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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Confined Space

Report No. Incident State Title
2004-09 NC Hispanic sawmill worker dies inside storage silo after being engulfed in sawdust - North Carolina.
2000-03 MI Youth laborer dies in trench collapse - Michigan.
1999-02 AZ Youth dies in trench collapse - Arizona.
1994-16 NC Assistant grain elevator supervisor dies after being engulfed in shelled corn - North Carolina, September 11, 1994.
1993-23 NC Painter dies after fall inside 250,000 gallon water tank - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
1993-17 MD Two men die in well cleaning operation - Maryland, May 1, 1993.
1993-08 VA Three contract workers die while repairing a sodium hypochlorite tank at a wastewater treatment plant - Virginia, September 25, 1992.
1992-34 VA Millworker dies in feed storage bin - Virginia, August 31, 1992.
1992-29 MN Farm owner and son asphyxiated in manure waste pit - Minnesota, August 11, 1992.
1992-28 MN Hog farm co- owner and employee die of hydrogen sulfide poisoning in manure pit - Minnesota, August 8, 1992.
1992-17 PA Driller and service rig helper die in fracturing tank at gas well site - Pennsylvania, June 4, 1992.
1991-23 IA Wastewater treatment plant operator drowns in recirculation pit in Iowa, May 25, 1988.
1991-17 MT Municipal water system operator dies after entering oxygen-deficient valve vault in Montana, May 23, 1991.
1991-16 SC Maintenance technician drowns after falling from a turbine support-ring platform at a hydroelectric power generation facility in South Carolina, March 26, 1991.
1991-14 SC Furnace operator dies after being overcome by argon gas in pressure vessel in South Carolina, May 9, 1991.
1991-13 AK Assistant manager at ice rink asphyxiated by an oxygen-deficient atmosphere in Alaska, May 20, 1991.
1991-12 OH Truck driver suffocates after being engulfed in shelled corn inside grain storage bin in Ohio, January 24, 1991.
1991-04 VA Maintenance worker suffocates from engulfment after falling into sawdust silo - Virginia, September 21, 1990.
1990-32 VA Electrician electrocuted when he contacts energized conductor in a manhole - Virginia.
1990-17 DC Sewer worker dies when inflatable sewer plug bursts in Washington, D.C., November 29, 1989.
1990-14 IL Municipal sewer maintenance worker drowns inside sewer wet well - Illinois.
1989-46 MI Five family members die after entering manure waste pit on dairy farm, July 26, 1989.
1989-44 GA Two farm laborers die in oxygen-deficient manure pit, June 26, 1989.
1989-38 SC Painter dies from burns received from explosion inside tank, May 16, 1989.
1989-33 SC Grain elevator leadman suffocates after being engulfed in shelled corn inside silo, April 5, 1989.
1989-28 IA Two maintenance workers die after inhaling hydrogen sulfide in manhole, January 31, 1989.
1988-44 NH Construction sub-contractor asphyxiated in manhole in New Hampshire, August 20, 1988.
1988-36 GA Three construction supervisors die from asphyxiation in manhole in Georgia, August 19, 1988.
1988-33 IN Electroplater and four co-workers die from asphyxiation in metal plating vat in Indiana, June 28, 1988.
1988-30 PA Laborer dies in explosion in Pennsylvania, July 14, 1988.
1988-20 SC Steelworker dies in oxygen-deficient confined space in South Carolina, March 21, 1988.
1988-16 GA Power company worker electrocuted in underground utility vault in Georgia, March 11, 1988.
1988-14 IN Labor foreman falls to his death inside municipal water tank in Indiana, March 21, 1988.
1988-01 SC Two supervisors die in manhole in South Carolina, August 11, 1987.
1987-67 IN Two construction workers die inside sewer manhole in Indiana, July 21, 1987.
1987-64 MD Mechanic asphyxiated within steam service passageway in Maryland, July 25, 1987.
1987-59 MD 73 year-old self- employed pump service contractor dies in well in Maryland, June 27, 1987.
1987-57 WV Parks and recreation director dies in oxygen deficient atmosphere in West Virginia, July 15, 1987.
1987-50 IN Tractor-trailer repairman dies while welding interior wall of a tanker in Indiana, June 9, 1987.
1987-49 IN Farmer dies in Indiana, May 26, 1987.
1987-47 MI Worker dies inside filtration tank in Michigan, May 12, 1987.
1987-46 IN Confined space fatality at a wastewater treatment plant in Indiana, June 6, 1987.
1987-45 KY One dead, one near miss in sewer in Kentucky, May 15, 1987.
1987-39 IN Farm worker asphyxiated in grain silo in Indiana, November 1, 1986.
1987-33 PA Digester explosion kills two workers at wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania, February 6, 1987.
1987-27 SC Truck driver dies while cleaning out inside of tanker in South Carolina, August 20, 1986.
1987-26 VA Worker dies after lifting access cover on acid reclaim storage tank in Virginia, December 14, 1986.
1987-23 IN General maintenance person asphyxiated attempting to repair water leak in Indiana, October 21, 1986.
1987-20 NM Two workers die in digester unit in New Mexico, December 1, 1986.
1987-17 VA Worker dies while cleaning freon 113 degreasing tank in Virginia, November 21, 1986.
1987-06 OR Two dead, five injured in confined space incident in Oregon, October 10, 1986.
1987-05 CA Owner/foreman of construction company dies in 15 foot-deep manhole in California, October 14, 1986.
1986-54 GA Insufficient oxygen level in sewer claims the life of plumbing contractor in Georgia.
1986-48 IL 28 year-old dies in sewer in Illinois.
1986-38 GA Two dead, two critical in industrial septic tank in Georgia.
1986-37 OK Two workers die in underground valve pit in Oklahoma.
1986-34 NY Two dead, one critical in confined space incident in New York.
1986-23 IN Foundry worker dies in Indiana.
1986-19 PA Truck driver suffocates in saw dust bin in Pennsylvania.
1986-15 PA Steel worker dies in industrial waste pit in Pennsylvania.
1986-13 MT Worker dies in fermentation tank in Montana.
1985-45 OH Worker killed in cave-in at Ohio excavation site.
1985-44 KY Two sanitation employees die in confined space in Kentucky, August 24, 1985.
1985-40 OH City water worker dies as a result of being overcome by natural gas vapors while reading a water meter in a confined space in Ohio, July 1, 1985.
1985-33 CA Construction worker dies as a result of spraying coating material in confined space in California.
1985-31 KY Three sanitation workers and one policeman die in an underground sewage pumping station in Kentucky, July 5, 1985.
1985-27 IL Rescue effort results in fatality for a wire manufacturing plant worker in Illinois, June 7, 1985.
1985-26 OH 27-year-old dies inside of 6 million gallon storage tank, June 7, 1985.
1985-23 PA Use of sulfuric acid results in two deaths in waste water holding tank in Pennsylvania.
1985-20 PA Worker killed by trench cave-in in Pennsylvania.
1985-13 AZ Worker dies in excavation collapse in Arizona.
1985-10 GA 22 year old construction worker dies when excavation collapses.
1985-09 VT Worker dies in 20,000 gallon gasoline bulk tank in Vermont.
1985-02 WV Two rescuers die in fracturing tank in West Virginia gas field.
1984-13 AZ Two confined space fatalities during construction of a sewer line.
1984-11 WV Fire at a wastewater treatment plant.

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