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report/Miller_NCHS_2001NHANESSexualityReport.pdf#page=31NHANESHave you ever had a rectal examination?2001
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=12NHISA stool blood test, also known as a Fecal Occult Blood Test, is a test to check for colon cancer. It is done at home using a set of 2 or 3 cards to determine whether the stool contains blood. Have you ever done a stool blood test using a home kit? Alternative Wording: A stool blood test or fecal blood test is a test done at home to check for colon cancer. You use a stick or brush to obtain one or more stool samples, and return the samples to the doctor's office or laboratory. Have you ever done a stool blood test using a home kit?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=13NHISThe following questions are about the blood stool or occult blood test, a test to determine whether you have blood in your stool or bowel movement. The blood stool test can be done at home using a kit. You use a stick or brush to obtain a small amount of stool at home and send it back to the doctor or lab. Have you EVER HAD a blood stool test, using a HOME test kit?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=13NHISWhen did you have your most recent stool blood test using a home kit to check for colon cancer?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=14NHISWas your most recent HOME blood stool test recommended by a doctor or other health professional?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=14NHISA sigmoidoscopy and a colonoscopy are both tests that examine the bowel by inserting a tube in the rectum. The difference is that during a sigmoidoscopy, you are awake and can drive yourself home after the test; however, during a colonoscopy, you may feel sleepy and you need someone to drive you home. Have you ever had a colonoscopy?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=15NHISHave you EVER HAD a sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, or proctoscopy? These are exams in which a health care professional inserts a tube into the rectum to look for signs of cancer or other problems.2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=15NHISWhen did you have your MOST RECENT exam?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=15NHISFor a SIGMOIDOSCOPY, a flexible tube is inserted into the rectum to look for problems. A COLONOSCOPY is SIMILAR, but uses a longer tube, and you are usually given medication through a needle in your arm to make you sleepy, and told to have someone else drive you home. A PROCTOSCOPY is an older exam that used a rigid tube. Was this MOST RECENT exam a sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, proctoscopy or something else?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=16NHISHave you ever had a sigmoidoscopy?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=14NHISIn the PAST 12 MONTHS, has a doctor or other health professional RECOMMENDED that you have a HOME blood stool test?2007