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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Falls

Report No. Incident State Title
2012-02 NC Hispanic worker falls from residential roof - North Carolina.
2009-01 NC Hispanic worker dies after fall from step ladder while cleaning windows - North Carolina.
2007-10 CT Seventeen year old female laborer falls from residential roof and dies nine days later - Connecticut.
2007-03 OH Company owner dies from fall after upper boom failure on aerial lift - Ohio.
2007-01 NC Hispanic laborer dies after falling through a second story floor opening in a single family home under construction - North Carolina.
2004-06 SC Sixteen-year-old Hispanic youth dies after falling from a job-made elevated work platform during construction - South Carolina.
2003-04 NC Female Hispanic farm worker dies after falling from the elevated forks of a forklift - North Carolina.
2002-04 TN Plumber dies after being crushed between a tandem scissors lift platform and the I-beam frame of a mobile home -Tennessee.
2001-06 PA Eighteen-year-old sporting goods retail store worker dies in a fall from a shelving unit - Pennsylvania.
2000-17 PA Seventeen-year-old lifeguard dies after falling into a nearly empty swimming pool - Pennsylvania.
2000-16 AL A 16-year-old died after falling 27 feet at a residential construction site - Alabama.
2000-07 NC Three tower painters die after falling 1,200 feet when riding the hoist line - North Carolina.
2000-01 NC Worker dies from crushing injuries after falling into a baling machine - North Carolina.
1999-01 NC Tower hand dies after 230-foot fall from communications tower - North Carolina.
1998-21 SC Tower painter dies and a second painter injured after falling 900 feet while inside a man basket - South Carolina.
1998-20 NC Tower erector dies after falling 200 feet from telecommunication tower - North Carolina.
1998-17 NC Laborer dies after 41-foot fall from roof under construction - North Carolina.
1998-16 KS Roofer helper dies after falling 16 and one-half feet from roof to concrete basement way - Kansas.
1998-11 NC Electrical mechanic dies after 45-foot fall through unguarded floor opening - North Carolina.
1998-08 SC Scaffold erector dies after falling 60 feet from scaffold inside boiler - South Carolina.
1998-07 SC Tower erector dies after falling 125 feet from cellular phone tower - South Carolina.
1998-05 PA Tower worker dies after falling 130 feet from hoist cable to ground - Pennsylvania.
1998-01 NC Maintenance manager dies after falling 7 feet from an elevated forklift safety platform - North Carolina.
1997-19 NC Electric line technician dies after falling from forklift - North Carolina.
1997-12 VA Tree trimmer dies after 40-foot fall in aerial bucker - Virginia.
1997-10 NC Tower erector/inspector dies after falling 200 feet from a telecommunications tower to the ground - North Carolina.
1997-08 SC Carpenter's helper dies after 120-Foot fall from an unprotected floor edge of an atrium - South Carolina.
1997-07 NC Order picker dies after falling from a lift truck suspended pallet - North Carolina.
1996-21 VA Temporary employee falls through coliseum roof - Virginia, June 27, 1996.
1996-20 VA Painter dies after falling from aerial platform - Virginia, May 24, 1996.
1996-18 VA Supervisor dies as a result of injuries sustained in fall with powered vertical lift aerial platform - Virginia, May 7, 1996.
1996-13 SC Logger dies after falling from tractor - South Carolina, March 14, 1996.
1996-10 SC Logger dies after falling from log skidder - South Carolina.
1996-06 NC Area operator falls 60 Feet from manlift - North Carolina, December 1, 1995.
1996-05 VA Electrician dies following a 60-foot fall through a roof - Virginia, October 25, 1995.
1996-01 TN Sign installer dies after falling 12 feet from a canopy - Tennessee, September 11, 1995.
1995-20 SC Assistant manager dies after 15-foot fall from forklift-suspended pallet - South Carolina, September 6, 1995.
1995-19 SC Sheet metal mechanic dies after falling 25 feet through roofing insulation - South Carolina, July 20, 1995.
1995-18 SC Roofer falls to death from roof -- South Carolina, August 3, 1995.
1995-16 VA Janitorial worker dies as result of injuries sustained in fall with personnel lift - Virginia, August 17, 1995.
1995-15 VA Shipping department employee dies after falling into floor opening on conveyor line - Virginia, July 12, 1995.
1995-09 NC Carpenter dies after falling 16 feet from roof - North Carolina, March 7, 1995.
1995-06 TN Painter dies after 35-foot fall from scaffold - Tennessee, November 21, 1994.
1995-01 TN Ironworker foreman dies after falling 24 feet from a forklift - Tennessee, October 24, 1994.
1994-15 SC Carpenter dies after falling 17 feet from a scaffold - South Carolina, June 22, 1994.
1994-14 SC Construction foreman dies after falling from aerial lift bucket truck - South Carolina, June 20, 1994.
1994-13 SC Drywall mechanic dies after 10-foot fall from an open-sided floor - South Carolina, March 14, 1994.
1994-12 SC Carpenter dies after falling 10 feet from a step ladder/porch floor - South Carolina, March 23, 1994.
1994-11 VA Sanitation worker runover after falling from trash collection vehicle - Virginia, February 14, 1994.
1994-09 SC Meat packing plant employee dies after fall from platform - South Carolina, February 12, 1994.
1994-02 SC Stocker/order picker dies after 12-foot fall from an elevated pallet - South Carolina, September 15, 1993.
1994-01 SC Hotel grounds maintenance man dies after 16-foot fall from ladder - South Carolina, October 23, 1993.
1993-23 NC Painter dies after fall inside 250,000 gallon water tank - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
1993-22 NC Roofer dies after fall from ladder - North Carolina, June 11, 1993.
1993-21 NC Cement finisher dies after 17-foot fall through unguarded floor opening - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
1993-19 SC Electrician apprentice dies following a 33-foot fall through a roof - South Carolina, June 25, 1993.
1993-15 SC Painter/sandblaster dies following a 30-foot fall from scaffolding inside a water tank - South Carolina, April 7, 1993.
1992-36 VA Carpenter's helper dies after falling through stairwell opening - Virginia, September 4, 1992.
1992-35 VA Line mechanic dies after falling from aerial bucket truck - Virginia, August 31, 1992.
1992-11 AK Ironworker dies following an 18-foot fall from structural steel framework - Alaska, October 20, 1991.
1992-08 AK Roofer dies in 16-foot fall from residential roof - Alaska, September 13, 1991.
1992-05 IN Painter dies after 80-foot fall from electrical transmission tower - Indiana.
1992-04 IN Steel connector dies after falling 19 feet from a bridge under construction to the highway below - Indiana.
1992-03 VA Roofer helper dies following a 22-foot fall through a roof opening in Virginia, October 2, 1991.
1991-33 VA Iron worker dies following an 89-foot fall through an opening in temporary metal flooring in Virginia, July 12, 1991.
1991-30 VA Tree trimmer dies after falling 65 feet from tree in Virginia, September 3, 1991.
1991-27 OH Cleaning maid dies in Ohio following a 12-foot fall through a floor opening, July 26, 1991.
1991-26 SC Carpenter dies after falling from the roof of a carport addition that collapsed while under construction in South Carolina, August 3, 1991.
1991-23 IA Wastewater treatment plant operator drowns in recirculation pit in Iowa, May 25, 1988.
1991-18 MD Journeyman ironworker dies following a 22.5-foot fall from a walkway in Maryland, May 26, 1991.
1991-16 SC Maintenance technician drowns after falling from a turbine support-ring platform at a hydroelectric power generation facility in South Carolina, March 26, 1991.
1991-15 SC Millwright foreman dies in South Carolina following a 41-foot fall through a platform opening, April 22, 1991.
1991-11 OH Ironworker dies in Ohio following a 20-foot fall through a skylight opening, January 28, 1991.
1991-09 VA County garbage collector dies after falling from back end of moving garbage truck, November 29, 1990.
1991-07 SC Sheet metal worker dies after falling 35 feet to a concrete floor - South Carolina, November 12, 1990.
1991-06 VA Construction laborer dies after falling 61 feet from work platform in Virginia, November 1, 1990.
1991-04 VA Maintenance worker suffocates from engulfment after falling into sawdust silo - Virginia, September 21, 1990.
1991-02 SC Electrician dies after fall in South Carolina, October 11, 1990.
1990-35 SC Electrical lineman dies after falling 35 feet to the ground from a burning aerial bucket in South Carolina, June 30, 1990.
1990-33 OH Three ironworkers die and one was seriously injured in the collapse of a structural steel framework in Ohio, May 22, 1990.
1990-28 NC Carpenter dies following an 11-foot fall from a roof in North Carolina, February 22, 1990.
1990-25 VA Concrete contractor/finisher dies in Virginia following a 36-foot fall through a floor opening, February 6, 1990.
1990-24 SC Ironworker foreman dies after falling 50 feet from structural steel in South Carolina, January 27, 1990.
1990-23 MD Carpenter falls 62 feet to his death while attempting to enter a personnel basket at a bridge construction site in Maryland, January 26, 1990.
1990-21 MD Roofer dies after falling through skylight fixture in Maryland, November 6, 1989.
1990-20 MD Mason dies after falling 36 feet from scaffolding - Maryland, November 3, 1989.
1990-19 MD Welder dies after falling 22 feet from a roof at mall construction site in Maryland, November 4, 1989.
1990-16 OH Painter dies following a 40-foot fall from scaffold inside water tank in Ohio, November 20, 1989.
1990-15 IN Ironworker foreman dies following a 37-foot fall through platform opening in Indiana, September 12, 1989.
1990-13 IN Asbestos worker dies in fall from scaffold - Indiana.
1990-12 IN Painter dies when scaffold falls inside municipal water tank in Indiana, October 21, 1989.
1990-07 SC Laborer dies after fall from ladder - South Carolina.
1989-49 GA Window mechanic dies in 250-foot fall, August 17, 1989.
1989-47 MD Laborer falls to his death through a skylight opening, July 24, 1989.
1989-45 PA Welder dies in fall from fork lift, July 16, 1989.
1989-41 MD Carpenter dies after 13-foot fall through roof opening onto concrete floor, June 8, 1989.
1989-35 SC Stucco mason dies in fall from scaffold, April 21, 1989.
1989-34 SC Ironworker dies in fall from a warehouse under construction, April 29, 1989.
1989-31 OH Laborer dies from 80-foot fall through a bridge, April 12, 1989.
1989-30 MD Electrician's helper falls to his death through a skylight, April 18, 1989.
1989-29 VA Caulking mechanic dies in fall when scaffold fails, March 15, 1989.
1989-25 VA Sheet metal mechanic dies following a 22-foot fall through a roof opening, December 20, 1988.
1989-24 MD Carpenter dies in 90-foot fall from top of parking garage, October 29, 1988.
1989-23 MD Painter dies in 25-foot fall from tank top onto concrete pad, December 8, 1989.
1989-22 MD Roofer/carpenter dies after 26-foot fall from roof, January 3, 1989.
1989-21 MD Cement finisher dies after 160-foot fall from scaffold, December 19, 1988.
1989-20 IN Construction worker dies in 36-foot fall at construction site, January 18, 1989.
1989-14 MD Carpenter's helper dies in 24-foot fall from building under construction, January 6, 1989.
1989-13 MD Ironworker dies following a 25-foot fall through a roof opening, December 14, 1988.
1989-12 MD Ironworker dies following a 12-foot fall from metal decking onto concrete, December 13, 1989.
1989-07 OH Foreman and painter die in 48-foot fall when scaffold collapses, November 15, 1988.
1989-05 KY Painter dies in a 140-foot fall at a municipal water tower, September 22, 1988.
1989-03 MD Painter dies in 96-doot fall from highway bridge, October 29, 1988.
1989-02 MD Ironworker dies following a 35-foot fall at construction site, October 8, 1988.
1988-46 SC Female receiving clerk dies in fall in warehouse in South Carolina, September 3, 1988.
1988-43 SC Carpenter dies in 14-foot fall from roof in South Carolina, August 17, 1988.
1988-42 SC Female cement finisher dies in 165-foot fall at construction site in South Carolina, August 25, 1988.
1988-39 OH Lineman dies from fall from utility pole in Ohio, July 26, 1988.
1988-38 MD Construction foreman falls to his death from a roof in Maryland, August 11, 1988.
1988-29 VA Painter falls to his death from a scaffold in Virginia March 24, 1988.
1988-27 SC Dry wall finisher dies in fall from ladder on scaffold in South Carolina, June 23, 1988.
1988-18 SC Sheetmetal helper falls to his death through a skylight opening in South Carolina, January 6, 1988.
1988-17 SC Foreman falls to his death from a steel beam in South Carolina, March 2, 1988.
1988-15 IN Ironworker falls to his death from a steel column in Indiana, March 28, 1988.
1988-14 IN Labor foreman falls to his death inside municipal water tank in Indiana, March 21, 1988.
1988-12 OH Company president falls to his death from roof in Ohio February 23, 1988.
1988-09 OH Ironworker falls to his death from a steel truss in Ohio, December 16, 1987.
1988-08 OH Construction laborer falls to his death from a roof in Ohio, December 7, 1987.
1988-07 MD Roofer falls to his death from a roof in Maryland, November 16, 1987.
1988-06 MD Plumber falls to his death through a roof opening in Maryland, October 30, 1987.
1987-47 MI Worker dies inside filtration tank in Michigan, May 12, 1987.
1986-10 IN 33 year-old electrician electrocuted in Indiana.
1983-07 PA Scaffold collapse involving a window washer.
1982-02 WV Fall from a scaffold involving a construction foreman.

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