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report/2006nrfucogtestround1QBANK.pdf#page=10NRFUWhat is YOUR/NAME’S date of birth?2005
report/2006nrfucogtestround1QBANK.pdf#page=10NRFUFor the Census, we need to record age as of June 1, 2005. So, just to confirm YOU WERE/NAME WAS FILL AGE on June 1, 2005?2005
report/2006NRFURound2FinalReport.pdf#page=14NRFUWhat is YOUR/NAME’S date of birth?2006
report/2006NRFURound2FinalReport.pdf#page=14NRFUFor the Census, we need to record age as of December 1, 2005. So, just to confirm – NAME was/ You were AGE on December 1, 2005?2006
report/SpaceSavingRosterRevisedInstructions2005.pdf#page=62005 National Census TestPrint Person 1's age and date of birth2005
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=25NRFUWhat is YOUR/NAME’S date of birth?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=25NRFUWhat was YOUR/NAME’S age on April 1, 2006? If you don’t know the exact age, please estimate.2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=25NRFU(For the Census, we need to record age as of April 1, 2006.) So, what WAS YOUR/NAME’s age on April 1?2006
report/DeMaio_Census_2003DisabilityQuestions.pdf#page=1Census Dress RehearsalWhen was this person born?1997
report/Westat_NCES_2009_NHESRedesign.pdf#page=98NHESHow old was this woman when she first became a mother or guardian to any child?2009
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=44NRFUWhat is [your/NAME’s] date of birth?2006
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=46NRFUWhat was [your/NAME’s] age on April 1, 2006?2006
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=47NRFU[NAME was/you were] [AGE] on April 1, 2006?2006
report/Ridolfo_NCHS_2011_NHBSS HIV.pdf#page=25NHBSSPlease tell me how many friends, relatives or people you are close to who are at least 18 years old, and live in [project area].2011
report/Ridolfo_NCHS_2011_NHBSS HIV.pdf#page=29NHBSSDo you have ANY OTHER friends, relatives or people you are close to who are at least 18 years old and live in [insert project area]?2011
report/Harwell_NCHS_2012_VACS.pdf#page=7VACSHow old were you on your last birthday?2012
report/Scanlon_NCHS_2013_NIOSH.pdf#page=48NIOSH - RHWAre you 18 years of age or older?2013
report/Collins_NatCen_2010_CogTest65.pdf#page=86HSEHow old is {1ST/2ND/3RD PERSON’S NAME}?2010
report/Gerber_1997_CENSUS.pdf#page=4Census 2000Was this person born before December 8, 1971?1996
report/Hughes_Census_2005_Youth.pdf#page=5Youth Volunteering and Civic Engagement SurveyFirst, how old were you on December 31st last year?2004
report/Hunter_2004_CENSUS_NRFU.pdf#page=41NRFU"What was [your/ NAME's) age on April 1, 2004? (If you don't know the exact age, please estimate.)"2004
report/Hunter_2004_CENSUS_NRFU.pdf#page=41NRFU"What is [your / NAME's] date of birth?"2004