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Contributing Agencies

The following agencies and research organizations have conducted evaluation projects and contributed reports to Q-Bank. Select the Agency Name to view the reports the agency has contributed.

Agency Name Description Reports
ADAPT Able Disabled All People Together 1
ASA Agency for Social Analysis 1
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics 6
Census U.S. Bureau of the Census 8
Census - CSMR US Census Bureau - Center for Survey Methods Resea 23
Census - Econ US Census Bureau - Economics Division 6
Census - SRD US Census Bureau - Statistical Research Division 12
City U City University London 1
CSD Center for the Study of Democracy 1
Development Associates Development Associates Inc 2
GESIS Gesis - Zuma 1
ICS Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de L 2
NatCen NatCen Social Research 8
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics - QDRL 78
Research Support Services Research Support Services, Inc 3
RTI Research Triangle Institute/ RTI International 3
SIDOS Swiss Information and Data Archive Service for the 1
Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv University 1
U of Granada University of Granada 1
UM Institute for Social Research at U of Michigan 1
Westat Westat 9
WISDOM Wiener Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Dokume 1