Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Temporary Worker

Pub. Date Report No. State
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12/11/2014 2012-01 NC Hispanic lumberyard worker dies when struck by a forklift - North Carolina.
8/19/2011 2009-02 TN Hispanic worker dies when a sixty-foot tree falls onto the hydraulic excavator he was operating to clear land - Tennessee.
8/7/2007 2006-04 NC Migrant farm worker dies from heat stroke while working on a tobacco farm - North Carolina.
3/5/2002 2000-25 NC Temporary service worker dies after mower rolls over on him - North Carolina.
8/28/1998 1998-10 SC Temporary laborer crushed by dump truck at landfill - South Carolina.
12/10/1996 1996-21 VA Temporary employee falls through coliseum roof - Virginia, June 27, 1996.
1/4/1995 1994-20 VA Clean-up person at veneer factory killed when cut-off saw inadvertently activated - Virginia, July 30, 1994.
9/9/1993 1993-21 NC Cement finisher dies after 17-foot fall through unguarded floor opening - North Carolina, July 2, 1993.
6/11/1987 1987-40 VA Painter electrocuted in Virginia, April 17, 1987.

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