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report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=6NHISDoes a physical, mental, or emotional problem NOW keep you from working at a job or business?2003
report/Canfield_NCHS_2003AdultNHISReport.pdf#page=6NHISAre you limited in the kind or amount of work you can do because of a physical, mental or emotional problem?2003
report/Miller_NCHS_2006ACSDisabilityReport.pdf#page=3ACSAre you/Is (insert name) unable to work at all or are/is you/he/she limited in the type of work you/he/she can do or number of hours you/he/she work(s)?2004
report/Miller_NCHS_2006ACSDisabilityReport.pdf#page=31ACSAre you/Is (insert name) limited in the amount or type of work you/s/he can do?2004
report/Miller_NCHS_2006ACSDisabilityReport.pdf#page=31ACSBecause of a physical, mental, or emotional condition are you/is [insert name] limited in the amount or type of work you/s/he can do?2004
report/Bates_Census_1995_NationalContentTest.pdf#page=221996 National Content TestDoes this person have a physical or mental condition that has lasted 6 months or longer and which prevents him or her from working at a job or business?1995
report/Kopp_BLS_2011_CPSDisability1.pdf#page=10CPSPreviously, you mentioned that (you/Name) had difficulty [DISABILITY]. How has this affected (your/his/her) ability to complete current work duties? Would you say this has caused no difficulty, a little difficulty, moderate difficulty, or severe difficulty?2011
report/Kopp_BLS_2011_CPSDisability1.pdf#page=11CPSEarlier it was reported that (you/Name) had difficulty [DISABILITY]. Did (you/he/she) ever leave a job because of reasons related to (this difficulty/these difficulties)?2011
report/Kopp_BLS_2011_CPSDisability1.pdf#page=12CPSWhat would you say the main barriers to employment are for (you/Name)?2011
report/Kopp_BLS_2011_CPSDisability1.pdf#page=13CPSIf these barriers could be removed, would (you/Name) be able to work?2011
report/Kopp_BLS_2011_CPSDisability2.pdf#page=3CPSWhat would you say the main barriers to employment are for (you/Name)?2011