Roles for WTC Dust and DEP Co-pollutant in First Responder Cardiovascular Ailments

Project Number
1 R01 OH010921-01A1
NYU School of Medicine
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
4 years


There is an elevated risk for development of atherosclerosis/cardiovascular (CV) diseases among first responders (FR) who were present at Ground Zero over the first 72 hr. It has yet to be established if WTC dusts were causative agents to alter heart/vascular functions or caused damage in situ that modulated the impact of other pollutants that were also present at high levels at Ground Zero. These rodent model studies - using relevant exposure scenarios mimicking mouth-breathing exposures/pollutant levels in that critical period - will help us better understand the bases for the still-increasing incidence of CV anomalies reported in first responders.


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Principal Investigator: Mitchell Cohen, PhD
NYU School of Medicine