Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

State FACE Reports: Landscaping Services
The following reports are the products of our Cooperative State partners and are presented here in their original unedited form from the states. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the individual Cooperative State partner and do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Pub. Date Report No. State
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3/25/2019 2018CA002 CA A laborer dies when he is pulled into a tree stump grinder.
11/7/2018 2016NY024 NY A 23-year-old worker pulled into a wood chipper on his first day on the job.
9/19/2018 2017MA018 MA Equipment operator dies after zero-turn mower overturns - Massachusetts.
9/5/2018 2017CA004 CA Tree feller dies when struck by a tree limb while felling a fire-damaged tree.
9/5/2018 2018CA001 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted while trimming a palm tree.
10/20/2017 2015WA029 WA A 19-year-old landscape laborer dies when entangled in auger after entering the hopper of a bark blower truck, Washington.
10/12/2017 2016CA007 CA A landscaper dies from asphyxia when compressed by palm fronds.
12/1/2016 2016CA003 CA Two tree trimmers die when they are electrocuted while pollinating date palm trees.
8/12/2016 2015MA004 MA Tree service foreman fatally injured while repairing a skid-steer loader - Massachusetts.
8/8/2016 2015KY041 KY Seasonal lawn mower operator crushed and dies after lawn mower rolls over on a 30 degree slope.
2/5/2016 2013NJ074 NJ Tree-care worker electrocuted while trimming branch near power line.
1/12/2015 2013MA019 MA Landscaper working from a raised portable work platform was electrocuted when a pole saw contacts overhead power line - Massachusetts.
1/9/2015 2013KY038 KY Tree trimmer is struck and killed by falling tree limb.
8/26/2014 2012NJ078 NJ Tree-care worker is crushed by cut tree section during storm damage cleanup.
2/12/2014 2012CA010 CA A tree trimmer dies when he falls from a tree.
2/12/2014 2012CA011 CA A tree trimmer dies from asphyxia when compressed by palm fronds.
11/12/2013 2012CA006 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is crushed by palm tree fronds.
10/26/2013 2012MI069 MI Business owner killed when pulled into wood chipper.
10/1/2013 2012MI033 MI Handyman died when tree he was felling split vertically and struck him.
9/25/2013 2011MA031 MA Arborist dies in fall from a tree after being hoisted by a crane to the tree - Massachusetts.
8/27/2013 2012NJ024 NJ Mechanic crushed underneath four-ton wood chipping machine.
8/21/2013 2012NJ019 NJ Twenty-seven-year-old tree-care worker killed by falling branch.
7/19/2012 2009MI163 MI Tree trimmer working in tree died when a tree branch supporting rigging rope broke below the crotch and struck his head.
3/30/2012 2011CA003 CA A tree trimmer is electrocuted when a tree branch falls onto energized electric power lines.
10/27/2011 2010KY009 KY Two tree trimmers die when struck by errant semi tractor-trailer.
4/26/2011 2010CA010 CA A groundsman working on a tree trimming crew dies when he is dragged or propelled onto a wood chipper feed table.
2/3/2011 2010CA006 CA A gardener dies when he falls out of a tree while trimming the branches.
7/8/2010 2010CA002 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is crushed by palm tree branches.
6/2/2010 2009CA010 CA A tree trimmer dies when he falls from a tree and is struck by a limb.
2/19/2010 2009KY059 KY Arborist dies after fall from tree.
8/29/2008 2008CA005 CA A tree trimmer dies when he is pulled into a wood chipper.
8/1/2007 2006MI004 MI 29-Year old male Hispanic landscape laborer dies when nine foot deep trench collapses.
3/20/2007 2005MA074 MA Landscaper dies inside the hopper of a truck mounted pneumatic blower - Massachusetts.
2/1/2007 2005NJ081 NJ Groundman killed by falling tree section at tree removal operation.
12/27/2005 2004NJ034 NJ Roofer killed after falling from a ladder lowered from a school roof.
12/6/2005 2005MI046 MI Lawn technician dies when pinned between motorized spreader handles and roof of work van.
11/4/2005 2005NY034 NY Guatemalan tree-service worker killed when pulled into brush chipper.
6/1/2005 2004IA011 IA Mechanic dies when tractor overturns while removing tree stump in cemetery.
3/15/2005 2004MI066 MI Landscaper died when the arms of a skid-steer loader crushed his upper body and head.
3/3/2005 2004NJ013 NJ 20-Year-old man killed when struck by tree falling from tree-cutting machine.
2/25/2005 2004OK046 OK Hispanic youth laborer died after being struck by lightning.
11/3/2004 2003NJ043 NJ Hispanic arborist's helper struck and killed by a falling tree.
8/30/2004 2003NJ042 NJ Hispanic tree trimmer killed after being pulled into a wood chipper.
11/21/2003 2003OR008 OR Hispanic laborer drowns after falling into landscaping pond.
4/25/2003 2002MI075 MI Landscape mowing assistant dies from heat stroke.
12/3/2002 2002NJ025 NJ Landscaper crushed between backhoe and truck.
10/1/2002 2001NJ117 NJ Landscaper electrocuted and two workers seriously injured when a felled tree landed on an overhead power line.
2/26/2002 2001NJ055 NJ Tree climber crushed by falling tree section.
12/1/2001 2000IA064 IA Tree trimmer falls to his death as boom truck lift arm collapses in Iowa.
2/14/2001 2000WV012 WV Operator dies after being run over by his bulldozer in West Virginia.
7/13/2000 1999NJ090 NJ Laborer crushed between the cross member of the boom lift-arms and frame of a skid-steer loader.
8/29/1997 1996MA016 MA Landscaper dies when struck by front end loader in Massachusetts.
3/27/1997 1996NJ074 NJ Tree trimmer killed when a branch to which he was tied broke and his lifeline failed.
3/20/1997 1996MO082 MO Skid-steer loader operator dies after backing loader off six-foot retaining wall.
12/1/1996 1996CO080 CO Landscaper died of injuries incurred when he was catapulted from the operator's seat of a truck-mounted boom.
8/7/1996 1996NJ010 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line.
5/6/1996 1995CO094 CO Landscape laborer dies when the tractor he is driving overturns.
1/2/1996 1995IA024 IA Boom truck arm breaks causing tree trimmer to fall to his death - Iowa.
7/17/1995 1995NJ016 NJ Tree trimmer dies after falling with a fractured tree.
5/23/1995 1994MD058 MD Laborer caught in chipper/shredder machine - Maryland.
5/1/1995 1994KY029 KY Tree trimmer dies after 50 foot fall while in bucket truck.
12/23/1994 1993NJ093 NJ Tree trimmer dies after falling 60 feet from a tree.
11/30/1994 1994NJ066 NJ Tree trimmer electrocuted while trimming a tree.
4/26/1994 1994MA003 MA Massachusetts arborist electrocuted on contact with 13,800 volt public utility powerline.
4/5/1994 1993CA006 CA Tree trimmer electrocuted by high voltage line in California.
2/5/1994 1993CA007 CA Tree trimmer falls from tree and dies in California.
12/7/1992 1992MN016 MN Tree service owner/operator dies after falling from a tree.
9/15/1992 1992MN009 MN Landscape laborer dies after being struck by the bucket of a Case skid steer loader.
9/15/1992 1992MN012 MN Tree trimming/removal worker electrocuted after making indirect contact with a 8000 volt overhead power line.
3/10/1992 1991NJ020 NJ Tree trimmer dies after contacting energized powerlines.
12/1/1991 1991CO079 CO Tree trimmer dies after falling 12 feet when exiting the personnel bucket on an aerial bucket truck.
7/15/1991 1990NJ018 NJ Tree trimmer falls 35 feet to his death in New Jersey.
2/26/1991 1990NJ016 NJ Worker falls 25 feet to his death from an extension ladder in New Jersey.
2/3/1991 1990MA005 MA A tree worker dies after falling from a tree.

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