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report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=5NRFUDid you live at [Address] on April 1, 2006?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=6NRFUIs there anyone living [here/ at Address] now who also lived here on April 1, 2006?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=6NRFUIs this (house/apartment/mobile home) a vacation or seasonal home or does someone usually live here?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=8NRFUIf yes to 1: {Let’s start with you, what is your full name? Can I have the full names of the other people who were living and sleeping here most of the time? Anyone else?} If no to 1: Can I have the full names of the people who were living and sleeping here most of the time? Anyone else? {get names}2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=10NRFUWe do not want to miss any people who might have been staying here around April 1st. Were there any additional people that you didn’t mention, for example: Babies? Foster children? Any other relatives? Roommates?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=11NRFUHow about anyone staying here on April 1st who had no other permanent place to live?2006
report/2006NRFUR3FinalReport.pdf#page=12NRFUAnyone who you don’t think of as part of your household, but stays here most of the time?2006
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=13LSSNow I’d like the first names of any people who live here but didn’t stay here last night. (Remember to include yourself, if this describes you.)1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=13LSSPlease think back over the time since (REFERENCE DATE). Was there anyone else who lived here or stayed for just one night since that time?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=13LSSIs there anyone else whom you haven’t mentioned that lived or stayed here since (REFERENCE DATE) who is no longer here?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=13LSSAre there any adult sons or daughters you haven’t mentioned who stay here and have no separate home of their own?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=14LSSSince (REFERENCE DATE), have there been any other people, not including the ones you’ve already mentioned, who contributed money for rent, food or bills, even if they haven’t usually stayed here?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=14LSSSince (REFERENCE DATE), is there anyone you haven’t mentioned who used this address to receive mail or phone messages?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=15LSSSince (REFERENCE DATE), has there been anyone else you haven’t mentioned who has had their own key and could come and go anytime?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=15LSSAre there any other people who have eaten here frequently since (REFERENCE DATE) whom you haven’t mentioned?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=15LSSPlease look at this card which lists some of the reasons people tied to households might be away. Are there any other people tied to your household in situations like these whom you haven’t already mentioned?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=15LSSPlease look at this next card. There are some situations in which people may stay at your house even though you might not consider them to be a part of your household. This card lists some types of people who might not normally be considered part of the household. Have there been any of these people in your household since (REFERENCE DATE) whom you haven’t already mentioned?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=17LSSDo you consider (yourself/NAME) to be a member of this household?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=15LSSWhat are the reasons you do not consider (yourself/NAME) to be a part of this household?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=17LSSWhat month and year did (NAME) begin staying here?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=17LSS(Were you/was NAME) here for a special occasion or (do you/does NAME) stay here regularly?1992
report/LivingSituationReport.pdf#page=18LSSPlease look at this card and tell me how would you describe (your/NAME’s) living situation here?1992
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=18NRFUIs this [house/apartment/mobile home] a vacation home, seasonal residence, held for occasional use, or does someone in this household usually live here?2006
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=22NRFUHow many people were living or staying in this [house/apartment/mobile home] on April 1, 2006?2006
report/2006NRFUBehaviorCodingFinalReport.pdf#page=24NRFUWhat is the name of each person who lived or stayed at this [house/apartment/mobile home] on April 1, 2006? Start with the name of one person who owned or rented this [house/apartment/mobile home].2006