Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, NIOSH conducts investigations of fatal occupational injuries. The primary intent of this program is to provide interested users with access to the full text of hundreds of fatality investigation reports.

NIOSH FACE Reports: Landscaping Services

Pub. Date Report No. State
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3/31/2016 2013-04 NC Hispanic worker dies after being hit with a projectile from a nearby commercial lawnmower - North Carolina.
2/13/2006 2004-08 MD Fifteen-year-old Hispanic youth dies after entering the hopper of a bark blower - Maryland.
3/5/2002 2000-25 NC Temporary service worker dies after mower rolls over on him - North Carolina.
2/9/1999 1998-13 NC Groundsman on tree trimming crew caught in wood chipper - North Carolina.
11/5/1997 1997-20 NC Laborer dies when caught between boom linkage of skid-steer loading machine - North Carolina.
10/1/1997 1997-12 VA Tree trimmer dies after 40-foot fall in aerial bucker - Virginia.
7/2/1997 1997-06 VA Tree trimming crew leader caught in wood chipper - Virginia.
9/23/1996 1996-15 VA Tree trimmer/climber dies after falling 40 feet with an uprooted tree trunk - Virginia, July 23, 1996.
4/5/1996 1995-10 VA Tree trimmer dies after being run over by aerial bucket truck - Virginia, February 23, 1995.
9/26/1994 1994-07 SC Tree trimmer foreman dies after being struck by a pickup truck - South Carolina, February 21, 1994.
11/22/1991 1991-30 VA Tree trimmer dies after falling 65 feet from tree in Virginia, September 3, 1991.
3/11/1991 1991-03 SC Tree trimming groundsman electrocuted after contacting an energized aerial bucket truck in South Carolina, October 23, 1990.
12/15/1990 1990-34 VA Tree trimming groundsman electrocuted after grasping a guy wire that contacted an energized guy wire in Virginia, May 7, 1990.
4/11/1990 1990-02 PR Tree trimmer crew leader dies when he contacts energized powerline - Puerto Rico.
10/8/1987 1987-65 IN Tree trimmer electrocuted in Indiana, August 6, 1987.

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