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report/Edgar_BLS_2009CEQReport.pdf#page=5CEHow many home equity loans do you currently have?2008
report/Edgar_BLS_2009CEQReport.pdf#page=5CEWhat was the amount of the [mortgage/lump sum home equity loan] when you first obtained it, not including any interest?2008
report/Edgar_BLS_2009CEQReport.pdf#page=5CEIn what year did you make the first payment on this [mortgage/lump sum home equity loan]?2008
report/Edgar_BLS_2009CEQReport.pdf#page=5CEIs this a 30 year [mortgage/lump sum home equity loan], a 15 year [mortgage/lump sum home equity loan], or something else?2008
report/Edgar_BLS_2009CEQReport.pdf#page=5CEWhat is the current interest rate on [YR_YRCUS] [mortgage/lump sum home equity loan]?2008
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=57AHSWhat else is included in your payment for the loan?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=49AHSThinking about your mortgages, what type of mortgage is the [first, second, third, etc.] loan?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=50AHSDid you get the mortgage the same date you bought your home?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=51AHSWhat year did you get the mortgage?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=51AHSWhat month did you get the mortgage?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=51AHSLooking at your statement, how much is the current payment on the mortgage?(Include as much Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI) as they pay.)2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=51AHSLooking at your statement, what is the amount that you still owe on the mortgage? That is, what is the unpaid principal balance?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=52AHSLooking at your statement, what is the current interest rate on the mortgage?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=52AHSDid this mortgage refinance a previous mortgage?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=53AHSHomeowners refinance for many reasons. I am now going to read you a list of reasons people give for refinancing. Please tell me if any of these reasons apply to you. Did you refinance to...2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=54AHSWhat percentage of this loan was used for the purchase of the home or additions, improvements or repairs to the home?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=54AHSFrom the day that you obtained this mortgage, how many years did you have to pay it off?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=55AHSLooking at your statement, which of the following are included in your payment.2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=56AHSHow much was the Federal Housing/Veterans Administration Insurance or FHA/VA payment in the last calendar year?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=52AHSHow much was the private mortgage insurance or PMI payment in the last calendar year?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=57AHSHow often do you make a payment on your loan?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=58AHSOver the last 12 months, has the amount of your loan payment increased or decreased by any amount?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=59AHSPayments change for many reasons. I am now going to read you a list of reasons why mortgage payments change. Please tell me if any of theses reasons applied to you over the last 12 months.2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=59AHSPlease specify other reason(s) why the mortgage payment changed over the last 12 months?2010
report/DeMaio_Census_2011_AmericanHousing.pdf#page=61AHSIs the mortgage an FHA, VA, Rural Housing Service/Rural Development mortgage, or none of these?2010