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report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=8Not ApplicableOther than those you have already reported to me, in the last year, that is since one year ago from today, did [you/your child] experience any other injuries to [your/their] head or neck?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=9Not ApplicableIn the least year, that is since one year ago from today, how many head or neck injuries did [you/your child] experience, not counting the injuries you have already mentioned?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=9Not Applicable"Were you dazed, foggy, confused, or disoriented?" /PROXY: "Did your child act or appear mentally foggy?" /DIRECT: "Did you feel mentally foggy?"2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=20Not ApplicableWhich of the following best describes how the injury happened? Would you say that: someone else injured [you/your child] on purpose, you/your child] tried to injure [yourself/him or herself], it was an accident—no one intended to injure [you/your child], or something else happened?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=20Not ApplicableDid [you/your child] experience this injury while on a bicycle or a self-propelled wheeled vehicle?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=23Not ApplicableWhich of the following best describes how the injury occurred? Did [you/your child] collide with another motor vehicle, a stationary object, an animal (e.g. a deer), or something else?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=23Not ApplicableWhy [Were you/ was your child] riding or driving at the time of the injury? [Were you/was your child]2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=23Not ApplicableWould you say that the injury occurred because you fell without being struck or pushed, were hit by an object or person, or were pushed against something?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=24Not ApplicableDid [you/your child] fall...from the floor or from ground level, like a trip or slip, down the stairs, from a height less than or equal to 10 feet, or from a height greater than 10 feet2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=24Not ApplicableDid this injury occur...at your home, on a street, at a school, park or recreational area, at a sports field or complex, or somewhere else?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=25Not ApplicableWhat initially caused the injury? For example, if two individuals collided, and then made contact with the ground, the initial contact would be another person. Was the injury initially due to contact with...another person, the ground, an object that was part of the activity like a ball or a goal, an object that was not part of the activity like the bleachers or a tree, or something else?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=31Not ApplicableFollowing this injury, did a medical professional diagnose [you/your child] with a concussion or traumatic brain injury?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=39Not ApplicableDid the injury cause you to miss or stop work that you do for pay?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=40Not ApplicableDid the injury cause you to miss or stop other responsibilities you have, like taking care of your family or volunteer work?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=40Not ApplicableThinking across [your/ your child's entire life], has a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional ever told you [you/your child] that [you/he or she] had a concussion or any other type of brain injury caused by a blow to the head?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=41Not ApplicableHow many conclusions, or other types of brain injury caused by a blow to the head, [Have you/has your child] had in [your/his or her] lifetime?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=41Not ApplicableIf there was an injury in the last 12 months: “Other than what you have already reported in the last 12 months” In [your/ your child’s] lifetime, do you believe that [you have/ your child has] ever had a concussion or other type of brain injury other than those diagnosed by a medical professional?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=42Not ApplicableHow many non-diagnosed concussions, or other type of brain injury [have you/has your child] had in [your/his or her] lifetime?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=42Not Applicable[Was this/were any of these] concussions experienced while participating in sports or a recreational activity for fun or competition?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=42Not ApplicableHow old were you at the time of [this/the first] brain injury or concussion?2016