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Results of Cognitive Testing of Questions for the National Health Interview Survey
The National Immunization Survey Evaluation Study Special Sworn Status Procedures: Focus Group Results
Iterative Cognitive Testing of the 2010 Race and Hispanic Origin Alternative Questionnaire Experiment (AQE) Reinterview
Cognitive testing of select questions from the 2017 New York City Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
A Qualitative Study on the Effects of Grouped versus Interleafed Filter Questions
Cognitive Pretesting of Select Modules of the 2015 American Housing Survey
Cognitive Interview Evaluation of Survey Items to Measure Substance Use and Impaired Driving
Cognitive Pretesting of the 2015 CPS Computer and Internet Use Supplement
Cognitive Evaluation of the 2015-2016 National Center for Health Statistics’ Research and Development Survey
Cognitive Interview Evaluation of the Revised Race Question, with Special Emphasis on the Newly Proposed Middle Eastern/North African Response Option

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