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report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=5NHISDURING THE PAST THREE MONTHS, that is, since {91 days before today date}, {were/was} {you/anyone in the family} injured or poisoned seriously enough that {you/they} got medical advice or treatment?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=12NHISHow many different times in the PAST 3 MONTHS were {you/participant’s name} injured or poisoned seriously enough to seek medical advice or treatment?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=13NHISWhen did {your/participant name} injury/poisoning happen?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=15NHISWhere did {you/participant name} receive MEDICAL ADVICE OR TREATMENT for this injury/poisoning? Anywhere else?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=17NHIS{Was/Were} {you/participant name} hospitalized for at least one night as a result of this injury/poisoning?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=17NHISHow many nights {were/was} {you/participant name} in the hospital?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=18NHISAt the time, what part(s) of {your/participant name} body was/were hurt? What kind of injury/poisoning was it?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=21NHISHow did your injury/poisoning happen? Please describe fully the circumstances or events leading to the injury/ poisoning, and any object, substance, or other person involved.2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=23NHIS{Were/Was} {you/participant name} injured as the driver of a vehicle, a passenger in a vehicle, a bicycle rider, or as a pedestrian?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=24NHISTransportation accidents: What type of vehicle {were/was} {you/participant name} in?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=25NHISWhat type of vehicle struck your vehicle, or what type of vehicle did you strike?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=28NHISWhat was it that burned/scalded {you/participant name}? If response is fire or smoke ask: What caused the fire/smoke?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=30NHISHow did {you/participant name} fall? Anything else?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=32NHISWhat caused {you/participant name} to fall?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=33NHISDid {your/participant name} poisoning result from:2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=34NHISWhat {were/was} {you/participant name} doing when the injury/poisoning happened?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=36NHISWhere (were/was} {you/participant name} when the injury/poisoning happened?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=38NHISAs a result of this injury/poisoning, how much work did {you/participant name} miss?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=39NHISAs a result of this injury/poisoning, how much school did {you/participant name} miss?2002
report/Miller_NCHS_2002InjuryPoisonReport.pdf#page=40NHISAs a result of this injury/poisoning {do/does} {you/participant name} now need the help of other persons with {your/his/her} personal care needs, such as eating, bathing, dressing or getting around this home?2002
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=25AHSDuring the past three months, that is since[fill date three months prior] has anyone in the household under 18 had an injury where any part of the body was hurt and required medical attention?2010
report/Willson_2013_NCHS_DRAI.pdf#page=10DRAIDid she/he have any health problems due to exposure to toxic substances such as pesticides, lead, mercury, gold, asbestos, agent orange, etc.?2013
report/Willson_2013_NCHS_DRAI.pdf#page=14DRAIIn the past 12 months was she/he bitten or scratched by any pet, stray or wild animal?2013
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=34VADid s/he/the baby suffer from any injury or accident that led to his/her death?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=36VA(Which of the following) was s/he/the baby injured as?2014