Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Youth

Pub. Date Report No. State
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7/30/2009 2007-10 CT Seventeen year old female laborer falls from residential roof and dies nine days later - Connecticut.
2/13/2006 2004-08 MD Fifteen-year-old Hispanic youth dies after entering the hopper of a bark blower - Maryland.
8/29/2005 2005-05 TN Hispanic youth dies in densifier at a plastics recycling plant - Tennessee.
11/2/2004 2004-06 SC Sixteen-year-old Hispanic youth dies after falling from a job-made elevated work platform during construction - South Carolina.
7/23/2004 2004-03 TN Seventeen-year-old high school student working as a warehouse laborer in work-based learning program dies after forklift tips over and crushes him - Tennessee.
2/12/2004 2003-07 SC Two Hispanic construction laborers (ages fifteen and sixteen) die after trench collapse - South Carolina.
1/7/2004 2003-13 SC 18-year-old dies after being entangled in a portable mortar mixer - South Carolina.
11/20/2003 2002-10 OH Youth farm worker dies after falling into operating feed grinder/mixer - Ohio.
5/23/2002 2002-02 AZ Seventeen-year-old warehouse laborer dies after the forklift he was operating tipped over and crushed him - Arizona.
5/3/2002 2001-13 CO Fourteen-year-old rental equipment worker dies from asphyxiation after becoming entangled in an electric chain hoist - Colorado.
3/8/2002 2001-04 FL Fifteen-year-old laborer dies after falling through a skylight - Florida.
3/5/2002 2000-04 PA Fourteen-year-old laborer dies after a stored piece of hoisting apparatus fell on him at an automobile repossession yard - Pennsylvania.
3/1/2002 2000-23 PA A 16-year-old roofer helper dies after 28-foot fall down an unguarded elevator shaft opening - Pennsylvania.
3/1/2002 2000-18 PA A 15-year-old male farm laborer dies after the tractor he was operating overturned Into a manure pit - Pennsylvania.
2/15/2002 2000-08 PA Seventeen-year-old window washer dies after falling 180 feet due to a rigging anchor failure - Pennsylvania.
2/7/2002 2001-07 AL Fourteen-year-old laborer dies after falling through a skylight - Alabama.
12/14/2001 2001-10 IN Seventeen-year-old part-time road construction laborer dies after being run over by a water truck - Indiana.
2/23/2001 2000-21 FL Fourteen-year-old youth pulled into operating wood chipper - Florida.
2/23/2001 2000-16 AL A 16-year-old died after falling 27 feet at a residential construction site - Alabama.
2/14/2001 2000-22 NY Seventeen-year-old laborer at salvage lumber operation crushed by forklift that tipped over - New York.
12/19/2000 2000-17 PA Seventeen-year-old lifeguard dies after falling into a nearly empty swimming pool - Pennsylvania.
10/20/2000 2000-14 CT Sixteen-year-old mechanic's assistant dies after being run over by the rear wheels of a tub grinder - Connecticut.
7/28/2000 2000-19 NY Sixteen-year-old produce-market worker dies from crushing injuries after being caught in a vertical downstroke baler - New York.
5/25/2000 2000-09 OH Sixteen-year-old laborer at a building supply center crushed by forklift that tipped over - Ohio.
4/14/2000 2000-03 MI Youth laborer dies in trench collapse - Michigan.
3/21/2000 2000-06 GA Sixteen-year-old farmworker dies in a cotton packing machine after being covered with a load of cotton - Georgia.
3/16/2000 2000-07 NC Three tower painters die after falling 1,200 feet when riding the hoist line - North Carolina.
1/20/2000 1999-06 CT 16 Year-old ride attendant dies after being caught and dragged by amusement park ride - Connecticut.
1/10/2000 1999-05 OH 15 Year-old campground laborer dies after striking a camper trailer hitch while operating a utility vehicle - Ohio.
12/21/1999 1998-15 MI 9-year-old child helping with blueberry harvest dies after being run over by cargo truck on field road - Michigan.
10/15/1999 1999-02 AZ Youth dies in trench collapse - Arizona.
2/1/1999 1998-16 KS Roofer helper dies after falling 16 and one-half feet from roof to concrete basement way - Kansas.
11/25/1996 1996-19 TX Sixteen-year-old electrical-contractor laborer electrocuted - Texas, June 18, 1996.
3/10/1993 1992-32 AK Commercial fisherman drowned after fishing vessel capsized - Alaska, August 31, 1992.
2/12/1990 1989-46 MI Five family members die after entering manure waste pit on dairy farm, July 26, 1989.
11/22/1988 1988-35 NC Assistant pool manager electrocuted in North Carolina, July 25, 1988.
7/25/1986 1986-32 NC General laborer electrocuted in North Carolina.
5/30/1986 1986-27 OH Part-time laborer electrocuted in Ohio.

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