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report/Miller_NCHS_2000SDQReport.pdf#page=32SDQDo the difficulties interfere with your child’s everyday life in the following areas? a. Home life b. Friendships c. Classroom learning d. Leisure activities2000
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=5NHISBecause of a physical, mental, or emotional problem, do {you} need the help of other persons in handling ROUTINE NEEDS, such as everyday household chores, doing necessary business, shopping, or getting around for other purposes?2003
report/Bates_Census_1995_NationalContentTest.pdf#page=171996 National Content TestDoes this child have a physical or mental condition that makes it difficult for him or her to do things appropriate for his or her age?1995
report/Bates_Census_1995_NationalContentTest.pdf#page=201996 National Content TestDoes this person have a condition that has lasted 6 months or longer and which makes it difficult for him or her to do regular schoolwork?1995
report/Bates_Census_1995_NationalContentTest.pdf#page=211996 National Content TestHow much difficulty does this person have going outside the home alone, for example to shop or visit a doctor’s office?1995
report/Alur_Mont_UNICEF_Children Disabilities_India.pdf#page=33UNICEF Multiple Indicators SurveyCompared with children of the same age, does (he/she) have difficulty accepting change to plans or routine?2012
report/Massey_NCHS_2014_UNICEF_Child_Disability.pdf#page=33Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityCompared with children of the same age, does (he/she) have difficulty accepting change to plans or routine? Would you say…2012
report/Massey_NCHS_2014_UNICEF_Child_Disability.pdf#page=35Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityDoes (name) have difficulty accepting changes in his/her routine?2012
report/Meredith_2016_NCHS_MCFD.pdf#page=56Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityDOES (NAME) HAVE DIFFICULTY ACCEPTING CHANGES IN HIS/HER ROUTINE?2015
report/Meredith_2016_NCHS_MCFD.pdf#page=57Module on Child Functioning and DisabilityDO YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY ACCEPTING CHANGES IN YOUR ROUTINE?2015
report/Massey_2016_NCHS_ACHCN.pdf#page=35Not ApplicableDo you have difficulty doing or need assistance to do day-to-day activities? (for example: work, go to school, do housework, socialize, cook, do paperwork)2015