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report/Miller_NCHS_2008BudapestReport.pdf#page=20Not ApplicableOverall, during the past week, how worried, nervous, or anxious did you feel? Would you say: not at all, slightly, moderately, a lot, or extremely worried, nervous, or anxious?2008
report/Noel_NCHS_2012_SLAITS.pdf#page=11SLAITSI am going to read you a list of conditions. For each condition, Please tell me if a doctor or other health care provider ever told you that [SC] had the condition, even if [he/she] does not have the condition now. Anxiety problems?2010
report/Willson_NCHS_2010_Cancer.pdf#page=45NHISIn the past 7 days, how often have you been bothered by emotional problems such as feeling anxious, depressed, or irritable?2008
report/Harwell_NCHS_2013_VACS_ Malawi.pdf#page=33VACSDuring the past 30 days, how often did you feel nervous?2013
report/Harwell_NCHS_2013_VACS_ Malawi.pdf#page=33VACSDuring the past 30 days, how often did you feel nervous?2013
report/Harwell_NCHS_2013_VACS_ Malawi.pdf#page=34VACSDuring the past 30 days, how often did you feel restless?2013
report/Massey_NCHS_2014_UNICEF_Child_Disability.pdf#page=28Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityHow often does (name) seem anxious, nervous or worried? Would you say...2012
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_WHOMDS.pdf#page=49MDSHow much of a problem do you have due to feeling worried, nervous or anxious?2013
report/Meredith_2016_NCHS_MCFD.pdf#page=42Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityHOW OFTEN DOES (NAME) SEEM ANXIOUS, NERVOUS OR WORRIED?2015
report/Meredith_2016_NCHS_MCFD.pdf#page=44Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityTEENS: HOW OFTEN DO YOU FEEL ANXIOUS, NERVOUS OR WORRIED?2015
report/Scanlon_2017_NCHS_RANDS.pdf#page=72RANDSDuring the past 30 days, how often did you feel nervous?2015
report/Scanlon_2017_NCHS_RANDS.pdf#page=74RANDSWhich of the following statements, if any, describes your feelings of nervousness?2015
report/Scanlon_2017_NCHS_RANDS.pdf#page=84RANDSHow often do you feel worried, nervous, or anxious?2015
report/Scanlon_2017_NCHS_RANDS.pdf#page=87RANDSThinking about the last time you felt worried, nervous, or anxious, how would you describe the level of these feelings? Would you say you felt a little this way, a lot this way, or somewhere in between?2015