Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Temporary Worker
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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10/30/2020 2018OR040 OR Newly hired lighting technician electrocuted while working night shift.
5/24/2018 2016NY009 NY Operator of a trailer tipper fatally struck by a tractor trailer at a landfill.
9/28/2015 2014KY039 KY Temporary electrician helper steps into unguarded elevator shaft and dies.
6/26/2015 2013MA026 MA Temporary worker fell from a fixed ladder inside a building being renovated - Massachusetts.
12/1/2014 2013OR008 OR Contract sanitation worker killed cleaning meat blending equipment.
1/30/2014 2011MA050 MA Temporary worker died while cleaning a double auger screw conveyor machine - Massachusetts.
5/20/2011 2009MA042 MA Warehouse worker fatally injured when struck by falling metal grates - Massachusetts.
11/4/2010 2010CA001 CA A laborer dies when he is struck by an exploding forklift multi-piece rim.
9/7/2010 2007OR057 OR Temporary mill worker killed in fall down manlift shaft.
1/5/2009 2007MA025 MA A painter falls 12 feet while painting a pump hose platform system - Massachusetts.
9/10/2007 2005MA018 MA Temporary laborer was fatally injured when caught between an idler pulley and conveyor belt at a recycling facility - Massachusetts.
6/25/2007 2002WA019 WA Temporary construction worker dies after falling from a scaffold plank in Washington State.
11/17/2006 2006CA002 CA A machine operator's helper died when caught in a slitting machine.
10/10/2006 2005OR018 OR Temporary mill worker dies in fall from tower catwalk.
2/9/2006 2004OR037 OR Janitor using propane buffer killed by carbon monoxide.
10/4/2005 2004NJ059 NJ Hispanic factory worker dies of burns after improperly testing a 480-volt electrical bus bar.
6/7/2005 2005OK024 OK A temporary production worker died when he was caught in a tread scrap machine.
2/25/2005 2004OK046 OK Hispanic youth laborer died after being struck by lightning.
12/27/2004 2000WA012 WA Temporary worker killed when caught in machinery at a bottling pant in Washington State.
9/23/2004 2004NY012 NY Flagger dies after being struck by a pickup truck in a highway work zone.
7/6/2004 2002MA016 MA Temporary Hispanic laborer dies after being struck by a turning devices at a concrete product manufacturing facility - Massachusetts.
11/20/2003 2003CA002 CA A laborer died when crushed between the forks and the cab of a trash truck.
8/1/2001 2001MI003 MI Operator crushed between a rotating barrel and its hoist support bar.
1/30/1999 1998MA035 MA Temporary laborer dies in fish processing plant in Massachusetts.
11/13/1998 1998NE029 NE Tractor overturn kills temporary worker.
10/31/1996 1996NJ029 NJ Warehouse worker dies after falling 9 feet from a forklift truck platform.
9/11/1996 1996MA011 MA Massachusetts temporary laborer is crushed in baler at recycling facility.
6/27/1996 1996NJ003 NJ Laborer dies after falling 30 feet through a fire-vent skylight.
12/26/1995 1995NJ089 NJ Laborer dies after falling 25 feet through a skylight.
11/17/1995 1995NJ017 NJ Electrician killed when caught between a personnel lift and an overhead bay door.
11/25/1994 1994MA018 MA Temporary worker dies when crushed in screen printing press.
4/18/1994 1993MA004 MA Cleaning company laborer crushed by toppled paper bales while working at Massachusetts recycling plant.
2/8/1993 1992MO030 MO Carpenter helper dies following fall from motorized utility cart in Missouri.

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