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Contributing Reports to Q-Bank

Statistical agencies and other research organizations are invited to submit reports to Q-Bank. This allows others to learn from the research that has been conducted. All forms of question evaluation studies can be submitted to Q-Bank for publication.

3 Step Submission Process

1. Author: Package Submission
2. Q-Bank Administrator:  Review Submission
3. Q-Bank Administrator: Publication of 508-compliant report

Package Submission

  • First time users must e-mail the Q-Bank Administrator ( with their submission package to receive a user name and password to access the Q-Bank data entry website.
  • Returning users can log on to the data entry website and email their submission package after entering the information.

Each submission package to the Q-Bank administrator should include:*

  1. Final report (word format) and
  2. Actual questionnaires that were tested including any associated instructions, forms, or flashcards (word format)
  3. Report Submission Form **

Q-Bank Administrator Review

The Q-Bank administrator will review the submission to ensure that all reports contain a detailed methods section, and all findings are supported by empirical evidence. Only questions with a sufficient amount of empirical evidence supporting conclusions will be made searchable in Q-Bank. It is not necessary to include suggested revisions of the evaluated question.

The Q-Bank administrator will follow-up with report contributors to answer any questions.

Publication of Report

The report is published to Q-Bank after the submission has been reviewed. The content will be searchable, and the report will be 508 compliant.

If you have any questions or comments, related to submitting content into Q-Bank, please e-mail the Q-Bank Administrator (

  • * Each of these items should be e-mailed to the Q-Bank Administrator at
  • ** If users submit their report and the submission form, the Q-Bank administrator can do all tasks to enter the report.