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Access to Health Care
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Attitudes and Opinions
Catastrophic Events
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Disability/ Impairment
Health Behaviors
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Social Problems
Well being
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report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=7Not ApplicableHow do you think you would feel if a person with a {IMPAIRMENT TYPE} such as {EXAMPLE} or {EXAMPLE} were to move in next door?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=9Not ApplicableHow do you think you would feel if one of your close relatives were to marry a person with a [IMPAIRMENT TYPE] such as [EXAMPLE] or [EXAMPLE]?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=12Not ApplicableHow do you think you would feel if a person with a {IMPAIRMENT TYPE} such as {EXAMPLE} or {EXAMPLE} was/had been appointed as your boss?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=14Not ApplicableHow do you think you would you feel if your son/daughter or the son/daughter of a close family member or friend was in a class at school with a child with a [IMPAIRMENT TYPE] such as [EXAMPLE] or [EXAMPLE]?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=16Not ApplicableHow do you think you would feel if your local MP had a {IMPAIRMENT TYPE} such as {EXAMPLE} or {EXAMPLE}?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=18Not ApplicableThink about a club, group or team with a shared cultural or recreational interest that you could be involved with in your spare time. How do you think you would feel if a person with a [IMPAIRMENT TYPE] such as [EXAMPLE] or [EXAMPLE] also attended this club?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=33Not ApplicableDo you know whether the British government has signed up to any international agreements which deal with protecting the human rights of disabled people? If you don’t know, just say so.2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=34Not ApplicableDo you know the name of any such international agreements or the organisations which set them up?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=35Not ApplicableThere is a UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which the British Government has signed up to. Had you heard of this before I mentioned it? If you don’t know, you can just tell me so.2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=36Not ApplicableHow important or unimportant do you think it is that the human rights of disabled people are protected by the government in the same way as other people?2009
report/Johal_2009_NatCen_BSAR.pdf#page=37Not ApplicableOverall, do you think attempts to give equal rights to disabled people have gone too far or not gone far enough?2009