.
10/31/2005 2003MA030 MA Crane operator killed when outrigger sinks into unstable soil causing the crane to overturn.
10/11/2005 2004CA012 CA A forklift operator died when he was crushed in the mast of a forklift.
10/4/2005 2003NJ085 NJ Hispanic construction worker killed when struck by excavator bucket.
10/4/2005 2004NJ059 NJ Hispanic factory worker dies of burns after improperly testing a 480-volt electrical bus bar.
9/30/2005 2004OR010 OR Forklift crushes operator working underneath on starter.
9/19/2005 2004NJ074 NJ Maintenance supervisor crushed under a falling gantry crane.
8/23/2005 2004MI180 MI Mill hand dies when drill was thrown from shattered hardened steel tool extension and strikes him in chest.
7/29/2005 2002WA034 WA Utility construction supervisor killed when struck by a pickup truck at a work zone in Washington State.
7/13/2005 2004CA011 CA A machine operator died when he was caught between a conveyor belt and tension roller underneath an industrial machine.
7/8/2005 2003MA018 MA Laborer is killed when backed over by asphalt milling machine.
7/6/2005 2003MA034 MA Youth killed while operating a forklift at a plumbing supply company.
7/4/2005 2005NY001 NY Teenage farm worker dies during silage defacer entanglement.
6/8/2005 2004IA059 IA 45-Year-old cattle farmer entangled in exposed rotating conveyor shaft.
6/8/2005 2004IA060 IA 53-Year-old cattle farmer entangled in exposed rotating conveyor shaft.
5/18/2005 2003OR016 OR Load of lumber shifts and falls on construction worker killing him.
5/9/2005 2004KY060 KY Horse farm owner dies when pinned under golf cart.
4/1/2005 2003OR040 OR Effort to clear rock jam in operating rock crusher fatal.
3/3/2005 2004NJ013 NJ 20-Year-old man killed when struck by tree falling from tree-cutting machine.
2/15/2005 2003NJ100 NJ DPW employee dies after falling off the trailer hitch of a leaf vacuum.
1/26/2005 2003MA006 MA Vibratory hammer operator killed when crushed between a crane superstructure and its left rear track.
12/27/2004 2000WA012 WA Temporary worker killed when caught in machinery at a bottling pant in Washington State.
12/22/2004 2003MA057 MA Laborer killed while inflating a tire mounted on a multi-piece rim wheel.
12/16/2004 2003MA001 MA Hospital employee clearing snow killed when his skid-steer loader broke through a ventilation grate located in a sidewalk.
12/14/2004 2003NJ091 NJ Hispanic construction worker dies after fall from an improvised scaffold.
12/1/2004 2003KY124 KY Metal fabrication shop owner dies when crushed by falling steel plate.
11/29/2004 2003NJ086 NJ Laborer crushed under overturned road milling machine.
11/20/2004 2004CA004 CA Two heavy equipment mechanics electrocuted while working on a large earth moving piece of construction equipment called a scraper.
11/19/2004 2004NY024 NY Machinist crushed by a steel spool while working on a hydraulic lift table.
11/5/2004 2003KY087 KY Laborer dies when caught in arms of a skidsteer loader.
11/3/2004 2003NJ043 NJ Hispanic arborist's helper struck and killed by a falling tree.
9/23/2004 2003NJ093 NJ Motocross track owner killed when tractor overturned.
9/23/2004 2004CA002 CA A saw operator dies when struck by an aluminum plate that fell from a vacuum crane.
9/15/2004 2004CA003 CA A crane oiler dies when crushed between the counterweights and the rotating superstructure of a mobile crane.
8/30/2004 2003NJ042 NJ Hispanic tree trimmer killed after being pulled into a wood chipper.
8/30/2004 2003NJ054 NJ Municipal road worker struck by a truck at a worksite.
8/30/2004 2003NJ070 NJ Highway worker struck and killed by an auto while filling potholes.
8/10/2004 2004OR003 OR Sawmill worker crushed during debarker maintenance.
8/5/2004 2000WA041 WA City worker killed when struck by a dump truck in Washington State.
7/15/2004 2004NY002 NY Contractor run over by front-end loader at city salt stockyard.
7/6/2004 2002MA016 MA Temporary Hispanic laborer dies after being struck by a turning devices at a concrete product manufacturing facility - Massachusetts.
4/6/2004 2003NJ010 NJ Construction worker struck and killed by a pile falling from a crane.
4/6/2004 2003NJ020 NJ Forklift operator killed when his forklift is overturned by a backing truck.
3/3/2004 2003KY056 KY 28-Year-old sound technician dies after falling from lift.
2/24/2004 2002MA001 MA Massachusetts laborer dies after arm is caught in rock crushing machine conveyor belt.
2/20/2004 2003NJ021 NJ Hispanic quarry supervisor struck by machine part during maintenance.
2/6/2004 2001MA041 MA Vehicle mounted work platform tips killing bridge inspector - Massachusetts.
12/30/2003 2002MA002 MA Machine operator dies after becoming caught in a shirt pressing machine - Massachusetts.
12/5/2003 2003OR018 OR Auto salvage worker killed by unsecured car on transporter.
11/24/2003 2002NY026 NY Machine operator dies of crushing injuries when caught by a bridle roller on a hot tin coating line.
11/1/2003 2003CA004 CA A machine operator died when caught in a plastic injection molding machine.
10/30/2003 2003OR007 OR Logger killed as skyline cable whips free of slash pile.
10/21/2003 2003OR022 OR Shipyard welder ignites hydraulic fluid and is fatally burned.
10/21/2003 2003OR006 OR Logger killed by falling sheave when yarder tower collapses.
9/30/2003 2003KY073 KY Bulldozer owner/operator drowns while trying to repair a pond.
9/18/2003 2003KY049 KY Bulldozer owner/operator dies when thrown off bulldozer track.
8/7/2003 2002NJ030 NJ Crane rigger/spotter run over by mobile gantry crane.
8/6/2003 2002NJ081 NJ Forklift operator dies after backing his forklift off a loading dock.
7/27/2003 2003CA001 CA A machine operator died when crushed in an automatic feed system of a cardboard box waxing machine.
7/16/2003 2003OR015 OR Construction worker dies when he leans out of the protective cage of a skid steer forklift and is crushed.
7/8/2003 2002NY096 NY Worker fatally injured by steel blade while cleaning a dough machine.
6/17/2003 2002KY106 KY 21 Year-old male dies when struck in the head with a track hoe bucket.
6/17/2003 2002KY127 KY 41 Year-old male dies after being struck in the head with an auger.
3/18/2003 2002NJ003 NJ Industrial metals recovery worker killed in explosion.
3/11/2003 2002KY041 KY Two laborers die from a scaffolding fall inside a water tank.
2/5/2003 2001NJ129 NJ Field engineer struck by vehicle while painting highway markings.
1/10/2003 2002NJ021 NJ 17-Year-old pizza delivery driver killed in a motor vehicle accident.
12/3/2002 2002NJ025 NJ Landscaper crushed between backhoe and truck.
10/22/2002 2002KY074 KY Asphalt compactor operator dies when machine slides and falls 17 feet.
10/1/2002 2001NJ117 NJ Landscaper electrocuted and two workers seriously injured when a felled tree landed on an overhead power line.
9/19/2002 2000MA069 MA State worker fatally injured while operating a bulldozer at a state mental health facility - Massachusetts.
7/3/2002 2001NJ098 NJ Jackhammer operator run over by a truck in a highway work zone.
6/27/2002 2000KY119 KY 15-Year-old dies in utility golf cart overturn.
6/13/2002 2001NJ108 NJ Worker killed in compressed air explosion at a tire retread plant.
6/13/2002 2001CA010 CA An industrial washing machine operator died when pulled inside a machine while loading sheets.
6/3/2002 2000MA070 MA A 61-year-old salesman dies after falling 10 feet from an operator-up high lift truck.
5/22/2002 2000KY096 KY Construction worker dies after being struck by a falling excavator bucket.
4/25/2002 2001NJ118 NJ 15-Year-old youth crushed while cleaning a dough mixing machine.
3/12/2002 2001NJ092 NJ Machine operator killed in masonry block palletizing machine.
3/7/2002 2001NJ020 NJ Truck driver killed in highway work zone collision.
3/6/2002 2000NJ111 NJ Laborer killed when a truck struck a backhoe and pinned the victim between the backhoe and a dumpster.
2/26/2002 2001NJ055 NJ Tree climber crushed by falling tree section.
9/27/2001 2001NJ019 NJ Machine operator killed while trying to repair a conveyor belt.
9/26/2001 2001NJ027 NJ Warehouseman crushed between two rolls of coiled steel.
9/20/2001 2000NJ040 NJ Machine assembler crushed between machine sections during assembly.
7/19/2001 2000NJ073 NJ Electrician killed when scissor lift tips over in New Jersey.
5/31/2001 1999NJ091 NJ Tow truck helper run over while unloading a car from a flatbed truck in New Jersey.
5/23/2001 2000NJ087 NJ Groundsman killed by falling tree section during tree trimming work in New Jersey.
5/20/2001 2000MA058 MA Massachusetts youth killed while operating forklift at seafood processing facility.
1/19/2001 2000CA007 CA Electrician dies when crushed between the rails of a workbasket mounted on a hydraulic crane and the face of an industrial neon-fluorescent sign.
1/5/2001 2000MA003 MA Massachusetts stock clerk dies from fall out of a tipped vertical lift.
12/21/2000 2000MA035 MA Massachusetts laborer crushed in baler at paper recycling facility.
9/8/2000 1999MA032 MA A self-employed welder fatally injured during an explosion while welding a rim wheel to repair air leaks.
8/18/2000 1999NJ108 NJ Municipal utility worker falls while clearing a clog in a conveyor chute.
7/28/2000 1999NJ031 NJ Laborer dies after falling down stairs at a plastic bag manufacturing plant.
7/13/2000 1999NJ090 NJ Laborer crushed between the cross member of the boom lift-arms and frame of a skid-steer loader.
6/28/2000 1999MA070 MA Massachusetts foundry manager dies when caught in die casting machine.
6/7/2000 1999MA058 MA Massachusetts inventory control clerk dies after falling from a high lift order picker truck.
5/31/2000 1999NJ062 NJ Machine operator crushed in a paper-pulp storage tank.
2/24/2000 1999NJ024 NJ Recycling plant laborer engulfed by a load of plastics on a conveyor in New Jersey.
1/24/2000 1999NJ041 NJ Iron worker dies in 42 foot fall after stepping through roof insulation.
12/21/1999 1999MA033 MA A Massachusetts drill press operator strangled after his shirtsleeve was caught and tightened by rotating drill bit.
11/30/1999 1998WA063 WA Night foreman killed after falling from a hay de-stacker in Washington State.
8/31/1999 1998NJ082 NJ Heavy equipment operator killed when pinned under a backhoe tire.
8/26/1999 1998MA021 MA Massachusetts pile driver dies when struck by pile in trench.
7/6/1999 1998CA014 CA Equipment operator dies when ejected from and run over by his pavement compactor in California.
6/18/1999 1998NJ053 NJ Warehouse worker dies after falling from an order-picker forklift truck.
6/4/1999 1998MA049 MA Operator dies when caught between mast and cage of forklift in a Massachusetts warehouse.
4/29/1999 1998NJ073 NJ Iron worker killed when struck by a steel platform falling from two forklift trucks.
4/28/1999 1998NJ071 NJ Marine terminal laborer run over by a trailer being loaded onto a barge.
4/23/1999 1998NJ094 NJ Equipment operator killed after backing a forklift into an excavation.
2/26/1999 1998NJ047 NJ Worker suffocated when engulfed in a sand hopper.
2/26/1999 1998NJ055 NJ Carpenter dies after falling into a stairwell while installing a staircase.
2/25/1999 1998MA043 MA Self-employed electrician dies while driving aerial lift in parking garage.
2/24/1999 1998NJ064 NJ Building maintenance worker dies after falling down a material lift shaft.
2/2/1999 1998NJ038 NJ Laborer killed when forklift truck he was operating overturned.
1/30/1999 1998MA035 MA Temporary laborer dies in fish processing plant in Massachusetts.
1/17/1999 1998KY031 KY Factory worker caught in overhead conveyor while hanging transformers.
1/9/1999 1998KY044 KY Factory worker entangled in conveyor belt rollers.
11/1/1998 1998KY024 KY Farmer run over by tractor.
10/5/1998 1998NJ012 NJ Machine operator crushed while servicing a die cutting machine.
9/23/1998 1998NJ018 NJ Equipment operator killed when tree trunk crashes through window of excavator.
9/20/1998 1998WA060 WA Sawmill unscrambler operator killed when struck by a board ejected by trim saw in Washington State.
8/25/1998 1997NJ093 NJ Maintenance mechanic struck and killed by a falling conveyor platform.
8/21/1998 1998NJ025 NJ Sign company owner and helper electrocuted when a sign post contacts an overhead power line.
8/20/1998 1998NJ020 NJ Construction worker dies after falling 21 feet from a load of lumber on a forklift truck.
8/19/1998 1997NJ086 NJ Iron worker dies after falling 17 feet while building a roof.
8/3/1998 1997NJ114 NJ Worker asphyxiated when caught in rotating shaft of cable reel trailer.
7/9/1998 1997NJ115 NJ Municipal road worker run over by a leaf vacuuming truck.
6/22/1998 1997NJ112 NJ Roofer dies after falling 41 feet through an airport hangar roof.
5/15/1998 1997NJ059 NJ Air-conditioning service technician dies after falling from a fixed ladder while climbing to a roof hatch in New Jersey.
4/27/1998 1998CA003 CA Electrician apprentice dies when his neck is crushed by a scissor lift in California.
4/7/1998 1997NJ087 NJ Roofer dies after falling 23 feet through a school skylight in New Jersey.
3/20/1998 1997NJ051 NJ School HVAC mechanic electrocuted after contacting an energized 480 volt heating coil.
2/27/1998 1997NJ069 NJ Worker killed by 90 foot fall from roof canopy.
2/25/1998 1997NJ062 NJ Painter dies after falling from a stepladder while painting an outdoor stairway.
2/25/1998 1997NJ067 NJ Iron worker dies after falling 26 feet from a steel beam.
2/23/1998 1997NJ047 NJ Forklift operator crushed to death between forklift truck cage and metal beam.
2/23/1998 1997NJ078 NJ Recycling plant worker killed when caught in a closing overhead bay door.
1/30/1998 1997NJ045 NJ Maintenance contractor dies after falling from a ladder.
12/11/1997 1997KY110 KY Skidder operator thrown from vehicle during rollover.
11/1/1997 1997IA031 IA Farmer crushed under a skid-steer loader bucket.
10/3/1997 1997NJ022 NJ Marina worker drowns after falling into water.
8/29/1997 1996MA016 MA Landscaper dies when struck by front end loader in Massachusetts.
8/25/1997 1996KY125 KY Pug mill operator killed after entanglement.
6/26/1997 1997KY044 KY Tractor/baler operator killed in entanglement.
6/2/1997 1996CA016 CA Warehouseman dies when crushed by forklift in California.
5/1/1997 1996KY122 KY Sawmill worker killed by circular saw.
5/1/1997 1996IA067 IA Sheet metal roofer slips and falls through joint in ceiling - Iowa.
4/30/1997 1996NJ077 NJ Dairy farmer killed in cattle feeding machine incident.
3/27/1997 1996NJ074 NJ Tree trimmer killed when a branch to which he was tied broke and his lifeline failed.
3/25/1997 1996NJ060 NJ Fire chief dies 10 days after exposure to toxic gases and smoke.
3/24/1997 1996NJ056 NJ Warehouse supervisor dies after falling 9 feet from the forks of a forklift truck.
3/21/1997 1996NJ080 NJ Stone worker crushed to death under toppled granite slabs.
3/18/1997 1996NJ062 NJ Warehouse checker crushed under a 4,000 pound crate falling from a forklift truck.
3/6/1997 1996MA037 MA Independent contractor dies when struck by protective hood from chipper/shredder at waste management facility in Massachusetts.
2/27/1997 1997CA001 CA Crane oiler dies when crushed between a crawler crane cab and track in California.
2/26/1997 1996NJ058 NJ Masonry laborer killed when run over by a rough terrain forklift truck.
2/21/1997 1996NJ026 NJ Recycling center laborer crushed in a vertical upstroke baling machine.
1/9/1997 1996KY071 KY Farmer killed when caught in hay baler.
1/7/1997 1996CA010 CA Operator dies when his front-end loader falls into an excavation and crushes him in California.
12/30/1996 1996NJ059 NJ Iron worker dies after falling 18 feet while constructing a roof.
12/6/1996 1996KY050 KY Front end loader overturns on seed/fertilizer store owner.
12/3/1996 1996NJ044 NJ Municipal maintenance worker killed when struck with the steel coupling of an out-of-control high pressure water hose.
12/1/1996 1996IA033 IA Gravel pit worker dies while cleaning off a stalled conveyor belt - Iowa.
11/25/1996 1996NJ042 NJ Electrical testing laboratory technician killed after contacting 26,000 volts and falling from a ladder.
11/22/1996 1996NJ037 NJ Machinist crushed to death while cleaning a grinding machine.
11/7/1996 1995MA026 MA Foreman dies when struck by front end loader at a Massachusetts scrap metal recycling plant.
11/1/1996 1996CA011 CA Backhoe operator dies when run over by his backhoe in California.
10/31/1996 1996NJ029 NJ Warehouse worker dies after falling 9 feet from a forklift truck platform.
10/19/1996 1996KY028 KY Welder is crushed by rock chipper.
10/10/1996 1995CA018 CA Vineyard equipment operator dies after being crushed by a forklift in California.
9/25/1996 1995CA011 CA Crane operator falls 30 feet from a crane while working from a freeway overpass in California.
9/24/1996 1996NJ024 NJ Construction worker killed after falling through a wall opening in a stairwell.
8/7/1996 1996NJ010 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line.
6/27/1996 1996NJ003 NJ Laborer dies after falling 30 feet through a fire-vent skylight.
6/25/1996 1996KY105 KY Hunting preserve operator crushed by rotary cutter.
6/5/1996 1996KY046 KY Logs roll off truck at sawmill killing the truck driver.
5/3/1996 1995NJ108 NJ Machine operator crushed in a recycling center baling machine.
3/19/1996 1995KY126 KY Farmer dies in cornpicker.
3/18/1996 1995NJ080 NJ Electrical helper electrocuted after contacting 460 volts while servicing an overhead light fixture.
2/24/1996 1995CA012 CA Sheet operator dies after being crushed by the forks on a sheeting unit in California.
1/20/1996 1995IA019 IA Loading dock worker crushed between forklift and flatbed truck - Iowa.
1/13/1996 1995CA010 CA Equipment operator dies after the backhoe he was operating rolled off an embankment in California.
12/28/1995 1995MA020 MA Massachusetts woodworker dies when struck by knife launched from overhead router.
12/26/1995 1995NJ089 NJ Laborer dies after falling 25 feet through a skylight.
11/20/1995 1995NJ061 NJ Municipal utility worker electrocuted when a backhoe strikes an underground electrical transmission line.
11/20/1995 1995NJ070 NJ High school maintenance worker electrocuted after contacting a 277 volt electrical cable.
11/17/1995 1995NJ017 NJ Electrician killed when caught between a personnel lift and an overhead bay door.
11/13/1995 1995IA007 IA Construction worker falls to his death while repairing elevator - Iowa.
11/12/1995 1995IA006 IA Retired farmer dies in barnyard from tractor rollover.
11/2/1995 1995MA002 MA Massachusetts assembler/welder crushed to death beneath twelve ton steel tank.
10/27/1995 1995CA008 CA Shop foreman dies after being crushed by a forklift in California.
10/27/1995 1995IA005 IA Silo maintenance worker dies after getting caught in unloading auger.
10/11/1995 1995IA001 IA Farmer dies while cleaning foot pedals of skid-steer loader.
9/27/1995 1995NJ031 NJ Demolition laborer dies after falling 23 feet through a skylight.
9/11/1995 1995KY068 KY Welder is crushed by an unmanned pipelayer.
8/25/1995 1995NJ030 NJ Construction laborer killed after being entangled on a rotating directional drilling machine pipe.
7/17/1995 1994NJ150 NJ Laundry worker killed when struck by ejected ring of a commercial laundry extractor.
7/17/1995 1995NJ016 NJ Tree trimmer dies after falling with a fractured tree.
6/22/1995 1994NJ152 NJ Foreman killed after a forklift falls from a loading dock.
6/22/1995 1995NJ018 NJ Maintenance mechanic killed after being caught in a conveyor belt.
6/22/1995 1995NJ037 NJ Carpenter dies after falling from a ladder at a construction site.
6/8/1995 1994NJ114 NJ Groundman electrocuted during installation of pole mounted transformer.
5/15/1995 1994NJ124 NJ Handy man dies after falling 25 feet from a house roof.
5/1/1995 1994KY029 KY Tree trimmer dies after 50 foot fall while in bucket truck.
4/17/1995 1994NJ141 NJ Farm mechanic run over while servicing a tractor.
2/25/1995 1994MA021 MA Massachusetts laborer dies when caught in conveyor machinery at scrap metal business.
2/16/1995 1994NJ073 NJ Iron worker dies after falling 55 Feet through a bridge deck under construction.
2/1/1995 1994NJ090 NJ Lifeguard electrocuted after contacting an energized pump motor housing.
1/31/1995 1994NJ086 NJ Construction foreman killed and two workers injured when exposed to toxic gasses in a sewage pumping station dry well.
1/17/1995 1995NJ092 NJ Cable TV installer killed after falling 21 feet from a ladder.
12/23/1994 1993NJ093 NJ Tree trimmer dies after falling 60 feet from a tree.
12/8/1994 1994MA014 MA Massachusetts landscaper/laborer dies when crushed in small skid steer loader.
11/30/1994 1994NJ066 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted while trimming a tree.
11/25/1994 1994MA018 MA Temporary worker dies when crushed in screen printing press.
10/3/1994 1994NJ072 NJ Apprentice lineman dies after making contact with a high voltage transmission line through a wooden utility pole.
9/26/1994 1993NJ112 NJ Iron worker dies after falling 26 feet from structural steel.
9/26/1994 1993NJ126 NJ Sheet metal worker electrocuted after contacting 277 volts while replacing an overhead light fixture.
9/26/1994 1994NJ009 NJ Foreman crushed to death after being caught in a screw conveyor.
9/26/1994 1994NJ011 NJ Brick mason dies after falling 6 feet while climbing off a scaffold.
9/26/1994 1994NJ055 NJ Warehouse worker dies after falling 12 feet from a pallet raised on a forklift truck.
8/9/1994 1994KY045 KY Part-time farmer dies after pick-up truck over turns.
6/30/1994 1993NJ115 NJ Company owner dies after falling 15 feet down an freight elevator shaft.
6/28/1994 1993MA007 MA Massachusetts specialty foundation company laborer dies in machinery entanglement.
6/22/1994 1993NJ063 NJ Construction laborer electrocuted at school renovation site.
6/22/1994 1994NJ003 NJ Laborer dies after falling 8 feet while spreading a tarp on a trailer.
6/9/1994 1994MA010 MA Massachusetts concrete plant driver/yardman asphyxiated in materials hopper.
5/23/1994 1993NJ058 NJ Tugboat deckhand drowns after falling off barge into river.
4/19/1994 1993NJ090 NJ Road construction laborer dies after falling underneath the wheel of a front end loader.
4/9/1994 1993NJ089 NJ Drill operator electrocuted after contacting a 7,200 volt overhead power line while raising a drill rig boom.
4/4/1994 1993NJ085 NJ Construction foreman dies after falling 32 feet through a floor opening.
4/4/1994 1993NJ087 NJ Construction worker dies after falling 20 feet through an equipment hatch into a sewage pumping station wet well.
4/4/1994 1993NJ094 NJ Roofing estimator dies after falling 14 feet from the roof of a shopping center strip mall.
3/29/1994 1993NJ106 NJ School maintenance worker dies after falling 20 feet from a ladder while servicing an outdoor athletic field light.
2/9/1994 1994NJ092 NJ Iron worker drowns after falling off barge into river.
2/9/1994 1994NJ132 NJ Engineer dies after falling from stairs while entering plant.
12/17/1993 1993NJ024 NJ Factory worker dies after fall from collapsing scaffold.
12/7/1993 1993NJ067 NJ Iron worker dies from fall from structural steel.
12/2/1993 1993NJ060 NJ Truck driver dies after falling 12 feet while securing a load of roof trusses.
12/1/1993 1993NJ069 NJ Roofer dies after falling 30 feet from a ladder when an aluminum pole contacts an overhead power line.
11/15/1993 1993NJ019 NJ Chief lineman electrocuted after contacting 4,200 volts while repairing a downed power line.
10/19/1993 1993IA014 IA Iowa farm worker suffocates after becoming trapped in a storage bin filled with an unstable grain product.
10/19/1993 1993IA015 IA Lineman electrocuted after contacting 7,200 volt transmission line while installing new pole.
9/1/1993 1993NJ034 NJ Sewage treatment plant worker dies after falling 12 feet through a floor opening.
8/19/1993 1993NJ036 NJ Laborer dies from fall from second floor window.
7/20/1993 1993NJ005 NJ Worker dies from multiple injuries after fall into baling machine.
7/13/1993 1992MA001 MA Massachusetts public utility lineman dies of thermal burns when aerial lift hydraulic hoses ruptured and ignited.
6/24/1993 1993NJ026 NJ One firefighter electrocuted and one seriously injured when an aluminum extension ladder contacts a 7,600 volt overhead power line.
5/27/1993 1993NJ007 NJ Dockman drowns after falling off pier into water.
5/21/1993 1992MA020 MA Massachusetts trash collection company operations manager dies when crushed between conveyor truck and dumpster.
12/2/1992 1992NJ046 NJ Welder dies following a 100 foot fall from a water tower.
10/23/1992 1992CA004 CA Machine operator crushed in conveyor belt in California.
9/13/1992 1992NJ005 NJ Machine operator crushed to death after falling into a plastic pellet blender.
8/18/1992 1992NJ008 NJ Overhead door mechanic dies after falling 16 feet from a ladder.
5/11/1992 1991NJ011 NJ Industrial painter dies after a 24 foot fall from an elevated pipeline.
4/16/1992 1992NJ001 NJ Dock builder dies after falling 35 feet from a steel sheet pile.
1/24/1992 1991NJ018 NJ Carpenter dies after falling 19 feet through a floor opening.
1/7/1992 1991NJ021 NJ Maintenance inspector dies after falling 36 feet down an elevator shaft.
10/11/1991 1990NJ014 NJ Laborer electrocuted while working at bottom of dry well at sewer pumping station.
7/23/1991 1991NJ006 NJ Factory worker electrocuted after contacting 480 volts while attempting to reset a relay in an electrical cabinet.

403 Records