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Surveys in Q-Bank

Q-Bank contains tested questions from the following surveys. Select the Survey Title to view more information about the survey.

Survey Title Full Name Questions
NRFU Census Nonresponse Follow-Up Interview 88
Not Applicable Questions are not part of a current survey 773
NIS National Immunization Survey 8
CPS Current Population Survey 143
NHANES National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 228
NHIS National Health Interview Survey 706
2005 National Census Test 2005 National Census Test 11
ACS American Community Survey 76
Report of Organization Report of Organization 2
SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire 30
Provider-Patient Communication About Prostate-Spec Provider-Patient Communication About Prostate-Spec 32
HINTS Health Information National Trends Survey 100
SIPP Recipiency History Module SIPP Recipiency History Module 7
March CPS March Income Supplement to the CPS 23
SCS to 2001 NCVS School Crime Supplement to 2001 NCVS 89
LSS Living Situation Survey 42
AWTS - AGBR Annual Wholesale Trade Survey/Agents Brokers and Electronic Markets 25
ASM Annual Survey of Manufacturers 0
Econ Census Economic Cenus 0
CE Consumer Expenditure Survey 11
ATUS American Time Use Survey 10
NCVS National Crime Victimization Survey 76
Quarterly Survey - Selected Local Taxes Quarterly Survey - Selected Local Taxes 15
Quarterly Survey - Non-Property Taxes Quarterly Survey of Non-Property Taxes 11
Census Dress Rehearsal Census 2010 Dress Rehearsal 12
PRAMS Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 124
CSFII Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals 54
AYA HOPE Adolescent and Young Adult Health Outcomes and Patient Experience Survey 112
Transgender HIV Behavioral Survey Transgender HIV Behavioral Survey 29
1999 Survey of Program Dynamics 1999 Survey of Program Dynamics 112
1996 National Content Test 1996 National Content Survey 38
NHES National Household Education Survey 20
TUS-CPS Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS) 128
AHS American Housing Survey 147
Census 2010 U.S. 2010 Census 12
CFS Commodity Flow Survey 41
NHBSS National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System 101
SLAITS State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey 17
ESS European Social Survey 16
VACS Violence Against Children Survey 140
UNICEF Multiple Indicators Survey Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 25
FRS The Family Resources Survey 64
NIOSH - RHW NIOSH - Respiratory Health of Healthcare Workers 143
NTS National Travel Survey 76
HSE Health Survey for England 89
NSLTCP National Study of Long-Term Care Providers 176
NAMCS The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey 167
UBDHQ Uniform Blood Donor History Questionnaire 48
MDS Model Disability Survey 95
DRAI Donor Risk Assessment Interview 54
Module on Child Functioning and Disability Module on Child Functioning and Disability 96
VA WHO Verbal Autopsy (VA) Instrument 202
FSS POMS Federal Statistical System Public Opinion Monitoring Survey 21
BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 0
NEHRS National Electronic Health Records Survey 41
Survey of Industrial Research and Development Survey of Industrial Research and Development 13
SGRD Survey of State Government Research and Development 77
Child Support Enforcement Supplement Child Support Enforcement Supplement to CPS 22
SASS Schools and Staffing Survey Student Records Questionnaire 18
SIPP Welfare Reform Module SIPP Welfare Reform Module 5
NCT National Content Test 0
Census 2000 U.S. 2000 Census 4
Youth Volunteering and Civic Engagement Survey 2005 Youth Volunteering and Civic Engagement Survey 90
HSSC Healthcare Systems Scorecard (HSSC) 15
SIPP Survey of Income and Program Participation 11
POMS Property Owners and Managers Survey 76
MCBS The Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey 0
SIPP Recipiency History Module SIPP Recipiency History Module 0
RANDS Research and Development Survey 79
YRBSS Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System 33
NYC YRBS NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey 13
AQE 2010 Census Race and Hispanic Origin Alternative Questionnaire Experiment 51
NSHVS National Survey of Hospital-Based Victim Services 6
NSDUH The National Survey on Drug Use and Health 0