Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Waste Management and Remediation Services
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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8/10/2015 2015CA001 CA Lake maintenance worker drowns while removing weeds from a golf course lake.
7/9/2015 2013MI043 MI Truck driver crushed by roll off scrap metal box during unloading from truck.
12/5/2014 2013CA003 CA A welder dies when he is struck by a projectile from a truck's hydraulic tank.
6/7/2013 2011CA008 CA Two laborers die from hydrogen sulfide exposure in a confined space at an organic waste recycling facility.
2/26/2013 2011MA019 MA Refuse collector was fatally injured when struck by a backing refuse collection truck - Massachusetts.
10/22/2012 2012CA001 CA A supervisor dies when he is decapitated by a rope that was pulled into a wood chipper.
10/10/2012 2010IA005 IA Special-needs sanitation route helper caught in tailgate of waste collection truck.
2/3/2011 2010CA005 CA A mechanic dies when he is crushed by the hydraulic arm of a recyclable refuse collection truck.
1/11/2011 2010KY006 KY Municipal solid waste collector dies after falling from solid waste vehicle hopper area.
3/10/2010 2008NJ079 NJ 69-Year-old sanitation worker run over by refuse truck.
8/28/2009 2008KY074 KY Solid waste driver dies after single vehicle rollover.
9/24/2007 2007CA002 CA A Hispanic laborer dies when a stack of paper bales collapses onto him.
8/31/2007 2006CA007 CA An electrician was electrocuted while repairing a lighting circuit.
3/1/2007 2006NY084 NY Truck driver buried by mulch at town solid waste site.
8/24/2006 2005NJ077 NJ Recycling collector dies after falling under the wheels of his truck.
1/27/2006 2005CA008 CA A mechanic died when crushed by the lift bed of a trash roll-off truck.
9/30/2005 2004OR010 OR Forklift crushes operator working underneath on starter.
8/1/2005 2004CA013 CA Two maintenance mechanics died when a suspended steel dock plate fell on them.
7/28/2005 2005NY007 NY City employee killed when clothing became entangled around an unguarded PTO shaft on a salt truck.
1/17/2004 2003NY036 NY Truck driver dies during payloader crushing incident.
12/2/2003 2003MN016 MN Roll-off box truck driver dies after being pinned between hydraulic ram and hydraulic reservoir tank.
11/20/2003 2003CA002 CA A laborer died when crushed between the forks and the cab of a trash truck.
10/28/2003 2002CA008 CA A Hispanic female laborer was run over by a forklift that was moving a trash bin in a waste transfer and recycling station.
9/24/2003 2003OK016 OK Waste disposal worker was crushed between a waste disposal truck and a dumpster.
3/21/2002 2001IA001 IA Extra rider on garbage truck is killed when he falls under truck.
3/6/2002 2000NJ111 NJ Laborer killed when a truck struck a backhoe and pinned the victim between the backhoe and a dumpster.
1/25/2002 2001NE026 NE Youth landscaper pinned underneath front end loader.
12/21/2001 2001CA005 CA Maintenance worker is killed when backed over by a bucket loader at a glass recycling center.
9/27/2001 2001NJ019 NJ Machine operator killed while trying to repair a conveyor belt.
5/31/2001 1999NJ091 NJ Tow truck helper run over while unloading a car from a flatbed truck in New Jersey.
5/23/2001 2000NJ087 NJ Groundsman killed by falling tree section during tree trimming work in New Jersey.
4/19/2001 2000CA010 CA Tree trimmer dies when pulled into in a brush chipper.
12/21/2000 2000MA035 MA Massachusetts laborer crushed in baler at paper recycling facility.
6/1/2000 2000IA005 IA Sanitation assistant crushed between garbage truck and compactor.
2/24/2000 1999NJ024 NJ Recycling plant laborer engulfed by a load of plastics on a conveyor in New Jersey.
10/29/1999 1999CA005 CA Laborer/forklift operator dies when crushed by a forklift driven by a co-worker in California.
7/1/1999 1994MD009 MD Garbage collector run over by trash truck at a county landfill while signaling the driver in backing maneuver.
1/6/1999 1998TX112 TX A rear load helper, for a refuse collection company in Texas, died when he was crushed by the rear wheels of a refuse collection vehicle.
7/9/1998 1998NE011 NE Worker run over by compactor at landfill.
7/1/1998 1998MD005 MD An industrial truck operator was crushed when the forklift he was driving down a ramp skidded off a ramp and tipped over and pinned him between the forklift, the ground and a parked car.
2/23/1998 1997NJ078 NJ Recycling plant worker killed when caught in a closing overhead bay door.
3/6/1997 1996MA037 MA Independent contractor dies when struck by protective hood from chipper/shredder at waste management facility in Massachusetts.
2/24/1997 1996MN080 MN Operator dies after being crushed inside a side-loading waste-hauling truck.
2/21/1997 1996NJ026 NJ Recycling center laborer crushed in a vertical upstroke baling machine.
1/7/1997 1996CA010 CA Operator dies when his front-end loader falls into an excavation and crushes him in California.
12/6/1996 1996IN149 IN Laborer killed when forklift falls off loading dock.
9/11/1996 1996MA011 MA Massachusetts temporary laborer is crushed in baler at recycling facility.
5/3/1996 1995NJ108 NJ Machine operator crushed in a recycling center baling machine.
3/1/1996 1995IA033 IA Auto salvage yard worker crushed while working under car - Iowa.
1/16/1996 1995MO060 MO Sanitation worker struck by trash collection vehicle in Missouri.
1/12/1996 1995NE031 NE Laborer struck by steel pipe.
10/7/1995 1995CA006 CA Recycling packer dies after being crushed by a recycling ram in California.
6/22/1995 1995NJ018 NJ Maintenance mechanic killed after being caught in a conveyor belt.
12/29/1994 1994CO029 CO A 38-year-old recycle technician died as a result of injuries sustained when he fell into a cardboard compactor.
11/17/1994 1994MN057 MN Waste hauling service worker dies after he collapsed in an underground manure waste pit.
9/26/1994 1994NJ009 NJ Foreman crushed to death after being caught in a screw conveyor.
7/25/1994 1994MO032 MO Intoxicated refuse collector falls off of and is backed over by refuse truck.
5/21/1993 1992MA020 MA Massachusetts trash collection company operations manager dies when crushed between conveyor truck and dumpster.
4/14/1992 1992MO001 MO Sanitation worker dies after falling from rear of moving refuse collection vehicle in Missouri.
12/1/1991 1991CO074 CO Sanitation worker dies when rescuing co-worker from underground sewer vault.
5/7/1991 1990CO057 CO Garbage collector dies after falling from back of moving garbage truck.

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