Table of Contents

Component Description

The Housing Characteristics section (variable name prefixes HOQ or HOD) provides family-level interview data on the number of rooms in home and whether the home is owned or rented. Note: The variables HOQ.040 (age of home), HOQ.060 (time lived in home), HOQ.070 (source of tap water for home), and HOQ.080 and HOQ.085 (water treatment device use and type, respectively) were dropped from the questionnaire in 2011-12.

Eligible Sample

One study participant in each family responded to the HOQ for the entire family. The information this respondent gave was then applied for all family members in the same household.

Interview Setting and Mode of Administration

These questions were asked, in the home, by trained interviewers using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) system.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The questionnaire data was systematically reviewed for logical, processing, and data input errors on a periodic basis during the data collection process.

The CAPI system is programmed with built-in consistency checks to reduce data entry errors. CAPI also uses online help screens to assist interviewers in defining key terms used in the questionnaire.

Data Processing and Editing

Sometimes, multiple families in the same household were selected as participants in the study. Occasionally, the data collected from different families living in the same household had discrepancies. These discrepancies were left as they were reported.

HOD050 Number of rooms in home: Any response provided for this question that was equal or greater than 13 was grouped into one category and released as 13.

Analytic Notes

Although these data were collected as part of the household questionnaire, if they are merged with the mobile examination center (MEC) exam data, exam sample weights should be used for the analyses.

Please refer to the NHANES Analytic Guidelines and the on-line NHANES Tutorial for further details on the use of sample weights and other analytic issues.

Codebook and Frequencies

SEQN - Respondent sequence number

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Respondent sequence number
English Text:
Respondent sequence number.
Both males and females 0 YEARS - 150 YEARS

HOD050 - Number of rooms in home

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Number of rooms in home
English Text:
How many rooms are in this home? Count the kitchen but not the bathroom.
English Instructions:
Both males and females 0 YEARS - 150 YEARS
Code or Value Value Description Count Cumulative Skip to Item
1 1 49 49
2 2 204 253
3 3 831 1084
4 4 1810 2894
5 5 2071 4965
6 6 1728 6693
7 7 1130 7823
8 8 773 8596
9 9 434 9030
10 10 323 9353
11 11 133 9486
12 12 71 9557
13 13 or more 51 9608
777 Refused 34 9642
999 Don't know 0 9642
. Missing 329 9971

HOQ065 - Home owned, bought, rented, other

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Home owned, bought, rented, other
English Text:
Is this {mobile home/house/apartment} owned, being bought, rented, or occupied by some other arrangement by {you/you or someone else in your family}?
Both males and females 0 YEARS - 150 YEARS
Code or Value Value Description Count Cumulative Skip to Item
1 Owned or being bought 5333 5333
2 Rented 4121 9454
3 Other arrangement 162 9616
7 Refused 10 9626
9 Don't know 16 9642
. Missing 329 9971