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Showing questions for topic: Smoking and Tobacco Use
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report/Willson_NCHS_2004TierIIReport.pdf#page=25Not ApplicableDuring the past month, did you smoke any cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe?2004
report/Willson_NCHS_2004TierIIReport.pdf#page=25Not ApplicableCompared with the amount you usually smoke, was the amount you smoked in the past month more than usual, about the same, or less than usual?2004
report/Willson_NCHS_2004TierIIReport.pdf#page=25Not ApplicableWas the amount a lot, some, or only a little (more/less) than usual?2004
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=11NHISHave you smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your ENTIRE LIFE?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=11NHISHow old were you when you FIRST started to smoke fairly regularly?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=12NHISDo you NOW smoke cigarettes every day, some days or not at all?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=13NHISOn the average, how many cigarettes do you now smoke a day?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=13NHISOn how many of the PAST 30 DAYS did you smoke a cigarette?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=13NHISOn the average, when you smoked during the PAST 30 DAYS, about how many cigarettes did you smoke a day?2003
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=45Not ApplicableHave you ever smoked cigarettes? No means less than 20 packs of cigarettes or 12 oz. of tobacco in your lifetime or less than 1 cigarette a day for one year at any time in your life.2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=45Not ApplicableHow old were you when you first started regular cigarette smoking?2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=46Not ApplicableDo you now smoke cigarettes as of one month ago?2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=48Not ApplicableHave you ever smoked a pipe regularly? (Yes means more than 12 oz. of tobacco in a lifetime.)2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=49Not ApplicableHave you ever smoked cigars regularly? (Yes means more than 1 cigar a week for one year at any time in your life.)2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=54Not ApplicableDid or does your natural (biologic) parent ever smoke cigarettes? Father2006
report/Maitland_NCHS_2006ThoracicReport.pdf#page=54Not ApplicableDid or does your natural (biologic) parent ever smoke cigarettes? Mother2006
report/Kudela_Westat_2010_TobaccoUseSupplement.pdf#page=19CPSIn what state or country did you live when you first began to smoke cigarettes fairly regularly?2009
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=41TUS-CPSHave you smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your entire life?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=41TUS-CPSHow old were you when you first started smoking cigarettes FAIRLY REGULARLY?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=42TUS-CPSOn the average, about how many cigarettes do you now smoke each day?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=43TUS-CPSIs your usual cigarette brand menthol or non-menthol?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=43TUS-CPSWhat type of cigarette do you now smoke most often -- a regular, a light, an ultralight, or some other type?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=45TUS-CPSHow soon after you wake up do you typically smoke your first cigarette of the day?2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=45TUS-CPSYou have trouble going more than a few hours without smoking.2004
report/Kudela_Westat_2005_TUSCPS.pdf#page=13TUS-CPSEven in a bad rainstorm, if you ran out of cigarettes, you would probably go to the store to get some more.2004