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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Machine Manufacturing

Report No. Incident State Title
2012-01 NC Hispanic lumberyard worker dies when struck by a forklift - North Carolina.
2011-01 CO Railcar worker dies after being crushed by a reach stacker lifting a wind tower section - Colorado.
2006-02 SC Millwright killed when pinned between the feed rolls of a debarker during machine maintenance - South Carolina.
2005-05 TN Hispanic youth dies in densifier at a plastics recycling plant - Tennessee.
2004-03 TN Seventeen-year-old high school student working as a warehouse laborer in work-based learning program dies after forklift tips over and crushes him - Tennessee.
2004-01 OH Hispanic laborer dies after being crushed between the frame of a skid steer loader and the scraper attachment on the loader lift arms - Ohio.
2003-13 SC 18-year-old dies after being entangled in a portable mortar mixer - South Carolina.
2002-09 NC Hispanic forklift operator dies after being caught between mast and cage of forklift - North Carolina.
2002-05 SC Maintenance mechanic dies after being trapped in the pneumatic door of a vacuum cooler - South Carolina.
2002-04 TN Plumber dies after being crushed between a tandem scissors lift platform and the I-beam frame of a mobile home -Tennessee.
2002-02 AZ Seventeen-year-old warehouse laborer dies after the forklift he was operating tipped over and crushed him - Arizona.
2001-03 AR Thirty-eight-year-old stevedore at river port materials handling facility struck by collapsing crane boom - Arkansas.
2000-22 NY Seventeen-year-old laborer at salvage lumber operation crushed by forklift that tipped over - New York.
2000-19 NY Sixteen-year-old produce-market worker dies from crushing injuries after being caught in a vertical downstroke baler - New York.
2000-15 NC A plant production supervisor dies after being crushed between the boom arm and front chassis of a skid-steer loader - North Carolina.
2000-12 OH Carpenter dies after being struck by uncontrolled concrete bucket when crane tips over - Ohio.
2000-01 NC Worker dies from crushing injuries after falling into a baling machine - North Carolina.
1998-14 PA Machine operator dies after being crushed by 9,700-pound coil cart - Pennsylvania.
1998-10 SC Temporary laborer crushed by dump truck at landfill - South Carolina.
1997-20 NC Laborer dies when caught between boom linkage of skid-steer loading machine - North Carolina.
1997-19 NC Electric line technician dies after falling from forklift - North Carolina.
1997-17 VA Maintenance electrician dies from crush injuries when caught between nip barrier and upper frame of paper rewinder - Virginia.
1997-15 SC Laborer dies after falling into baler at paper products plant - South Carolina.
1997-14 NC Maintenance worker dies after overhead crane collides with aerial platform at construction equipment plant - North Carolina.
1997-12 VA Tree trimmer dies after 40-foot fall in aerial bucker - Virginia.
1997-07 NC Order picker dies after falling from a lift truck suspended pallet - North Carolina.
1997-01 NC Company president killed when forklift overturns - North Carolina, September 18, 1996.
1996-24 SC Steel rack installer dies after being struck by 3,000 pound bundle of rack end pieces - South Carolina, July 25, 1996.
1996-23 TN Recycling center laborer crushed in baling machine - Tennessee.
1996-18 VA Supervisor dies as a result of injuries sustained in fall with powered vertical lift aerial platform - Virginia, May 7, 1996.
1996-11 SC Welder dies after being struck by a three-ton steel roof truss - South Carolina, February 29, 1996.
1996-04 NC Press operator dies after forklift rams scrap bin - North Carolina, October 19, 1995.
1996-03 NC Trash collector dies after being caught in compactor of refuse vehicle - North Carolina, November 3, 1995.
1996-02 SC Sanitation worker dies after being caught in chiller at poultry processing plant - South Carolina, September 16, 1995.
1995-20 SC Assistant manager dies after 15-foot fall from forklift-suspended pallet - South Carolina, September 6, 1995.
1995-14 TN Machine operator fatally injured when struck by the elevator of a concrete block cuber machine - Tennessee, August 29, 1995.
1995-13 TN Shift supervisor dies from injuries received after his arms were caught between two paper machine rollers - Tennessee, July 5, 1995.
1995-12 TN Laborer fatally injured while cleaning concrete mixer - Tennessee, May 15, 1995.
1995-11 VA Sanitation worker run over at solid waste transfer station - Virginia, June 2, 1995.
1995-10 VA Tree trimmer dies after being run over by aerial bucket truck - Virginia, February 23, 1995.
1995-02 TN Mill operator dies from injuries received after his upper torso was caught between lamination rollers - Tennessee, November 1, 1994.
1995-01 TN Ironworker foreman dies after falling 24 feet from a forklift - Tennessee, October 24, 1994.
1994-20 VA Clean-up person at veneer factory killed when cut-off saw inadvertently activated - Virginia, July 30, 1994.
1994-06 SC Extrusion machine operator dies of head injuries received when his head became caught in extrusion machine rollers - South Carolina, March 14, 1994.
1992-39 VA Maintenance man dies after being drawn into 17 1/2-inch-diameter positive pressure intake pipe - Virginia, August 30, 1992.
1991-24 SC Order selector dies after jumping 16 feet from an elevated pallet on an overturning forklift in South Carolina, July 24, 1991.
1989-45 PA Welder dies in fall from fork lift, July 16, 1989.
1988-10 OH City worker dies when struck and dragged by mobile equipment in Ohio, November 16, 1987.
1986-12 WV Welder dies in mine machine repair facility in West Virginia.
1984-20 MI Die cast operator pinned by robot.
1984-18 WV Struck and crushed by a backing forklift while cleaning up an auto salvage yard.
1984-12 WV Supply motorman killed by load falling from a forklift.

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