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Locator Record

Title: NHANES/NNYFS Combined Sample 2012 - Respiratory Health and Disease (C_RDQ )
Contact Number: 1-866-441-NCHS
Years of Content: 2012
First Published: September, 2013
Revised: NA
Access Constraints: RDC Only
Use Constraints: RDC Only
Geographic Coverage: National
Subject: Includes questions regarding wheezing with exercise and activity limitation due to wheezing from the combined NHANES/NNYFS 2012.
Record Source: NHANES/NNYFS 2012
Survey Methodology: This is a stratified multistage probability sample of the non-institutionalized population aged 3 to 15 years in the U.S. from NHANES 2012 and NNYFS 2012.
Medium: NHANES Web site; SAS transport files

Component Description

The Respiratory Health & Disease section (variable name prefix RDQ) provides combined 2012 NHANES National Youth Fitness Study (NNYFS) and NHANES 2012 participant-level interview data on wheezing; specifically whether within the previous 12 month period, wheezing occurred with exercise, or resulted in limitation of the participant’s usual activities. These questions were asked in the NNYFS and also for NHANES participants aged 3 to 15 years, during the second year of the 2011-2012 NHANES survey cycle.

Eligible Sample

All NNYFS participants and all NHANES 2012 participants ages 3-15 years.

Interview Setting and Mode of Administration

The respiratory health and disease questionnaire was asked in the home, by trained interviewers, using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) system. The questions were asked of all NNYFS survey participants by proxy.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The CAPI system is programmed with built-in consistency checks to reduce data entry errors. CAPI also uses online help screens to assist interviewers in defining key terms used in the questionnaire.

Data Processing and Editing

The data were reviewed for completeness, consistency, and illogical values.

Analytic Notes

Please refer to the Analytic Guidelines for details on the use of sample weights and other analytic issues.


Codebook and Frequencies

SEQN - Respondent sequence number

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Respondent sequence number
English Text:
Respondent sequence number.
Both males and females 3 YEARS - 15 YEARS

RDQ100 - Chest sound wheezy during exercise

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Chest sound wheezy during exercise
English Text:
In the past 12 months, has {your/SP's} chest sounded wheezy during or after exercise or physical activity?
Both males and females 3 YEARS - 15 YEARS
Code or Value Value Description Count Cumulative Skip to Item
1 Yes 223 223
2 No 2668 2891
7 Refused 0 2891
9 Don't know 2 2893
. Missing 0 2893

RDQ135 - Amount wheezing limits usual activity

Variable Name:
SAS Label:
Amount wheezing limits usual activity
English Text:
During the past 12 months, how much did {you/SP} limit {your/his/her} usual activities due to wheezing or whistling? Would you say . . .
Both males and females 3 YEARS - 15 YEARS
Code or Value Value Description Count Cumulative Skip to Item
1 Not at all, 2646 2646
2 A little, 188 2834
3 A fair amount, 25 2859
4 A moderate amount, or 12 2871
5 A lot? 22 2893
7 Refused 0 2893
9 Don't know 0 2893
. Missing 0 2893