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Access to Health Care
Assessment / Screening
Attitudes and Opinions
Catastrophic Events
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Disability/ Impairment
Health Behaviors
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Well being
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report/Willson_2013_NCHS_DRAI.pdf#page=11DRAIDid she/he use a medical facility such as a clinic or urgent care center?2013
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=91VAPlease tell me at which of the following places/facilities did (NAME) receive treatment during the illness that led to death?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=94VAIn the final days before death, did s/he travel to a hospital or health facility?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=95VADid s/he use motorized transport to get to the hospital or health facility?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=96VAWere there any problems with the way s/he was treated (medical treatment, procedures, interpersonal attitudes, respect, dignity) in the hospital or health facility?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=96VADoes it take more than 2 hours to get to the nearest hospital or health facility from the deceased household?2014
report/Miller_2013_NCHS_MDSCFBU.pdf#page=33MDSHow easy or hard does your health care facility make it for you to do the things you need or want to do?2013
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=5Not ApplicableIn the last year, that is since one year ago from today, [Were you/was your child] examined in the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital or elsewhere because of an injury to the head or neck?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=7Not ApplicableIn the last year, that is since one year ago from today, how many times did [you/your child] go to a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital or [were you/was your child] examined because of an injury to the head or neck?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=26Not ApplicableWe have some questions about medical care [you/your child] may have received because of this injury. First [were you/was your child] examined in doctor’s office, clinic, hospital or elsewhere?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=28Not ApplicableWhere did the first evaluation take place?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=28Not ApplicableDid the first evaluation take place at...[Your/your child’s] regular doctor or primary care physician’s office, an urgent care clinic, a clinic in a pharmacy or grocery store, a sports medicine clinic, a concussion clinic. or some other place?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=30Not ApplicableWhat about an urgent care clinic?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=30Not ApplicableA clinic in a pharmacy or grocery store?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=30Not ApplicableA sport’s medicine clinic?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=31Not ApplicableA concussion clinic?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=31Not ApplicableA hospital or emergency department?2016
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=6NHISIs there a place that you usually go to if you are sick?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=6NHISWhat kind of place do you go most often?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=9NHISDuring the past 12 months, how many times have you gone to a walk-in clinic* such as an urgent care center*, or clinic in a pharmacy or grocery store about your health?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=11NHISIs there a place that (child’s name) usually goes to if he/she is sick?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=12NHISWhat kind of place (is it/does he/she) go most often?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=13NHISWhat kind of place did (child’s name) get (his/her) most recent well (baby/child) visit, physical examination, preventative care, or general purpose check-up?2017
report/Massey_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=13NHISDuring the past 12 months, how many times has (child’s name) gone to a walk-in clinic* such as an Urgent Care Center*, or clinic in a pharmacy or grocery store about (his/her) health?2017
report/Wheeler_2018_NCHS_NHIS.pdf#page=16NHISWhere did you go for your last general physical check-up?2016