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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Construction

Report No. Incident State Title
2012-02 NC Hispanic worker falls from residential roof - North Carolina.
2009-01 NC Hispanic worker dies after fall from step ladder while cleaning windows - North Carolina.
2007-10 CT Seventeen year old female laborer falls from residential roof and dies nine days later - Connecticut.
2007-06 SC Hispanic construction worker dies while operating ride-on roller/compactor - South Carolina.
2007-01 NC Hispanic laborer dies after falling through a second story floor opening in a single family home under construction - North Carolina.
2006-06 TN Laborer dies when a water truck drifts downhill and pins him against a retaining wall - Tennessee.
2006-03 VA Laborer dies after being run over by a backing dump truck during a nighttime paving project - Virginia.
2006-01 NC Hispanic carpenter's helper dies after crane boom fell on him during disassembly - North Carolina.
2005-11 NC Construction worker dies after being run over by a bulldozer at a commercial construction site - North Carolina.
2005-06 NC Hispanic worker dies after falling from a pile of construction debris in the bed of a trash-style body truck to a paved driveway below - North Carolina.
2005-06 NC Obrero hispano muere al caer a un camino de acceso pavimentado desde una montaña de escombros de construcción que se encontraban en el cajón de un camión del tipo recolector de escombros en Carolina del Norte.
2005-04 NC Hispanic laborer dies after footing collapse - North Carolina.
2004-10 NC Hispanic flagger dies after being run over by a dump truck - North Carolina.
2004-07 NC Chain saw operator dies after being struck by excavator bucket during site clearing - North Carolina.
2004-06 SC Sixteen-year-old Hispanic youth dies after falling from a job-made elevated work platform during construction - South Carolina.
2004-05 OH Four construction workers die after cantilever launching gantry collapses at bridge construction site - Ohio.
2003-13 SC 18-year-old dies after being entangled in a portable mortar mixer - South Carolina.
2003-12 SC Hispanic pipe layer dies after being struck by excavator (track hoe) bucket on construction site - South Carolina.
2003-07 SC Two Hispanic construction laborers (ages fifteen and sixteen) die after trench collapse - South Carolina.
2003-05 NC Hispanic construction laborer dies and two coworkers are injured after falling 10 feet from an unsecured box on the forks of a forklift - North Carolina.
2003-01 VA Part-time laborer pinned between scissor lift work platform railing and doorway header - Virginia.
2002-11 NC Hispanic construction laborer dies after portable silo collapse - North Carolina.
2002-08 TN Hispanic dump-truck driver dies after being caught between frame and dump body of off-road truck while performing routine lubrication - Tennessee.
2002-03 NC Construction laborer dies after being run over and crushed by a grader at a road construction site - North Carolina.
2001-10 IN Seventeen-year-old part-time road construction laborer dies after being run over by a water truck - Indiana.
2001-07 AL Fourteen-year-old laborer dies after falling through a skylight - Alabama.
2001-04 FL Fifteen-year-old laborer dies after falling through a skylight - Florida.
2001-02 NS State department of transportation highway maintenance worker dies after being struck by a car while installing reflectors on a guardrail.
2001-01 NC State Department of Transportation worker (Laborer) dies after being struck by motor vehicle - North Carolina.
2000-20 NC Twenty-nine-year-old asphalt compactor operator dies from crushing injuries received during machine rollover - North Carolina.
2000-16 AL A 16-year-old died after falling 27 feet at a residential construction site - Alabama.
2000-12 OH Carpenter dies after being struck by uncontrolled concrete bucket when crane tips over - Ohio.
2000-10 NC Construction laborer dies after being pinned between the bucket of a mini-excavator and an air compressor - North Carolina.
2000-07 NC Three tower painters die after falling 1,200 feet when riding the hoist line - North Carolina.
2000-05 PA Truck driver dies after the off-highway truck he was operating rolled over an embankment and came to rest on its top - Pennsylvania.
2000-03 MI Youth laborer dies in trench collapse - Michigan.
2000-02 WI Flagger struck from behind and killed by a truck intruding into a highway construction work zone - Wisconsin.
1999-03 SC Female construction worker dies in a compactor tip over at a highway construction site - South Carolina.
1999-02 AZ Youth dies in trench collapse - Arizona.
1999-01 NC Tower hand dies after 230-foot fall from communications tower - North Carolina.
1998-21 SC Tower painter dies and a second painter injured after falling 900 feet while inside a man basket - South Carolina.
1998-20 NC Tower erector dies after falling 200 feet from telecommunication tower - North Carolina.
1998-19 VA Laborer run over by dump truck at roadway resurfacing operation - Virginia.
1998-18 VA Equipment operator crushed when chimney falls on hydraulic excavator - Virginia.
1998-17 NC Laborer dies after 41-foot fall from roof under construction - North Carolina.
1998-16 KS Roofer helper dies after falling 16 and one-half feet from roof to concrete basement way - Kansas.
1998-12 NC Fence technician pinned inside cargo van by line laying machine - North Carolina.
1998-11 NC Electrical mechanic dies after 45-foot fall through unguarded floor opening - North Carolina.
1998-08 SC Scaffold erector dies after falling 60 feet from scaffold inside boiler - South Carolina.
1998-07 SC Tower erector dies after falling 125 feet from cellular phone tower - South Carolina.
1998-06 VA Construction laborer dies after being run over by asphalt roller at highway construction site - Virginia.
1998-05 PA Tower worker dies after falling 130 feet from hoist cable to ground - Pennsylvania.
1998-02 VA Truck driver dies after crane boom strikes truck cab at construction site - Virginia.
1997-11 PA Construction laborer dies after being stuck by a front end loader at a construction site - Pennsylvania.
1997-10 NC Tower erector/inspector dies after falling 200 feet from a telecommunications tower to the ground - North Carolina.
1997-08 SC Carpenter's helper dies after 120-Foot fall from an unprotected floor edge of an atrium - South Carolina.
1997-03 PA Mechanic fatally injured during dismantling of crane boom at scrap metal yard - Pennsylvania.
1996-25 NC Cement finisher dies after being crushed against doorway by cement truck chute - North Carolina.
1996-24 SC Steel rack installer dies after being struck by 3,000 pound bundle of rack end pieces - South Carolina, July 25, 1996.
1996-21 VA Temporary employee falls through coliseum roof - Virginia, June 27, 1996.
1996-20 VA Painter dies after falling from aerial platform - Virginia, May 24, 1996.
1996-19 TX Sixteen-year-old electrical-contractor laborer electrocuted - Texas, June 18, 1996.
1996-18 VA Supervisor dies as a result of injuries sustained in fall with powered vertical lift aerial platform - Virginia, May 7, 1996.
1996-16 VA Equipment operator dies after scraper overturns - Virginia, March 14, 1996.
1996-11 SC Welder dies after being struck by a three-ton steel roof truss - South Carolina, February 29, 1996.
1996-08 VA Laborer struck and killed by a 700-pound concrete lid - Virginia, November 20, 1995.
1996-07 WV Welder/ironworker dies after becoming entangled in a beltline driveshaft - South Carolina, September 8, 1995.
1996-05 VA Electrician dies following a 60-foot fall through a roof - Virginia, October 25, 1995.
1995-19 SC Sheet metal mechanic dies after falling 25 feet through roofing insulation - South Carolina, July 20, 1995.
1995-18 SC Roofer falls to death from roof -- South Carolina, August 3, 1995.
1995-09 NC Carpenter dies after falling 16 feet from roof - North Carolina, March 7, 1995.
1995-06 TN Painter dies after 35-foot fall from scaffold - Tennessee, November 21, 1994.
1995-01 TN Ironworker foreman dies after falling 24 feet from a forklift - Tennessee, October 24, 1994.
1994-19 VA Laborer dies after being struck by overturning crane - Virginia, August 8, 1994.
1994-18 VA Asphalt milling superintendent crushed under asphalt milling machine - Virginia, August 5, 1994.
1994-17 NC HVAC contractor and employee electrocuted in crawlspace - North Carolina, August 30, 1994.
1994-15 SC Carpenter dies after falling 17 feet from a scaffold - South Carolina, June 22, 1994.
1994-14 SC Construction foreman dies after falling from aerial lift bucket truck - South Carolina, June 20, 1994.
1994-13 SC Drywall mechanic dies after 10-foot fall from an open-sided floor - South Carolina, March 14, 1994.
1994-12 SC Carpenter dies after falling 10 feet from a step ladder/porch floor - South Carolina, March 23, 1994.
1994-10 WV Journeyman wireman electrocuted after contacting energized switchgear components at power plant - West Virginia, March 14, 1994.
1994-03 SC Pipefitter crushed by 5,000-pound shoring plate - South Carolina, September 29, 1993.
1993-23 NC Painter dies after fall inside 250,000 gallon water tank - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
1993-22 NC Roofer dies after fall from ladder - North Carolina, June 11, 1993.
1993-21 NC Cement finisher dies after 17-foot fall through unguarded floor opening - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
1993-19 SC Electrician apprentice dies following a 33-foot fall through a roof - South Carolina, June 25, 1993.
1993-17 MD Two men die in well cleaning operation - Maryland, May 1, 1993.
1993-15 SC Painter/sandblaster dies following a 30-foot fall from scaffolding inside a water tank - South Carolina, April 7, 1993.
1993-07 PA Technical engineer dies after being struck and crushed by a bulldozer/earth compactor - Pennsylvania, November 18, 1992.
1992-40 VA Equipment operator struck and killed by road grader - Virginia, September 4, 1992.
1992-37 VA Roofer dies after being struck by a falling counterweight - Virginia, September 4, 1992.
1992-36 VA Carpenter's helper dies after falling through stairwell opening - Virginia, September 4, 1992.
1992-30 VA Apprentice lineman electrocuted while setting utility pole - Virginia, May 21, 1992.
1992-27 VA Painter electrocuted when metal ladder contacts a powerline - Virginia, July 9, 1992.
1992-24 SC Roofer's helper electrocuted when ladder platform hoist contacts a powerline - South Carolina, June 24, 1992.
1992-20 SC Electrical project supervisor dies after contacting an energized conductor - South Carolina, May 16, 1992.
1992-19 SC Construction laborer dies after a water truck and scraper collide - South Carolina, May 22, 1992.
1992-13 AK Bulldozer operator crushed by bulldozer during construction of oil exploration island - Alaska.
1992-11 AK Ironworker dies following an 18-foot fall from structural steel framework - Alaska, October 20, 1991.
1992-08 AK Roofer dies in 16-foot fall from residential roof - Alaska, September 13, 1991.
1992-06 SC Roofing mechanic trainee electrocuted - South Carolina.
1992-05 IN Painter dies after 80-foot fall from electrical transmission tower - Indiana.
1992-04 IN Steel connector dies after falling 19 feet from a bridge under construction to the highway below - Indiana.
1992-03 VA Roofer helper dies following a 22-foot fall through a roof opening in Virginia, October 2, 1991.
1992-01 VA Electrical contracting company line mechanic electrocuted after contacting energized conductor while working from an aerial bucket - Virginia, September 17, 1991.
1991-33 VA Iron worker dies following an 89-foot fall through an opening in temporary metal flooring in Virginia, July 12, 1991.
1991-29 SC Crew foreman electrocuted when he contacts energized conductor in South Carolina, August 27, 1991.
1991-26 SC Carpenter dies after falling from the roof of a carport addition that collapsed while under construction in South Carolina, August 3, 1991.
1991-25 SC Electrical lineman electrocuted after contacting energized trailer-mounted line tensioner in South Carolina, August 5, 1991.
1991-22 KY Laborer electrocuted upon contacting an energized conveyor in Kentucky, May 31, 1991.
1991-21 KY Construction laborer is electrocuted when crane boom contacts overhead 7200-volt powerline in Kentucky, June 24, 1991.
1991-18 MD Journeyman ironworker dies following a 22.5-foot fall from a walkway in Maryland, May 26, 1991.
1991-11 OH Ironworker dies in Ohio following a 20-foot fall through a skylight opening, January 28, 1991.
1991-07 SC Sheet metal worker dies after falling 35 feet to a concrete floor - South Carolina, November 12, 1990.
1991-06 VA Construction laborer dies after falling 61 feet from work platform in Virginia, November 1, 1990.
1991-05 VA Construction laborer electrocuted after handling damaged energized extension cord in Virginia, October 11, 1990.
1991-02 SC Electrician dies after fall in South Carolina, October 11, 1990.
1990-39 VA Foreman electrocuted and lineman injured after truck-mounted crane boom contacts 7,200-volt overhead powerline in Virginia, August 22, 1990.
1990-38 VA Well driller electrocuted when pipe on crane cable contacts 12,000-volt overhead powerline in Virginia, August 11, 1990.
1990-33 OH Three ironworkers die and one was seriously injured in the collapse of a structural steel framework in Ohio, May 22, 1990.
1990-32 VA Electrician electrocuted when he contacts energized conductor in a manhole - Virginia.
1990-29 NC Laborer touching suspended cement bucket electrocuted when crane cable contacts 7200-volt powerline in North Carolina, March 1, 1990.
1990-28 NC Carpenter dies following an 11-foot fall from a roof in North Carolina, February 22, 1990.
1990-25 VA Concrete contractor/finisher dies in Virginia following a 36-foot fall through a floor opening, February 6, 1990.
1990-24 SC Ironworker foreman dies after falling 50 feet from structural steel in South Carolina, January 27, 1990.
1990-23 MD Carpenter falls 62 feet to his death while attempting to enter a personnel basket at a bridge construction site in Maryland, January 26, 1990.
1990-21 MD Roofer dies after falling through skylight fixture in Maryland, November 6, 1989.
1990-20 MD Mason dies after falling 36 feet from scaffolding - Maryland, November 3, 1989.
1990-19 MD Welder dies after falling 22 feet from a roof at mall construction site in Maryland, November 4, 1989.
1990-16 OH Painter dies following a 40-foot fall from scaffold inside water tank in Ohio, November 20, 1989.
1990-15 IN Ironworker foreman dies following a 37-foot fall through platform opening in Indiana, September 12, 1989.
1990-13 IN Asbestos worker dies in fall from scaffold - Indiana.
1990-12 IN Painter dies when scaffold falls inside municipal water tank in Indiana, October 21, 1989.
1990-11 IN Journeyman glazier dies after being catapulted from manlift - Indiana.
1990-10 PA Carpenter electrocuted in Pennsylvania when aluminum edging contacts powerline, October 28, 1990.
1990-09 VA Painter electrocuted while repositioning an aluminum extension ladder - Virginia.
1990-07 SC Laborer dies after fall from ladder - South Carolina.
1990-01 OH One laborer and two steel workers electrocuted when an elevated work platform contacts 69,000-volt powerline in Ohio, September 25, 1989.
1989-50 TN Apprentice electrician electrocuted, August 23, 1989.
1989-49 GA Window mechanic dies in 250-foot fall, August 17, 1989.
1989-47 MD Laborer falls to his death through a skylight opening, July 24, 1989.
1989-41 MD Carpenter dies after 13-foot fall through roof opening onto concrete floor, June 8, 1989.
1989-37 SC Laborer electrocuted when he contacts 4160-volt power line on rooftop, June 1, 1989.
1989-35 SC Stucco mason dies in fall from scaffold, April 21, 1989.
1989-34 SC Ironworker dies in fall from a warehouse under construction, April 29, 1989.
1989-31 OH Laborer dies from 80-foot fall through a bridge, April 12, 1989.
1989-30 MD Electrician's helper falls to his death through a skylight, April 18, 1989.
1989-29 VA Caulking mechanic dies in fall when scaffold fails, March 15, 1989.
1989-26 SC Apprentice lineman electrocuted while upgrading a power distribution system, March 6, 1989.
1989-25 VA Sheet metal mechanic dies following a 22-foot fall through a roof opening, December 20, 1988.
1989-24 MD Carpenter dies in 90-foot fall from top of parking garage, October 29, 1988.
1989-23 MD Painter dies in 25-foot fall from tank top onto concrete pad, December 8, 1989.
1989-22 MD Roofer/carpenter dies after 26-foot fall from roof, January 3, 1989.
1989-21 MD Cement finisher dies after 160-foot fall from scaffold, December 19, 1988.
1989-20 IN Construction worker dies in 36-foot fall at construction site, January 18, 1989.
1989-17 NC Electrical foreman and groundman electrocuted when guy wire contacts 13,200- volt power line, October 12, 1988.
1989-16 NC Roofer electrocuted when ladder contacts 7200-volt power line, October 20, 1988.
1989-15 NC Laborer electrocuted as boom of bucket truck contacts a 7200-volt power line, January 11, 1989.
1989-14 MD Carpenter's helper dies in 24-foot fall from building under construction, January 6, 1989.
1989-13 MD Ironworker dies following a 25-foot fall through a roof opening, December 14, 1988.
1989-12 MD Ironworker dies following a 12-foot fall from metal decking onto concrete, December 13, 1989.
1989-11 NC Lineman supervisor dies following contact with energized conductor, October 25, 1988.
1989-10 NC Machine operator electrocuted when crane contacts overhead power line, December 5, 1988.
1989-07 OH Foreman and painter die in 48-foot fall when scaffold collapses, November 15, 1988.
1989-05 KY Painter dies in a 140-foot fall at a municipal water tower, September 22, 1988.
1989-03 MD Painter dies in 96-doot fall from highway bridge, October 29, 1988.
1989-02 MD Ironworker dies following a 35-foot fall at construction site, October 8, 1988.
1988-47 IN Equipment operator/lineman electrocuted in Indiana, September 12, 1988.
1988-45 SC Electrical contractor crew leader electrocuted in South Carolina, September 1, 1988.
1988-44 NH Construction sub-contractor asphyxiated in manhole in New Hampshire, August 20, 1988.
1988-43 SC Carpenter dies in 14-foot fall from roof in South Carolina, August 17, 1988.
1988-42 SC Female cement finisher dies in 165-foot fall at construction site in South Carolina, August 25, 1988.
1988-40 KY Laborer electrocuted after contacting crane touching power pine in Kentucky, August 22, 1988.
1988-38 MD Construction foreman falls to his death from a roof in Maryland, August 11, 1988.
1988-37 VA Electrician electrocuted when he contacted an energized wire in Virginia, July 7, 1988.
1988-36 GA Three construction supervisors die from asphyxiation in manhole in Georgia, August 19, 1988.
1988-34 OH Laborer electrocuted when metal work platform became energized in Ohio, August 5, 1988.
1988-32 SC Welder electrocuted by contact with an energized overhead crane conductor in South Carolina, July 9, 1988.
1988-31 SC Welder/pipefitter electrocuted in South Carolina, July 20, 1988.
1988-29 VA Painter falls to his death from a scaffold in Virginia March 24, 1988.
1988-28 OH Asbestos worker electrocuted in Ohio, July 6, 1988.
1988-27 SC Dry wall finisher dies in fall from ladder on scaffold in South Carolina, June 23, 1988.
1988-24 NC Laborer electrocuted in North Carolina, June 8, 1988.
1988-22 NC Two pipefitters electrocuted in North Carolina, March 26, 1988.
1988-18 SC Sheetmetal helper falls to his death through a skylight opening in South Carolina, January 6, 1988.
1988-17 SC Foreman falls to his death from a steel beam in South Carolina, March 2, 1988.
1988-15 IN Ironworker falls to his death from a steel column in Indiana, March 28, 1988.
1988-13 OH Cement finisher electrocuted in Ohio, February 25, 1988.
1988-12 OH Company president falls to his death from roof in Ohio February 23, 1988.
1988-09 OH Ironworker falls to his death from a steel truss in Ohio, December 16, 1987.
1988-08 OH Construction laborer falls to his death from a roof in Ohio, December 7, 1987.
1988-07 MD Roofer falls to his death from a roof in Maryland, November 16, 1987.
1988-06 MD Plumber falls to his death through a roof opening in Maryland, October 30, 1987.
1988-05 NC Construction worker electrocuted in North Carolina, September 24, 1987.
1988-04 NC Painter electrocuted in North Carolina, September 1, 1987.
1987-69 TN Electrician electrocuted in Tennessee, August 20, 1987.
1987-68 IN Electrician electrocuted in Indiana, July 29, 1987.
1987-67 IN Two construction workers die inside sewer manhole in Indiana, July 21, 1987.
1987-66 VA Laborer electrocuted in Virginia, August 10, 1987.
1987-63 MD 30 year-old electrician electrocuted in Maryland, July 29, 1987.
1987-58 MD 19 year-old electrician's apprentice electrocuted in Maryland, June 18, 1987.
1987-55 NC Electrician electrocuted in North Carolina, June 23, 1987.
1987-52 VA Driller electrocuted in Virginia, June 13, 1987.
1987-48 SC Two workers (a carpenter and a laborer) electrocuted in South Carolina, June 5, 1987.
1987-44 MD Construction worker electrocuted in Maryland, April 29, 1987.
1987-41 NC 56 year-old pipe layer electrocuted in North Carolina, April 23, 1987.
1987-40 VA Painter electrocuted in Virginia, April 17, 1987.
1987-34 GA 19 year-old electrician's apprentice electrocuted in Georgia, March 17, 1986.
1987-32 GA 27 year-old painter electrocuted in Georgia, July 21, 1986.
1987-28 OH Two painters electrocuted in Ohio, November 17, 1986.
1987-19 MD 20 year-old bricklayer electrocuted in Maryland, November 24, 1986.
1987-15 KY 19 year-old laborer electrocuted in Kentucky, August 27, 1986.
1987-13 TN Laborer electrocuted in Tennessee, October 23, 1986.
1987-10 MD Pump operator/truck driver electrocuted in Maryland, October 27, 1986.
1987-09 MD Laborer electrocuted in Maryland, October 22, 1986.
1987-05 CA Owner/foreman of construction company dies in 15 foot-deep manhole in California, October 14, 1986.
1987-04 TN Apprentice sheetmetal worker electrocuted in Tennessee, September 10, 1986.
1986-54 GA Insufficient oxygen level in sewer claims the life of plumbing contractor in Georgia.
1986-47 NC Electrician electrocuted in North Carolina.
1986-44 NC Electrician dies in North Carolina, July 27, 1986.
1986-39 TN Two laborers electrocuted in Tennessee.
1986-36 KY 22 year-old construction worker electrocuted in Kentucky.
1986-33 SC Electrician electrocuted in South Carolina.
1986-28 IN 24 year-old mobile home installer electrocuted in Indiana.
1986-20 NC 23 year-old lineman electrocuted in North Carolina.
1986-18 NC A telephone contracting company groundman electrocuted in North Carolina.
1986-11 KY Two electrical contractor employees electrocuted in Kentucky.
1986-08 NC 18 year-old electrician's apprentice electrocuted in North Carolina.
1986-02 NC A journeyman electrician electrocuted in North Carolina.
1985-47 IN 18 year-old iron worker electrocuted at Indiana construction site.
1985-45 OH Worker killed in cave-in at Ohio excavation site.
1985-33 CA Construction worker dies as a result of spraying coating material in confined space in California.
1985-32 KY 20-year old electrocuted when backhoe breaks 7200 volt power line at construction site in Kentucky.
1985-29 TN Two construction workers electrocuted when crane contacts one phase of a 13.4 kv system in Tennessee, June 26, 1985.
1985-20 PA Worker killed by trench cave-in in Pennsylvania.
1985-18 NC Worker electrocuted during installation of 7200 volt power pine in North Carolina.
1985-15 PA Worker electrocuted while guiding a load suspended from a crane in Pennsylvania.
1985-14 AZ Construction worker electrocuted when crane boom contacts 13,800 volt power line in Arizona.
1985-13 AZ Worker dies in excavation collapse in Arizona.
1985-12 MO One dead, one injured in elevator fall at construction site in Missouri.
1985-10 GA 22 year old construction worker dies when excavation collapses.
1985-08 NS Workman electrocuted when crane load line contacts 7200 volt power line.
1985-07 TN Two workers electrocuted by 23,000 volt power line erecting a steel support structure, December 11, 1984.
1985-04 NS Crew foreman dies due to electric arc from powerline.
1984-13 AZ Two confined space fatalities during construction of a sewer line.
1983-06 PA Scaffold collapse involving a painter.
1982-03 PA Investigative report of an occupational fatal accident occurring in Greene County, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1982.
1982-02 WV Fall from a scaffold involving a construction foreman.
1982-01 MA Decapitation of a construction foreman.

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